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  1. I think canucks are looking to find a young d man through trade and let Tanev go freeing up cap space to sign marky and toff Virtanen+ Gaudette + Stecher for Dumba let Tanev walk, now have 14.3 mill to spread across Marky, Toff, Leivo and loose pieces, plus Ferland probably on LTIR next year
  2. Virtanen+Gaudette for Carlo is an overpayment, I'd ask for Beecher back or a pick I do think Virtanen + Gaudette for Carlo+ Beecher is very fair, but beecher has been sort of unimpressive and I do not know if I would want him, maybe a 2nd instead if JB and co love someone in that range if we do this, then we let tanev walk and keep stech and that saves enough cap to res ign marky and toff, so if this is the deal then I guess it works
  3. Lauzon+ debrusk+Carlo for Boeser + Rafferty?
  4. true story but Krug makes us better, let tanev, stecher go edler-Krug Hughes-Myers OJ-Benn Fanta
  5. I think a hughes-Carlo pairing could be pretty amazing for years to come, not to mention when tryamkin comes back. Love Tanev but he maybe has 1-2 great seasons left, totally agree with trying to revamp the back end now while we have some assets and to target someone younger.
  6. Id prefer to keep Rathbone over rafferty, I think Boeser is a more valuable piece than carlo.
  7. I guess then we do not resign Tanev and that saves us the cap to resign toff and Marky?
  8. why don't we sign torey krug instead of tanev lol
  9. don't they have debrusk who is like Virtanen but better? Carlo for Virtanen + Stecher+Rafferty I don't get why they don't want Krug back... they have enough cap space, maybe they are hurting for actual and wont be a cap team. In this case, they may move Carlo who is due for a big raise next year.
  10. I think we need to upgrade our bottom 6, hence buy desire to land Woods, but I think another year off Tyler motte and a healthy josh leivo and maybe a year of development of Zac mcewan can be that for us?
  11. some guys I think would really improve our team would be Damon severson and miles woods from NJ.
  12. we have 14.3 mill in cap space, but Ferland likely gone, so that is 17.8 Marky 5.15x3 yrs Toff 5.15x4 years Tanev 5 x 3 yrs = 15.3 = 2.5 mill remaining - stecher (2.325) + Sutter ( 4.375) + Virtanen (1.25) are all likely gone = 7.25 so plenty of cap space here, I think virtual or stech are packaged along side sutter and I think the other is traded for a 2nd I think OJ will make the team I think Zac Mcewan will make the team Kole lind will get some NHL games Brogan Rafferty will get some nhl games JT EP TT TP BH BB AR AG JL ZM JB TM KL AE TM QH CT OJ JB BR