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  1. Pete played better last night but the BJs gave him space and weren't pressuring him like other teams.
  2. Roussel ha been less effective than LE. Time to replace him on that line with Mac
  3. Everyone's been trashing LE but as has been said, he plays an NHL game and Bo s line has been pretty good since LE's been on it and the team has been winning. I really like Mac but would like to see him on a line with Gaudette and Virtanen. That would be a fast and hard hitting line.
  4. I like Brock on the 3rd line spreading out the scoring. And lets not forget that Sutter brings some offense to the 4th line.
  5. Really like how Green has brought Jake along. There's more there too. Sutter looked real good on that 4th line and adds a little more offense.
  6. LE s defensive awareness allows Bo and Pearson to be more offensive.
  7. It was a "no hitter". Did any Canuck get a hit ? Can't win like that boys.
  8. We're on a winning streak since Louie has been in the lineup and some people are still bitching. Get over it. He digs pucks out of the corners and gets it back to the point, he blocks shots, he stands in front of the net, screens, tips and takes punishment, he makes nice passes that haven't been getting converted and has chenistry with his linemates. He may not be scoring lots of goals but he's stopping lots of them. That line is playing great and you guys are bitching.
  9. I was one of those Jake skeptics but he's won me over. Green has done a real nicer job bringing him along. Love the Bo, Pearson. Louie line. They're developing great chemistry. Kudos to Green again.