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  1. He would have to waive the nmc if we were taking him back. The expansion isses and everything else otherwise make him even less desirable. I juat can't comprehend how people are dumb enough to think it would be a good move to get him. Let that waste of space rot in edmonton, they deserve it.
  2. Trading LE for Lucic would be so stupid. If Benning had ever put that on the table it would already be a done deal. At this point neither player makes the team in training camp and is going to be burried in the minors or traded anyways. Why woukd you ever willingly take the guy with the worse contract and even less attractive as a trade piece. Makes no sense.
  3. People are lowkey underrating Baertschi. If he comes into camp recovered from his concussion then he's easily a solid second line winger imo. When he was healthy this last year he certainly was playing at that level. He was on pace for 20+ goals and 40-50 points if he had a full 82 games.
  4. Pretty solid pickup for the panthers without a crazy cost.
  5. Yeah. It will be nice to actually have options to eat up some min. Even last year Stecher was getting up there with 28+ min during the injuries. I think if we can balance the D out closer to 20min we will see less injuries for Tanev and Elder. With that group all those guys can safely play 17+ a night. Pretty curious to see how all the pairings end up shaking out. Probably going to depend a bit on who clicks with Hughes at camp.
  6. So excited for this signing. What a great pickup and a good contract. Benn plays with good energy, moves the puck well. Seems to be pretty clutch and doesn't seem to choke when it matters. Would not mind if we still bring Hutton back now for a similar 2x1 or 2x2. Edler,Tanev,Hughes,Myers,Stecher,Benn, is a pretty good looking top 6 D when healthy.
  7. Love this signing. Its going nice having such a big addition to our defence.
  8. Yeah not concerned in the slightest about anything with Miller. Pretty sure the Canes are already on record saying they will buy out. Pretty sure Marleau end back up in SJS on league minimum which is something they actually need.
  9. Well I guess they are only cap hit for 1 year, they pay out over 2. Either way the extra value is that they are buying out his contract so he can play in SJ since it was the only way toronto could get him to waive his nmc.
  10. You're still missing the point. I'm in no way suggesting we should have gotten Marleau instead, or that the Miller trade is bad or any of that. I'm saying the cost for Toronto is inflated greatly because he is being bought out to let him play somewhere else. If he was only a cap dump and he was playing in Carolina this year then you could basically keep all items in the trade the same and just remove Toronto's first. If, and im only saying hypothetically because its obviously not the case, we were buying out Miller so he could sign somewhere else then we would be getting a similar or more comparable return to the Canes.
  11. Your misunderstanding what I was saying. I'm not in the camp of these being the same. The Marleau trade is a minor cap dump, easy to take on for a team like the Canes for 1 season. Hell he could have easily played for them this year. If it was only that the return would have been significantly less coming their way. Because they are buying him out so he can resign in SJ and taking his cap hit for 2 years the cost goes way up because they get nothing and it's more than just a cap dump.
  12. Thats not really accurate. Tampa is in the same pinch to get the extention done for Brayden Point. They had to move someone and clear some cap space. Marleau really isn't that bad to take on either. He has 1 year left at 6m. He easily slots into the middle 6 and still can produce some value. Again the leafs would easily keep him if it wasn't for the fact they need the space for Marner. The real differences here are the NMC, he wasn't waiving to go anywhere besides SJ, Tampa didn't have to deal with that at all. Also the Canes buyout is significantly more than just taking the contract on for the year, and its not like the Canes are getting a choice on it. If we were buying out Miller so he could resign with xyz team then we would damn sure be getting picks back.
  13. 6.5 isn't really that bad. It's not a steal but you don't expect that with free agency. Comparibly, Edler for 6, Subban at 9,EK at 11.5, Myers around 6-7 is a number you can live with imo.