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  1. Any veteran of NHL 94 knows to go for the wraparound
  2. This league is unwatchable in its current state. We should rest all our starter players for a year bring on 23 goons and break the rest of the NHL until this hypocrisy ends.
  3. Congrats to our Beanpot winner! 3 straight for NE what an exciting game too.
  4. I love games like this it further fills in the Bruins history of asterix's.
  5. Kuraly commits the entry while "offside" but doesn't touch the Kuraly is offside and that's fine as long as McAvoy tags up? Imagine McAvoy sitting behind the Nucks net then the Bruins icing it as long as McAvoy tags up even if another Bruin enters offside it's legit? Edit: No way we win 9 on 5 anyways. Just really weird
  6. The big I'm trying to get at is do both players need to be onside at the same time or is one entry okay then a second tag up okay.
  7. Every time Brian Burke says this a Canuck grows his wings <3
  8. If the puck is dumped into the corner and ahead of Kuraly isnt Kuraly "onside"?
  9. Trevor Hanson got bullied super hard by Troy Stetcher in high school....hasn't ever forgiven him.
  10. So Kuraly could remain offside and McAvoy could dump it in the corner and go pick it up even if Kuraly is offside for 5-6 seconds and tags up? I remember back in the day the U.S. used wack offside rules.
  11. So just clarifying if you're making a "zone entry" with one foot and are holding the puck with a player offside it's legit as long as you wait for the player to tag up before you touch it again? Theoretically you could dump it in with a player 4-5 seconds offside then a forchecker entering hitting the guy waiting for the blatantly offside player to tag up and then taking it to the net?
  12. Canucks need to play well if we are going to spend the whole night 9 on 4.