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  1. What a dissapointing stanley cup final matchup. I'd rather watch just about any other 2 team combination than watch Boston play St. Louis. Literally the only thing about this that interests me is my desire for Boston to not win. Snooze. Fest. Edit. Yes, Toronto vs anyone other than Vancouver would be the exception.
  2. As much as this is sort of a bad call post game they were talking like it might have actually hit the Blues dman's leg before it got to the shot. I didn't see for sure either way from the replay angle they showed. Secondly to me this sort of feels like the Av's offside call where the guy changing was over the line but clearly out of the play and has nothing to do with the goal. Or countless plays directing the puck in the net with a skate without a kicking motion. Rule is no hand passes but it's honesly not like the hand contact was an actual "pass". Like it could have just as easily deflected off his arm or someone's shinpad the same way. Considering he was already down in his knees, It just doesn't honestly feel like the "hand pass" really affected the outcome of the shot at least. I guess I just feel like calling back a goal for that reason on this play is weak anyways. I'd rather not have them take it back. Compounded with the other calls going the Sharks way though it does stink like it's been rigged.
  3. I really like this trade. If he can play the way he has been next year we easily have another second or third line winger that can play decently without the puck and can probably put up 40ish points.
  4. The canucks are gonna be in a tough spot without Edler because our D is going to be young and not a position of strength. Obviously with a couple of younger pieces stepping in with Hughes and one of our other D prospects maybe we improve a bit but we also need to be able to shelter those kids a bit and let them earn their way to the top. I'd rather see the Canucks overpay for a 2 year deal than 3 or more on better aav. It would be nice to see the canucks get a guy like Kronwall maybe on a shorter term contract as well.