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  1. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Observations from last night's game: Petrus Palmu 1st star of the game: Every time he was on the ice he was electric. Great work at maintaining possession and great awareness of teammates around the ice. His hockey IQ stood out as particularly impressive and considering the nature of this type of game, he absolutely stood out as a notch above almost everyone on the ice. Very exciting and impressive player who could play in the NHL sooner than most think. I’ll be very interested in his progress in Utica. Tanner McMaster 2nd star. Although he’s older than the rest of the field here, he stood out in terms of hockey iq and his soft hands. Scored a couple nice goals and had a very strong game. He and Palmu may be 2/3 of a great AHL line next year. In some ways, I may be more interested in Utica than the Canucks next season. Jack Rathbone 3rd star of the game. Looks like a real talent. He actually out-performed Hughes in this game (although Hughes’ illness definitely played a role). Stood out as an offensive defenseman. His skating is high end and very good puck skills. He will have to work on the defensive side of the game but he looked like an elite skater. Looks like the team may have a 4th round gem here. Kole Lind looks big out there compared to most other prospects. Fluid skater who drives hard to the net. Calm with the puck with a hard, accurate shot. He played very well with Mcmaster and had some dominant shifts. Toni Utunen and Kristoffer Gunnarson Both played as you would expect. Sound defensively but unspectacular and mostly not noticeable. Although this is what you expect from defensive defenseman. No surprises here Tyler Madden I was quite impressed with Madden. Very fluid skating and great with the puck. His vision stood out. He played very well with his line mates and found them through traffic. Obviously he will need to get stronger but seems like a good bet in the 3rd round. Jett Woo Didn’t do too many noticeable things but played hard as you’d expect. Had a few nice hits. Solid in his own zone. Calm with the puck. Quinn Hughes Very clearly affected by the flu. He displayed flashes of the ability you’d expect but didn’t try to do too much. He’s the type of player who excels with other highy skilled player and the blue team had very little for him to work with. Overall, Very impressed with Rathbone and Palmu. The team white forwards (Palmu, Madden, Lind, McMaster) were clearly a cut above everyone else. Add in the prospects that weren’t there (Dahlen, Juolevi, Petterson, etc.) and this is a formidable prospect pool.
  2. Agreed, that trade was one of the worst in modern NHL history. Completed lopsided. Everyone won except for Ottawa.
  3. Ultimately, the cap hits of these players only matter if the team in near contention. The strategy appears to be to overpay to insulate some of the young small players and give them leadership and pushback in the room. The owners pay for this and unless their contracts are preventing them signing a high end free agent, it isn't a huge problem. Also, you can buy out a guy like Beagle in year 4 without too much problem, or send them to the minors.
  4. Jett Woo | D

    Thanks for that. Jeff Marek had him at #19 in March. Dobber prospects had him at #25. Brett Slawson of the Hockey writers at #24. All things considered, there were many scouts who had this guy as a first rounder. Anyone saying this was a reach is objectively wrong. How he turns out only time will tell but it looks like a solid pick in a draft deep on defenceman.
  5. Jett Woo | D

    I wonder how high on the Canucks board Woo was. I know Ryan Kennedy of the Hockey News had him ranked as his #21 prospect in the draft. Others had him ranked in the 50's or 60's. This was a crazy draft for variance of opinion among teams and scouts. I wonder if it was just Woo's injury and subsequent change of role that accounts for such a disparity in the rankings. Anyways, i'm happy with the pick and he Woo seems like a safe bet to make the NHL. In the 2nd round, if your able to draft a guy who is in your bottom pair it's a win, top 4 is a homerun. Any other ranking have Woo in the first round?
  6. Canucks Top Ten prospects (Updated for 2018-2019)

    1/2 Hughes and Petterson (not sure who has the higher ceiling at this point but both elite) 3. Juolevi 4. Demko 5. Dahlen 6. Gaudette 7. Lind 8. Woo 9. Dipietro 10. Lockwood 11 Brisebois 12. Jasek 13. Gadjovich 14. Madden 15. Macewen 16. Palmu 17. Chatfield 18. Rathbone 19. Utuen 20. Sautner 21. Brassard 22. Manuykan
  7. 37th overall

    You got him! Happy? I'm very excited about the first two picks.
  8. 37th overall

    Corey Pronman has this guy ranked 16th overall in his rankings on the Athletic. I doubt he will go before the 3rd round because of his size. If he's still around in the 5th when the Canucks select 130th overall, I think he would be a great choice. Tons of skill and speed and much like Petrus Palmu.
  9. 37th overall

    I think he is a realistic target. After seeing Calen Addisson's profile on Canucks army, i'm hoping he might slip, very good offensive statistics. My concern is if there is a run on D men in the first and early 2nd rounds. If this happens, I hope the Nucks will pick BPA as there could be a very good forward fall to 37th.
  10. 37th overall

    I liked him in the top prospects game. Curiously Canucks Army left him out of their top 100. Its surprising since they are usually very thorough in regards to prospects. I think he'd be a good target for their 3rd round pick if he's not off the board yet.
  11. 37th overall

    Probably a better target for the 3rd round pick. They can't afford to reach for a guy who they might be able to pick up in the next round.
  12. 37th overall

    Any chance he slips to the 3rd round due to size concerns?
  13. 37th overall

    Somehow, i left Jonatan Berggren off my list. Definitely accidental, I would put him around the late 30's-40's and a potential target for the Canucks.
  14. 37th overall

    Thanks buddy, I read a lot of the posts but I only post if I think I have something to add to the conversation. I appreciate that and likewise, you are one of the more informed and rational posters on this site.
  15. 37th overall

    I see what you did there....