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  1. Mikko Kokkonen @ColemanStove
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  3. People are so stupid. There was a higher chance of getting the 5th pick than any other pick. But apparently the lottery is rigged and/or tanking is useless, as if today's results somehow suddenly proved either of those things.

    1. SedinMadness


      easy! its just that people are dreaming! sometimes dreams come true but not very much. all we know is that we wanted the top 3 badly, and we know that hockey gods don't favor us too much. we do get some breaks but not much. Its the canucks way.

  4. Come on Bartkowski, give the Oilers a chance

  5. pls pick in rgmg thx

    1. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      Sorry, had to think about it

  6. I agree with most of the stuff you said for once...
  7. I don't usually read blogs, but this was a good read. I have a few questions. Who do you want the Canucks to draft? Who do you think the Canucks will draft? Is Hanifin a better prospect than Ekblad was last year?