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  1. No worries. Brendan Burke is a legend here in Utica. Great play by play man and he was around when we went to the finals in year 2.
  2. He’s the New York islanders play by play guy. He was the radio play by play guy for the Utica Comets for their first 4 seasons.
  3. How do you win a face off in offensive zone and the other team gets a scoring chance?
  4. My thoughts about this game.... just looked to see if NHL changed the scoring on Miller’s goal to add assists. Nope. That is a joke and we all know if it was a NYI goal, there would be 2 assists on the play. tying goal was a total fluke, but it happens. They didn’t really give up any high quality scoring chances during the last 10 minutes of the game. Kept the play on the outside and Marky could see all of the shots. They didn’t get down and then the kid took over. Even if OT was 5on 5 I feel like they would have found a way to win. I saw first hand 4 years up close of Green’s style of coaching and it is showing itself now. With the depth he has and his style of sending waves of lines to wear down the opponents it’s all coming together. You wouldn’t think you can play playoff hockey style all year, but that is how this team plays, and it will do them well if they get in. (Looking better and better every day) Marky. What can you say. He finally learned how to goaltend. Was so hyped when he was drafted, but as you all know it takes time to develop as a goalie. I don’t think this years all star game will be his last. Love the next man up mentality. Schiller comes in and scores. hard to justify since they are winning, but I would love to see Bailey in the lineup today. He’s been so good in Utica, and with his speed I would like to see him in. Maybe get Benn in a game to to rest someone. that is all. Will be a tough game today but they’ve got this! Go Nucks!
  5. 10 points in his last 10 games, and is a plus 10 in those games. Will probably run the power play now that Rafferty is out for a couple of weeks. Patience people... Edit. He was on the 2nd PP unit. Will probably be moved up to the first unit
  6. I’m a fan of the Canucks actually. I like watching the young kids play down here and making their way up to Vancouver. I see big things for the Canucks in the next 3-5 years. I gave an honest assessment of what I saw last night. The whole team looked off a bit, especially in the defensive zone. speaking of that, a big factor in our defensive zone troubles has a lot to do with not having enough centers. When you barely win 30% of the face offs, most defensive zone face offs are going to result in a decent scoring chance for the other team. They don’t keep face off win % in the A, but the comets will be lucky to be at 40% on the season.
  7. I was at the game and honestly, he didn’t have a good game. I know 1 of the goals he was on the ice for wasn’t his fault. It was scored right off the face off. Him and Sauntner both had a rough game. I know he’s rusty from not playing much, but last night I was at the point of shaking my head and I kept saying “he was the 5th overall pick”? I’ll be at the game in Tuesday and will post another update.
  8. He’s turned into a little bitch since being traded to Toronto. He wanted to fight Bailey earlier in the game. Bailey has at least 6 inches on him, and at one point in the scrum he put out his hand around McMasters head level, basically saying he was too short to fight him. He didn’t want it to look like he was picking on a smaller player. Was pretty funny in the moment.
  9. Can Gaudette play wing? MacEwen didn’t play last night, heard he was sick. We will see what they do. Bailey may be called up. I think he’s a right winger though. Having depth is a good thing.
  10. If Ferland is hurt for a while how do you not call up Boucher? I know there are options...him Goldy and Bear Cheese, but 10 goals in 8 games is hard to ignore.
  11. He is a great #3 goaltender for a team. He played really well last night (actually all year for that matter). I was at the game last night and he was just so calm back there. Made all the saves he was supposed to and made some really nice key saves.