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  1. I’d do it. Just so I can say Horny on a more consistent basis.
  2. Who wants to bet me that the Bruins get another power play before the game ends?
  3. What announcer said he couldn’t avoid the contact? Is he &^@#ing blind?
  4. How the &^@# is that hit a penalty? Bruins have been getting away with so much $&!# all game. Trust me, I don’t like the Leafs, but I can’t stand watching the Bruins whine and get away with everything
  5. He could sign an ATO with the Comets after school season ends. This would not constitute being a professional I believe
  6. Does this free up one more contract? If it does, sign Subban ASAP!!
  7. Too many bodies in Utica and he is a free agent at year end.
  8. 4 games. that's impressive, but it's also a hot streak. GP. SO. GAA. Pct 11-12. 33. 3. 1.82. .932 12-13. 30. 5. 1.67. .931 Here are his stats for the last 2 years in the Swedish elite league. These are numbers that Henrick Lundquist posted when he played in the SEL. He may be playing well, but I'm not calling it a hot streak. The kid had a ton of upside.
  9. Played a great game tonight. Confidence is sky high. I'm a season ticket holder and this is the first game I've been to that the comets won. 1st star for him tonight and I saw the huge smile on his face that people have mentioned when the 3 stars are announced. He actually tossed his goalie stick into the crowd after the game.