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  1. Edler, Booth and a 2nd round draft pick for Kane straight up
  2. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    yes erat did score only four goals but he also had 17 assist and we have to remember that last year was a short 48 game season.
  3. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    Gillis is "trying" to make the team have more of a size and physical play so that teams have more trouble contending but he's not going to be able unless he gives up a big asset and if he's smart he wont do that
  4. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    I understand what your all saying about the pros and cons but first of all booth does not play well with Santorelli and if you guys are so worried about screwing around with the lines than how about trading away a guy like Andrew Alberts and a draft pick(2rd) just because alby is way better than torts is allowing him to be and another thing is that he also able to play as a forward which for many teams is a plus and in trading alby you can bring weber back up and than he can show torts that he deserves some games. another thing is all of this moving players around from line to line is not helping the team cause you get some players who were doing really good with there line mates and producing points who get moved and cant produce anything we just need to create lines that would work for every one and keep them there.
  5. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    Here's a little history lesson for all those who are talking trade deals. From 2008-09 David Booth played 72 games and had 60 points but in 2011-12 when was traded to Vancouver he played only 56 games and only had 29 points. if we look at his stats right now he has played 15 games and has 5 points so if he continues to produce the same way he will only have around 27 points by the end of the season. Not quite the point amount were looking for from him. Martian Erat in his time in Nashville (2000-2012) was getting 33-58 points when playing 64+ games while getting top six minutes. Before being traded to Washington in a 48 game season after playing 36 had 21 points, this the more of a kind of player that Vancouver has been needing and now Erat is playing bottom six minutes and only has 6 points in 23 games. So if a trading for Erat I would do David Booth and Darren Archibald and no negotiating on the deal i'd stay there
  6. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    yes they both did better with there last teams and something that needs to be remembered is that Erat isn't in Nashville and Booth is not in Florida they are with different teams that have completely different styles of play. but with that being said we just need to give booth some time just look at last nights game he scored a really nice goal from a difficult position so cut the guy some slack.