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  1. To Colorado: Alex Edler 2017 Van 2nd To Vancouver: Gabriel Landeskog Why? There's no secret Colorado needs defence. Like Vancouver they are currently at the bottom of the league, and have been rumored to been looking to deal Landy for a D-Man. For Vancouver its pretty obvious. With the emergence of Tryamkin, Stecher and with Juolevi probably becoming a Canuck next year, this is the perfect time to deal Edler. Landeskog instantly becomes a great piece going forward and brings some young leadership. 2nd round pick's are 50/50 of turning out and its worth it to add a player of Landeskog's calibre.
  2. 5 to 15 game suspension probably. Knowing the NHL I say Torts gets 10 to 15 games.
  3. Torts made the right call. Lets be honest that 4th line was going to stir up trouble regardless who was on the ice. I'm pretty sure we all know Westgarth was going to drop his gloves even if Henrik Sedin was out there. I just didn't like that Kellan Lain 2 seconds into his NHL debut is forced to fight a notorious NHL heavyweight in Kevin Westgarth. Also PJ stock can suck it for all I care. The guy's a joke plays his whole career as a plug and starts to call Torts "Bush League" for putting out his 4th line? WOW
  4. Don't fire Gillis. I believe we need a shake-up you can't just keep heading back to the drawing board. This has been an embarrassing month for the Canucks and its obvious this team needs changes. Hopefully Gillis will make a deal soon.
  5. joke.
  6. It's a Process - Mike Gillis
  7. Glen Healy doesn't think Mike Smith should be a goalie for Team Canada thoughts???
  8. Underrated Chris Kunitz
  9. im pretty sure he wasn't taunting Gagner... He wasn't even on the ice...
  10. The media is so dumb now adays. They have no clue whats going on down there, so why are the speculating that Kassian was making fun of Gagner's visor....
  11. Good on Torts for saying Nolan suckered Stanton into fighting him. Kassian challenged him right off the faceoff and he declined. If your going to leave your hit and go high on someone you have to respond to the right players. Nolan should have fought Kassian or Sestito.
  12. Lets go back to our offseason, Gillis had 5 MILLION DOLLARS entering free agency. He upgraded us at centre from last year since both Richardson and Santorelli are better than Lappy. We picked up a SOLID 6th D-man in Ryan Stanton off waivers.
  13. What the frack are you talking about?
  14. The Canucks outplayed L.A. tonight. Vancouver plays so much better when they play with emotion. Bieksa plays so much better, Kesler actually seems like he cares, Burrows turns a bit into his old self, and we actually hit in these type of games. The Canucks need to play with this chippy type of edge more often. As for the game, the Canucks make too many mistakes and other teams have been scoring when we make mistakes.