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  1. NFL thread

    @Chip Kelly Is Sidney Jones back? Bold prediction: Foles throws 7 tds again
  2. NFL thread

    Never seen a football team dominate time of possession like the Jags did and come away with only 1 ten yard penalty in their favour. Just incredible. I gotta watch the play again but it seemed like there was a big hold on the left side on the game ending Lewis run too. Anyway the refs were a small part as to why the Jags lost the game. The game was actually lost when the Jags got conservative with playcalling and giving up 3rd and 18 was backbreaking. Also that was Bouye giving up plays not Ramsey. Ramsey didn't allow a single reception. Hopefully TB and/or BB retire. It's getting boring for non Pats fans
  3. NFL thread

    @Chip Kelly Dude your teaaaam!! Wow, Go Foles Go
  4. NFL thread

    No Edelman and no Gronk made it tough but as soon as Pats converted on that 3rd and 18 the game was over. Unless Keenum outplays Brady by a wide margin, I'm thinking blowout. Seen this movie too many times. 31- 17. Nfl needs BB and Brady to breakup man. Give us a chance.
  5. NFL thread

    That Saints D would of been bbq chicken for the Pats offense. A Wentz led Eagles squad was the only team that could beat the Pats. Pats win sb easily now.
  6. NFL thread

    Time to turn the game off. Ramsey getting that call is jokes. Absolute trash.
  7. NFL thread

    You give up 3rd and 18 in a close game you're probably gonna lose
  8. NFL thread

  9. NFL thread

    He angled him out imo. Ball wasn't even close to catchable. That was a terrrible call. It changed the game.
  10. NFL thread

    How in the world is that a pass interference?? Illegal touching sure. Zebras stay ruining games...
  11. NFL thread

    Corey Grant was a monster in preseason. Jags were hiding that dude all year eh.
  12. NBA Discussion

    Shaq and Charles clowned em
  13. NBA Discussion

    It's close but Curry is still better. Sucks for Klay, only the 2nd greatest shooter ever.
  14. NBA Discussion

    Forgotten legend. Sucks there isn't more tape on him. Dude benched 600, ran track, and could high jump. One year he got so bored dominating, he decided to lead the league in assists.
  15. NFL thread

    Yeldon and Grant are more than capable. They have Ivory too.