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  1. This is a perfect example of a perfect late round pick. I remember in 2015 the Leafs drafted Nielson who was a big defender with skill but on an awful team. He still played a big part on his team and the next year his team improved drastically. He scored 70pts in 71 games in the WHL. This is what I hope with Candella. Maybe not that amount of points but a player who plays a big role on his team and improves after being overlooked by teams.
  2. He scored 40pt as a top 6 guy in Edmonton. I say he scores 25 in a third line role
  3. As the title states do you guys believe we have a chance at jimmy Vesey? For those that don't know him he's a big, scoring winger who won the hobey baker last year. Originally drafted by Nashvillein the 3rd round but his rights were traded to Buffalo. Currently he's waiting till the August 15th deadline where any team can contact him for contract negotiations. Ina recent interview he said his agent was looking at teams depth chart and looking for teams that could be a good fit. Are the Canucks a good fit? With our still lack of scoring after the Sedins and a vacancy in the 2nd line winger slot do you think Vesey would take that opportunity? Personally I think he goes to a team like Chicago but seems like a very good player that could do really well here in Vancouver.
  4. 3 years is perfect. Miller gone next year. 2 years left for Demko on his ELC then. We figure out who our starting goalie is going to be before the end of Demko ELC. At that moment we ship.
  5. My fault lol. It is a very good 3rd rounder indeed.
  6. 3rd liner scoring 25goals? Good joke.
  7. He was playing great down the stretch in his first full NHL season. He has the skill just needs to find the consistency. I truly believe Baerstchi has the skill to score 20 and be a good second liner. Did Ottawa know Hoffman or Stone we're going to play so well when they came in? No they didn't instead they saw the skill set and gave them an opportunity to succeed. I believe we should do that for our younger players instead of throwing them on the 4th line.
  8. Guy is overrated, Vrbata is better.
  9. I prefer Sbisa over Hamhuis. Yea Hamhuis is the better player right now but he's also older and not the same player back in 2011. A lot of hate on Sbisa but people don't understand it takes time to develope defencemen and his physical presence is something which Hamhuis lacked. Defencemen develope late we've seen this with Garrison and many others. Sbisa in the bottom six adds a different playing style to our defence where as Hamhuis is very similar to Tanev.
  10. To all those saying Edmonton got fleeced, they just drafted a 6'3 high scoring winger who is going to score a lot of goals for them. Yea they paid too much for Larsson but now they have a reliable defencemen.
  11. Edmonton needs something to get them on track. There top 6 is probably the most skilled in the NHL. But it takes more than skill to win, you need grit, forechecking and defence to win games. They got Maroon and Kassian which add the grit aspect but still need quality defenders. Best guess is they either sign another fringe top 4 Dman like Demers or trade Yakupov for that guy.
  12. Great pick, very smart player. Wanted Dubious and clearly Colombus valued him very high up. I'm so glad we didn't get Tkachuk though, I feel he's overrated playing with Dvorak and Marner. Whoever got Jost is going to be very pleased I wish we got another 1st and picked him up.
  13. This might be the move we thank Benning for in 5 years. Unreal potential for being taken so late in the 1st round. Beat Toews, Parise, Oshies record at UND. I'm clearly very excited haha.
  14. They won a cup and he was a big part of that. Did we? Do you really believe we will win within the next 5 years? I don't think so, therefor they won the trade.
  15. Bonino played amazing, Pittsburgh won that trade easy.