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  1. Yeah. What's your point?
  2. Great job GMJB!! Maybe you knew what you were doing last trade deadline. Glad you didn't give away assets for nothing, like half of CDC wanted you to do. If if something materializes for Hansen, that would be great....if not, he will be great for us next year. Send a little help to Utica. Please!
  3. Didn't you say "in today's NHL". Last I knew Lemieux played over 20 years ago. Just saying. And who cares if they beat the 2 worst teams...a wins a win. I'm in Utica, and right now I would take a win against a pee wee team. We've lost 9 in a row. People go to games to see good hockey, and hopefully a win. This isn't friggin Xbox hockey.
  4. Wednesday vs Syracuse
  5. You do realize that Kane has played 6 games, has 1 secondary assist, and is a -6 right? Not sure how we would trade for him unless Buffalo eats some of his cap hit. I wouldn't give up Spiza for him straight up.
  6. No one on this board knows how it went down with Benning and Jake. For all we know JB told him he would play the 2 weekend games in Utica, get called back up, and then get sent down again for an extended period of time. Think about all of the little things he probably had to take care of back in Vancouver if he is going to spend most of the year in Utica. Jake's first game last weekend was a disaster, but his 2nd game was much better. Travis Green talked about how him and JV watched and discussed the 1st game and what was needed on JVs part to improve. An extended period of time away from the spotlight will hopefully turn his career around.
  7. Game over. We aren't scoring tonight.
  8. Pretty boring. We have to play a boring game to have any chance against the good teams. Zero offense by us. Markstrom has made a couple of good saves. We had 1 power play and it was a $&!# show.
  9. Power play! Louie gets one here!
  10. LMAO!
  11. 21-3 in shots on goal? Is Price standing on his head?
  12. Would you prefer Gnome?