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  1. Eliotte Friedman Destroys Canucks Trolls + Media (650 interview Link)

    Whenever things don't go the perfect way, everyone starts going nuts and calling for Benning's execution. We had no options to obtain picks, I'm glad Vanek had a good time here, but are we really going to get something of "significant value"? It's funny being on the East Coast, many of my friends are either Habs,Bruins,Leafs fans and looking at the outside in, they aren't appalled at Benning's performance and find it that the negativity is absolutely unwarranted. For me, its a big shame. I dont agree with Benning's decisions all the time and I'll be honest I wanted something a bit more, but the attitude of never being satisfied even when all the options are expended and Benning trying to gain something out of nothing is disgusting. Friedman nails it.
  2. I'm pretty meh about that deal, anyone see that tweet with John Shannon about the players may change?
  3. (waivers) Burrows

  4. Luongo to Parkland Victims

    Love you Lu, wonderful message to those affected. Nothing but class.
  5. Alex Edler still not interested in waving NTC

    Just ride out the contract, media is just trying to stir up something as per usual.
  6. Trade deadline OVER/UNDER Benning trades.= 0.5

    Please no
  7. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    HFBoards is calling it's members back...
  8. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    Solid signing by Jimbo, who could honestly hate this..
  9. Benning Extended (Official)

    Great news, Jim has a pretty good job so far with restocking the cupboards, having stability towards TDL and the draft is always good.
  10. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Finally, the level of salt on this forum when the "wrong player" is drafted is comparable to whining child.
  11. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    The amount of salt is laughable...
  12. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Super excited for this pick, needed this jimbo.
  13. [Report] Canucks fire Willie Desjardins

    Nothing against Willie, solid guy but painful deployment. Gerard Gallant would be awesome for this club.
  14. Believe me, the winters are brutal. The summer is best time, fall isn't too bad.
  15. Right. If you can actually give an honest eval on Gudbrandson, I might take you more seriously, relying on Hero Charts by themselves is creating holes in arguments in how "this is a terrible trade".