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  1. Yeah Canucks have some nice up and coming center depth.
  2. Pretty surr he already committed to college for another year
  3. Go back some pages and ppl were suggesting he's likely a bottom 6 player Good to see him get some recognition. Love his game.
  4. This guy and Pettersson both guys coming up got me like That potential center depth...
  5. Better be. He also needs to follow JV's meal plan
  6. Pettersson reminds me of a more skilled and a taller version Mccann. Obviously EP has more potenital. I think Mccann is gonna be pretty good too (2nd line C).
  7. Would you rather have a poster keep crying about the pick or for them to look at the positives?
  8. We picked this guy over Glass? Wow. Kid looks like a twig. I'm not a fan of this pick. Did not want him. I can see why we took him but he's 2-3 years away minimum. High risk/reward
  9. 2 goals and counting today!!!
  10. Goddamn this dude continues to dominate
  11. I was one of those people. He didn't impress me at all. New season came around and Granlund looked much better and we all saw the production. Shows you to never write off young players so soon.
  12. He needs to go down to the ahl. This development time could help a long ways next year.
  13. Baertschi has looked quicker and more elusive out there since the concussion. He's been pretty impressive.
  14. Older or not, he looks like he dominates. Maybe a bottom 6 player for us in the future? I would be ecstatic.
  15. Yeah wtf I don't understand either. He looks really freaking good in his highlights.