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  1. Thats such a load though. Not a chance that Tim freaking Schaller is better than Baer, not to mention Leivo or Motte. It really concerns me that If we were comfortable waiving Baer then rolling 3-4 lines like the rest of the contending nhl teams have been isn't on our agenda, and that was half the reason people were finally excited about the team this year.
  2. Yeah, obviously not 100% cap, he didnt break into those top 6 roster spots. I think if you have to shed one of your forwards to free up cap though you have to waive the guy you want to keep least that someone else will still take. I think that looking at Pearson, Sutter, Baer, LE, Virtanen, Benning figure's they can live easiest without him, and a team might actually claim him as well to get that cap space. I guess we will know tomorrow, but I'll be pretty suprised if he isn't claimed. Thats where I'd put my money at least.
  3. Maybe i didnt make that clear. The cao savings will be when he is claimed tomorrow. While there are 0 chances of anyone claiming Schaller for 2m, Baer will be gone freeing up a lot more than just the 1m cap from sending him to the ahl.
  4. I think the reality is that no one would claim Schaller and the Canucks need to free a couple mill in cap. He's basically invisible on the ice.
  5. Do you honestly think Leivo or Schaller bring anything to the bottom 6 that Baer doesn't or can't? This is a money deciscion and has nothing to do with not being able to play bottom 6.
  6. That logic makes no sense. Its not like Schaller or Lievo bring any type of upgrade on Baer in the bottom 6 anyways.
  7. Bottom 6 roles are overrated in 2019. Teams are rolling 4 lines that can play, and baer is a responsible winger with some offensive talent. Its not like he has to play pk min or anything and its not like he's going to be a liability playing matchups.
  8. Its really not much for a team with cap space though, and he is easily an upgrade for some teams on the wing.
  9. Wow. Is there any way he doesnt get claimed? Teams like Edmonton or Ottawa are bound to take a shot on him. This feels overly unfortunate as he's way better than at least a couple players not being waived.
  10. He would have to waive the nmc if we were taking him back. The expansion isses and everything else otherwise make him even less desirable. I juat can't comprehend how people are dumb enough to think it would be a good move to get him. Let that waste of space rot in edmonton, they deserve it.
  11. Trading LE for Lucic would be so stupid. If Benning had ever put that on the table it would already be a done deal. At this point neither player makes the team in training camp and is going to be burried in the minors or traded anyways. Why woukd you ever willingly take the guy with the worse contract and even less attractive as a trade piece. Makes no sense.
  12. People are lowkey underrating Baertschi. If he comes into camp recovered from his concussion then he's easily a solid second line winger imo. When he was healthy this last year he certainly was playing at that level. He was on pace for 20+ goals and 40-50 points if he had a full 82 games.
  13. Pretty solid pickup for the panthers without a crazy cost.
  14. Yeah. It will be nice to actually have options to eat up some min. Even last year Stecher was getting up there with 28+ min during the injuries. I think if we can balance the D out closer to 20min we will see less injuries for Tanev and Elder. With that group all those guys can safely play 17+ a night. Pretty curious to see how all the pairings end up shaking out. Probably going to depend a bit on who clicks with Hughes at camp.