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  1. How was that even a penalty
  2. And here are the final Power Rankings of the tournament:
  3. Congrats to the Swiss on another silver medal. This was arguably their best roster ever as I’ve said, and it coincides with their best result ever. Just a shootout away from gold! And Sweden’s team was more than half of their A team, making it very impressive. If they can start making the quarterfinals every single year instead of a few random misses, mixed in with performances like this, I’d say we have a “Big 7” in hockey.
  4. There’s more Canadian talent this year. Just try building a roster with the best Canadians, ROR and Barzal will likely not be on it. Also, Kunitz was point per game that year and had chemistry with our best player. And many people didn’t like the idea of Kunitz getting a spot anyways.
  5. McDavid - A team Barzal, ROR, Parayko, Ekblad, Schwartz - B team Everyone else - C or D team Goalies - F team So C team seems fair. With that said, I agree with you. I wasn't taking anything away from what Switerzerland accomplished and I agree that they're getting closer to the big teams. Canada's C team is a strong roster and Switzerland beat them, fair and square.
  6. Updated Power Rankings:
  7. I see. I understand why players don’t always want to go, but imagine how good the tournament would be if it was common for everyone to go. The elimination games would include players from 27/31 NHL teams, which would be nearly best on best.
  8. It seems degrading to say that Switzerland being in the finals is farcical. They earned their way to the finals by beating two contenders. And this isn’t unprecedented either - they went to the finals in 2013 and swept the preliminary round, and their roster this year is even better.
  9. Definitely. The NHLers make a huge difference. It's still not best on best but this could realistically be Canada's C or D team, unlike the Z team at the Olympics.
  10. To an extent. It’s not best on best hockey but it’s close and I really enjoy international tournaments. Europeans tend to care more though.
  11. Wow. Switzerland-Sweden rematch from 2013. Please destroy USA in the bronze medal game now.
  12. That was weird, I thought Canada was doing a good job of killing the penalty but in the end, Hofmann and Haas were both open for a tap-in
  13. Well, he did have his great moments even with us but struggled with consistency. Right now he's playing behind 5 elite defensemen.
  14. Yeah. Vanek was their linemate right? Kind of an odd combo but it looked good
  15. I like the Nosek-Bellemare duo. Good to see them combine for a goal