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  1. Why do people complain about Larsen's powerplay ability? He has assisted on all of our powerplay goals and is on pace for 41 points. It's a small sample size but production is better than no production. I don't care if he misses 20 shots a game, if he's producing he's doing his job. The only issue I have with him on the powerplay is that I think he stands in the wrong spot. If Sutter was swapped for Edler on that unit, Edler could take Larsen's spot and Larsen could play on the left side where he'd have better shooting opportunities, and I think the powerplay as a whole would benefit.
  2. McAvoy's tweet was because he was a Rangers fan and they lost to Boston in the playoffs
  3. Thanks for hosting, JJ. I feel like people missed my post about the falcon investigation being a bluff. He wasn't cleared by any means, and I said Qwags was very likely to be TP. Oh well.
  4. We scored 2 powerplay goals last night and Larsen assisted on both of them.
  5. Putting Burrows in the shootout isn't nearly as bad of a move as people are saying. I know he's a worse player now and he was 0/1 on the season, but that doesn't change the fact he's been historically great at shootouts. If we sent someone else and they missed, you could argue that Burrows should have been used. Now that he's 0/2 and didn't look very good on either attempt, I see a valid reason for not using him in the initial 3. But until then, I didn't think so.
  6. You're voting for your old self?
  7. I mean Subban can't afford to go to the box knowing it could cost his team a chance to win. If Subban ended up tying the game for Nashville and sending it to OT, it would be easier to see my point.
  8. Doctor should save me again btw @DarthMelvin @Qwags @falcon45ca @JohnLocke @Stamkos @g_bassi13 whichever one of you it is
  9. Toughness means nothing compared to winning a game
  10. Jyrki Jokipakka and Jakub Nakladal That was Calgary's 3rd pair at one point last year lol
  11. Qwags is the most likely to be TP of the 4 unknowns IMO DM had the most un-teammate-like interactions with Aladeen but has been pretty shady. Falcon has one thing going for him and one thing going against him And Stamkos pretty much has to be mafia Vote Stamkos I feel like my analysis didn't really help.
  12. DarthMelvin - Looks like he is defending him Stamkos - Not sure how to interpret this falcon - If falcon is TP, then all 4 of Aladeen's listed mafia are TP, which would be unusual to see. This is the main point against falcon. Qwags - 1 of 4 non-posters at the time. Others were Virtanen (listed as TP), Dr.S (listed as TP), and me (listed as mafia). I think points to Qwags being TP. Bolded is referring to BJ's vote for Aladeen. Is DarthMelvin defending Aladeen by putting shade on BJ? Valid point from falcon. Calling out Aladeen is the main point in his favour. DM calls out Aladeen Aladeen argues back, saying that it was already tied. DM calls him out on making it a 3-way tie. This looks good on DM tbh Aladeen goes back to his argument with DM with this post. Might be genuinely trying to discredit DM, but I could see him just trying to further distance himself from DM so someone like myself looks back on this and thinks they're not teammates. Seems like this has been forgotten. 112 never said it was experiment or anything like that, so it's still valid. Stamkos outrightly denied it though. Willing to vote Virtanen when it seems he'll be GKed Changes to Qwags after it's announced that Virtanen won't be GKed. Luckily for us, his switch never counted. This was posted at 8:10 (Messed up the order of this quote and the next one, but too lazy to change). Qwags immediately responds to me and votes for Aladeen. He could have pretended to not be online. The votes were 4-2 to bassi at the time if he didn't see DM's switch, or 3-3 if he had time to see it. Posted at 8:09. This was the nail in Aladeen's coffin. But if Qwags and DM are both mafia, surely they realized that by not showing up, they could have saved Aladeen? If just DM is mafia, maybe he did this for TP cred, thinking that a TP would show up anyways to seal Aladeen's fate anyways. TP, TP, TP, unknown, unknown. I don't think it's worth looking into his words when he was a dead man walking, but if anyone else feels differently, go ahead. When I first read this it seemed like Aladeen was confirming falcon as TP, but of course he would have know I was bluffing if falcon was mafia and said this anyways to make me falcon is indeed TP.
  13. Nashville Predators James Neal - Ryan Johansen - Radim Vrbata Filip Forsberg - Mike Ribeiro - Craig Smith Colin Wilson - Mike Fisher - Kevin Fiala Viktor Arvidsson - Calle Jarnkrok - Miikka Salomaki Cody Bass Roman Josi - P.K. Subban Mattias Ekholm - Ryan Ellis Matt Carle - Yannick Weber Anthony Bitetto Pekka Rinne Marek Mazanec
  14. Everyone who isn't the doctor can claim that, right?