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  1. That should be an instant 2 mins on Eichel too like in NHL
  2. 4 straight calls against and our captain gets headshot away from the puck and taken out of the game in the last 3 mins.
  3. Ferland has had a good game but that's another blown coverage.
  4. Bennings FA signings minus Loui actually look really decent
  5. Yeah at least in his time here. maybe its the Buffalo jerseys bringing that back for me too. He still had 76 goals in 77 games one year Slenderish frame but tall
  6. Gaudette looks so much like Mogilny to me in the vintage jerseys and the "88" (89)
  7. OHHHHHH NO!!!! Not McDavid!!!! You'll get over it someday. BO EFFIN HORVAT!!!!!! Keep going ya pilon!
  8. And you get back to cheering for the Coilers on a Canucks forum Let's see some of this!!