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  1. krebs has really grown on me, I think if he is available I would take him over any of the D and over newhook. If caufield is around tho, this would be a tough decision. Krebs reminds me a lot of horvat- good all around player, great leadership. He has selke potential and could see him play ll situations like horvat. Top character player can any one weigh in on weakness of krebs?
  2. broberg and new hook with goals so far, both adding to their body of work, IMO Broberg, krebs, new hook > soderstrom soderstrom looks like a mid first rounder 15-20 Caufield having an amazing tourney but he is a less complete player than Boldy or Turcotte - have to wonder how he will do defensively in the nil, I agree that he could be a great complementary player but won't carry a line, whereas krebs and newhook may carry a line. the USA team is stacked and has played together a while so I would not let their eye popping numbers totally represent how good they are- hoping to see them play Canada...but I suspect they will beat us
  3. I’d be interested in that what about 10th + dipietro+ Sutter (max cap retained) for 4th OA and COL 3rd rounder i like gaudette will be tough to play against
  4. I really doubt Edmonton passes on Broberg they have pool party, Yamamoto, benson the last think they need is another forward bouchard-Broberg is at least a future pairing they can bandy about to fans and ownership would be silly for edm to go with a forward when bpa is very unclear
  5. my bad, I thought he was R but elite prospects has him as L and yes, it looks like he is on the L on some of the highlights but R on the others, He does shoot leftward tho
  6. I could see cozens falling to 10 if someone is really high on broberg- given how rare it is to get a RHD let alone a big RHD who has hands and can skate. Cozens feels like the Cody glass of this draft- aces the eye candy test, but we aint selling jeans here. Here is my mock 1. NJ- Hughes 2.NY- Kaako 3.CHI- Byram 4.AVS-Boldy 5. LA-Turcotte 6.DET-Zegras 7.BUF-Broberg 8. EDM- Dach 9. ANA- Caufield 10. VAN- Cozens
  7. I think he would take Broberg size + RHD+skating/hanmds package > Russian factor
  8. with how U-18s are going, here is how I feel about it min terms of rankings, not a mock draft 1. Hughes 2.Kaako 3.Byram 4.Turcotte 5.Boldy 6.Dach 7.Caufield 8.Zegras 9.Cozens 10.Podkolzin 11. Broberg 12. Krebs 13. Newhook 14.Soderstrom
  9. we will get an exciting player, but we may not have much of a choice- the above list has a clear top 10 and I doubt any of that third tier 11-14 get picked in the top 10. I think we will be looking at Caufield or bribers left over at 10- not a bad problem.
  10. there are 3 tiers in the top 14 or so... hughes kaako byram dach turcotte zegras boldy cozens caulfield broberg krebs soderstrom podkolzin newhook
  11. yes Boldy and Caufield have looked awesome... I think they will likely be gone at 10 given how well they have played... will cozens fall? how is he looking? each won't fall, Krebs was ranked 7-12 so he may be there- but this bribers guy may be a real player... so hard to tell- Judd and Jim should be scouting the $&!# out of the US, CAN and SWE teams
  12. after seeing the broberg highlights... how do we not take him? how has he looked in the u-18s?
  13. Boldy, Turcotte, Caufield are just annihilating this tournament. Hard not to see these guys go top 10, does this mean Dach and cozens fall? in no particular order really just to show how many good players there are 1.Hughes 2.Kaako 3.Byram' 4.Dach 5.Boldy 6.Turcotte 7.Caufield 9.Cozens 10.Krebs 11.Podzolkin 12.Newhook 13.Zegras 14.York that's a lot of good players - man this coalfield kid is exciting, and body is a perfect winger for Pettersson
  14. my picks at 10: 1.Boldy 2.Turcotte 3. Caufield a line of boldy-Bo-Madden - that is 3 selke candidates there