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  1. yeah it's gone now
  2. I'm listening to it right now on my TV, works just fine.
  3. 1968 AMX (first car) 1973 Javelin 1958 VW Bug 1973 Vega 1973 Datsun Pickup 1976 Pontiac Sunfire 1979 Ford F150 Pickup 1982 Toyota Corolla (only car bought new) 1989 Camaro Iroc Black 1992 Pathfinder 1997 Mercury Sable 2002 Hyundai Sonata (currently driving)
  4. no, unfortunately they are no longer stars, their careers are coming to an end
  5. retirement
  6. It all depends how they play this year.
  7. If Jim is trading with TO, he want Liljegren as the main piece for sure.
  8. Lind had some great rushes and his skating is really good. I noticed him every time he was on the ice. If you didn't, you had your eyes closed.
  9. Has to be Gaudette!
  10. how come there's no video of the grouse grind?
  11. no need to discuss this non-topic anymore. Mods please lock.
  12. Wonder if Buffalo was offering Kane and their 8th for our 5th
  13. I was just referring to your name, nothing more
  14. Your a real "Chip" off the ole block aren't ya hehe