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  1. Just for fun!
  2. I'm hoping for jail time and maybe a loss of some picks?
  3. Sedin Sedin Bure Naslund Messier (lol naw lets go Sundin) Neely Nedved Linden Bertuzzi Mogilny Horvat Smyl Viave, Gelinas Jovanoski Juolevi Ohlund Hamhuis Lumme Edler Luongo Mclean
  4. He's played both sides in Brynas
  5. I'd say Rodin and Hansen swap until he proves himself.
  6. Hansen has a NTC so must be protected. Luckily we get 7 spots.
  7. Troy Greenway William Lockwood Cliff Pu Sean Day Carl Gundstrom All available for that 2nd rounder and it could have been a 1st if Dallas went further. Even without Jokkipakka that would have been a fantastic trade.
  8. I think you lose more credibility when your trying to work out a deal, get greedy and they team says fine we'll go with someone else. Then they get him for free anyways.
  9. Contributors to playoff pushes and in Boston's case cap relief. We were nowhere near pushing for a playoff spot and had an asset with value. Would have been nice to get anything for him.
  10. Ouch. We didn't even get a bag of pucks.
  11. Here's some!
  12. Someone post some Team Sweden highlights! Sedins and Loui making it look like pond hockey for the national teams!