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  1. Can Hansen snag a 2nd and a good prospect ?

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    2. -AJ-


      I think Hansen snags either an early 2nd or a late 1st. A late 2nd and a decent prospect maybe. 

    3. Odd.


      2nd round pick.

    4. Pears


      He should be able to. A contending team like say, Minnesota for example, could see him as the piece they need to get them over the hump. And with how deep their forward core will be for the next 5 years I think they'd be fine with giving up something like a 2nd and Greenway. 

  2. Scenario: Canucks bring in Julien. Chara gets brought in next season. Chara takes C from Henrik. We realize we're stuck in a post 1994 loop.

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    2. HowYaDrouin


      Sure can't.. Just a funny scenario..

    3. Wilbur


      Who's the 2016 equivalent of Brian Noonan?  Chris Kelly?

    4. Xbox


      Give him Hanks 33 while we're at it since that's Chara's number in Boston.

  3. More

    Since NHL started tracking play-by-play in 2003 no team has gone as long as the #Canucks did tonight for their 1st shot on goal (28:12)

  4. More

    Since NHL started tracking play-by-play in 2003 no team has gone as long as the #Canucks did tonight for their 1st shot on goal (28:12)

  5. Can anybody find the video of the newscaster in Winnipeg saying how cold it is ? I can't locate it. I wanted to show somebody.

  6. I get 10 Brazilians like I'm

    Dan Bilzerian

    1. Rounoush
    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Do you even feel anything by the 10th brazilian?

    3. HowYaDrouin


      Dan got to 9 and said it was dust...

  7. Anyone want to sell me their xbox one or PS4? NHL 16 is making me do it.

  8. Lukas Jasek Right Wing Born Aug 28 1997 Height 6.00 -- Weight 165 -- Shoots R Selected by Vancouver Canucks round 6 #174 overall 2015 NHL Entry Draft --- Regular Season --- ---- Playoffs ---- Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM GP G A Pts PIM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014-15 Trinec Ocelari HC Czech 27 0 2 2 4 1 0 0 0 0 2015-16 Trinec Ocelari HC Czech 25 2 1 3 18 1 0 0 0 0 2016-17 Trinec Ocelari HC Czech 13 0 0 0 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current statistics as of 2017-01-31
  9. The New York Islanders win the draft. F This.

  10. Taken 114th overall. Omsk Jr. 2014-2015 35GP 3G 16A 19P 42PIMS. Can't say he was on my radar, curious to see peoples opinions. Scouting Report Offensive wing with an array of moves and skills and a tireless attack pace. Far from strong enough but already shows glimspes that he may be a very good player as he ascends the ranks. Makes things happen at top speed, and although under six foot has a bit of sanrl. --Bill Placzek--
  11. Pray for Pilon/Garland. Please JB, win me back.

    1. Keslerific


      I'd be happy with either of them as well.

    2. JE14


      pilon pls

    3. BoKnows
  12. Any other CDC'rs doing tough mudder in whistler this year?

    1. HowYaDrouin


      " I feel like the fat kid at school that punched out the bully now everybody suddenly likes him. "

    2. Gyllenhaal
    3. Ghostsof1915


      Just for that win, I hope they land McDavid.

  13. He seems like Sbisa with Clendenning speed. Jumps up in the rush, doesn't mind to throw the weight around, threw a few "pizzas", and looked pretty slow... Very "meh" prospect for me, expect him to start in the ECHL next year with a potential call up to Utica if injuries ensue.