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  1. I’m a fan of the Canucks actually. I like watching the young kids play down here and making their way up to Vancouver. I see big things for the Canucks in the next 3-5 years. I gave an honest assessment of what I saw last night. The whole team looked off a bit, especially in the defensive zone. speaking of that, a big factor in our defensive zone troubles has a lot to do with not having enough centers. When you barely win 30% of the face offs, most defensive zone face offs are going to result in a decent scoring chance for the other team. They don’t keep face off win % in the A, but the comets will be lucky to be at 40% on the season.
  2. I was at the game and honestly, he didn’t have a good game. I know 1 of the goals he was on the ice for wasn’t his fault. It was scored right off the face off. Him and Sauntner both had a rough game. I know he’s rusty from not playing much, but last night I was at the point of shaking my head and I kept saying “he was the 5th overall pick”? I’ll be at the game in Tuesday and will post another update.
  3. He’s turned into a little bitch since being traded to Toronto. He wanted to fight Bailey earlier in the game. Bailey has at least 6 inches on him, and at one point in the scrum he put out his hand around McMasters head level, basically saying he was too short to fight him. He didn’t want it to look like he was picking on a smaller player. Was pretty funny in the moment.
  4. Can Gaudette play wing? MacEwen didn’t play last night, heard he was sick. We will see what they do. Bailey may be called up. I think he’s a right winger though. Having depth is a good thing.
  5. If Ferland is hurt for a while how do you not call up Boucher? I know there are options...him Goldy and Bear Cheese, but 10 goals in 8 games is hard to ignore.
  6. He is a great #3 goaltender for a team. He played really well last night (actually all year for that matter). I was at the game last night and he was just so calm back there. Made all the saves he was supposed to and made some really nice key saves.
  7. Mikey with the 1st star tonight. 38 saves in the shoot out win. Boucher won it as the 3rd shooter. No shoot out goals given up by Mikey. I listened to the last half of the game. He was the only one who showed up. Only goal was given up in the 3rd period. He made 6 saves in the OT. Now 3-0 on the season. The kid is a player!
  8. Makes a lot of sense actually. Where is he going to play currently? The team has won 6 of their last 7 games with the current line up. Doesn’t it make sense that a young player gets playing time? His role right now is a fill in 3rd or 4th line center. Fortunately the 2 players in that role are healthy/playing fine. Please tell me what should be done in the current situation.......
  9. Makes total sense. They made it through the road trip with no injuries. I would think he came to Utica from Detroit instead of flying to Vancouver and then back to the east coast. Probably just waited until today to announce it. As long as the players in Utica keep a positive attitude like they have it will be good for all involved as injuries and/or trades will happen.
  10. Agree with all but Schallwr. I thought the 4th line was our best line actually
  11. Nucks are like +170 on the money line tonight. I’m 0-3 betting them this year (took Wings +200 last game). I feel good about tonight though! Go Nucks!
  12. First time watching Lind in person this year. What a difference a year makes! He is so strong on the puck now. Great skater and can handle a longer shift.
  13. 80 or 100 points approaching 50 goals as he develops. As the Canucks also improve with him, move to a game played at pace. You are under rating Boeser IMO. lets be fair here. The above quote looks like a prediction to me.