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  1. ring of honour inductees - Pat Quinn, Kirk Mclean, Alex Burrows, Orland, Ohlund, Gradin, snepts. Does Kesler really sound like he fits with those guys? the thought of putting him up there and therefore stating his contribution to the organization is on the same level as Pat quinn makes me sick
  2. I would move guys like goldy, palmu, for cap space, maybe woo, I am just not high on woo, or one of the log jam Ahl d men we have- chettefiled, breezer sautner sautner + Goldy + palmu and ericcson retain $1.5 mill to Anaheim for future considerations
  3. Only saw highlights- I mistook virtanen for Peterson on the goal he set up virt and Pearson looking like legit top 6 forwards we do need to improve our D or team ... by trade or system, I’m not sure we need to get a better system and see if our personnel can do it then if not, a trade should be pursued
  4. that was ridiculously smooth, he made it look so easy, like the defence man was skating backwards win slo-mo
  5. wow, they really look prepared for this huge game!!
  6. in 2 years Miller- Petey-Podz would be great horvat and bossier had big time chemistry his first year hear Hogz-Horvat-Boess Pearson-Gaudette- Virtanen Roussel-Madden- Motte
  7. I also like Aiden mcdonaugh quite a bit, he is having a great freshman year at Northeastern with madden. I think outside of the 2nd round Aiden has the best shot at the nhl, I liked silos but his game has dropped off since November, we was a really strong in the ohl til then...
  8. where would Hughes go in a re-draft? 650 broadcast team were saying how they like him more than dahlin. I think he would possibly go number 2-3, Brady is a great player, but Quinn can control a game. Svechnikov is a stud tho, he'd go number 1. Jakey starting to look like a top 6 forward. Boess was a steal at 23. Gaudette, demko, tryamkin were great picks. then there is a whole legion of guys who look poised for good to great NHL careers- dipietro, Lind, pod, hogs, madden, rathbone, I think OJ will play in the nhl. while they are no longer playing for us, McCann and forsling are also nhl'ers 2014- NHL Draft- he pick 7 players, 5 have played in the nhl - that's amazing 2015- 3/7 (and maybe Jasek will play) 2016-his worst draft, currently 0/7 but OJ will probably play at least some in the nhl. I am doubtful of Lockwood, but who knows 2017- Pettersson is a star and dipietro have already played games and lind and rathbone are likely to play, maybe gadjo, could end up being another 5/7 draft 2018- hughes is a star, madden looks exciting and woo and utunen may play in the nhl as last pairing d, could be 4/6 but more likely 2/6 2019- podz and high look like the only guys who will play in the nhl here (2/9) projected success 2/9+2/6+4/8+1/7+3/7+5/7 = 17/44 = 38% success rate at drafting.
  9. I don't like boomer, I think we need more experience and more of a winning track record on our coaching staff.
  10. he will join the Utica after his sophomore season