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  1. Agreed. That line is tearing it up.
  2. The Caps absolutely dominated Tampa tonight. That was a fun game to watch, Tampa got run over all game and didn't know what to do. The Caps have such an awesome mix of skill and physicality. I feel like Holtby is still a bit shaky even with the shut out tonight though. At least compared to Vasilevsky or Fleury.
  3. Is no hands Hansen even playing in the playoffs? Like healthy scratch or is he injured?
  4. Haha if only the canucks had a single damn near as good.
  5. I can't stand him. He's totally unnoticeable for 95% of his ice time and then just sneak in a goals on the other 5%. Plus his name.
  6. This is the best series we are gonna see all playoffs.
  7. My heart says Ovi will crush the Penguins finally but my brain says Ovi will just be excellent as per usuall and the Caps will fail to beat the Pens yet again.
  8. I have no idea how the nhl is such a joke on goalie interference calls. You figure a professional bunch of guys that have played hockey their whole life could figure that out. Like a bar full of sloshed dudes can figure it out watching sportsnet replays in like 30 seconds.
  9. I think this one goes 7 but im not sure who wins. Pretty 50-50.
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers

    What a great final game to watch the Sedins. Virtanen blowing past Mcdavid was awesome. Henrik's stolen goal in OT. Danny's shootout goal. It really feels like you can just see how much the Sedins have set an example for the young players. It's awesome knowing that Horvat and crew have had them to learn from over the last few years. The Sedins have left the team in good hands.
  11. 2014 - Ehlers - 3 2015 - Barzal but he didn't drop to us next choice - Julsen - 2 2016 - Sergachev - 3 2017 - Makar but he was gone. Next choice was Glass. - 2 10. Not sure about 2017 points. 2018 - Bouchard

    As soon as he goes to a new team and gets off the media pressure in Montreal and gets to play with a real center he's gonna go right back to 30 goal pace. Kessel trade 2.0
  13. Yeah that's most playoff teams. I mean I'm not saying trade Phaneuf and thompson for mcdavid here. Just like get a second and a third back with gaboric or something that doesn't make this deal as lopsided as it is otherwise why agree to retain salary? I guess now obviously the #1 thing here is the 5m cash for the sens cheap ass owner lol.
  14. I dont really get this trade tbh. I think otttawa could have moved Phaneuf for someone else doing less crappy with the retained salary. Phaneuf for 5 and change isn't that bad and you would think they could get something with value back at that point. Like at least LA should have thrown in a couple lower picks. Like a 3rd or some B prospect or something. Otherwise you would think they wouldn't retain any salary. They basically just got a cap dump back? Or did I miss something?