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  1. Marchand (Again)

    Is this worth it's own thread? You're FIRED
  2. hmmm not bad... how about Trump Tweets?
  3. Nice quote but doesn't relate.
  4. Yeah but isn't it better to have some real back and forth rather than the usual "all is good in the canucks world today" garb.
  5. Yeah well would be kinda boring on here if everyone agrees with the Canucks moves all the time eh.
  6. Best Athlete In the World?

    Hulk Hogan!
  7. It's a "meh" trade anyways, but I haven't see him play any games live.
  8. It means the other Sedin gets to stay.
  9. [PGT] Philadelphia Flyers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Good game Canucks, you tried.
  10. Well I disagree with your thoughts so - take that lol
  11. Disaster ahead ? Lets share our thoughts

    The biggest Disaster is letting Jim Benning anywhere near signing players contracts.
  12. Lets watch and see how good Dowd really is in the Canucks line up and lets see what the Kings do with Suban in the next year or so. Just because Suban didn't get a fair shot from this management doesn't mean he didn't deserved one. Kings wouldn't have wanted him if they didn't see something in him. So I'll be watching his progress when he gets a fair chance on a team that believes in him.
  13. Giving negatives is a funny way of appreciating someones opinion, but okay.
  14. Benning making panic trades instead of thinking things through.