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  1. I have no confidence in cloudier as a goalie coach other than at the Junior (CHL) or NCAA level Clark has done wonders with marky, has turned him from marginal starter to our MVP
  2. I would say almost all moves since linden have been really good JT trade Toff trade Pearson trade Podz, Hogz draft hughes and Peteys performance Myers was an upgrade team trending upwards I love linden but the worst decisions of Benning's tenure happened under linder 1.deciding to try to keep this team "competitive" while the sedins were here, Linden said many a time "we owe it to them to try and stay competitive.." well TL, you tried but failed miserably and it set us back 2. as a result of # 1- signing LE.
  3. love it, even to an infant this whole thing is pretty black and white.
  4. JBen said Brackett wanted full autonomy for picks 1 and 2 in each draft and wanted full autonomy of opersonnel for scouting. JBen is GM, scouted x 20 years, JBracket was a part time scout until JBen and TL hired him full time in 2014 and then 2 drafts later made him chief scout. so thats like roughly 5 years of scouting full time... why we want someone with 20 yrs scouting experience and closer to 10 yrs of managerial experience relinquishing 100% control to some one with less than a quarter of his experience- that does not happen in the real world media has the narrative all wrong, after hearing JBen's interview I think Bracket is asking for way too much and stuff he does not deserve, JB implied that he may be taking credit for really more than he has accomplished- listen to sportsnet 650 where he talks about how he has seen "this behaviour" after teams have won a stanley cup and someone wants "a pat on the back," anyway, i am doubtful our scouting and drafting falls off much. JBen said he thinks the scouting group is stronger than ever.
  5. The glass rumour was a decoy Vegas wanted him abd jb faked interest in him to get Vegas to give them their 2nd to trade up one spot and switch with Vancouver to take glass and Jben wanted Peterson all along
  6. Looks like Brackett had a lot of autonomy in 2018 and that Benning and Weisbrod deferred to him a lot Hughes- obviously a JBen pick - guy was gushing over him miller and toff trades are awesome Peterson - a delorme pick and good on JB for listening to him OJ- a jb pick- but where was Brackett on this ? I loved Brackett wish he stayed but JBen has done something good stuff too i agree Erickson contract is awful and giving up a second in 2016 hurt i don’t like Sutter either
  7. JBen would never give full autonomy on the draft to someone else, JBen is most comfortable when scouting, that's the pat of GMing he has the most experience- he is right tho, he did nurture JBrack. We all love Linden, but Benning has way more experience and TL was a rookie when it came to managing/operations. Rumour was TL was against bringing in Quinn Hughes this early, against trading picks like the Miller and Toffoli trades (which happened after he left) and it looks like JB was right- Hughes was ready and it was time to bring guys like miller and toff in- could it be that JB is competent?????
  8. tkachuk is a moot point as of now we have: Miller Petey Toff Peaerson Horvat Boesser Podz, Hogz projected as top 6xers, Podz with bite. To me tkachuk is not a huge upgrade on this group, so I am over it now. Plus we have Hughes, agree with butterfly effect. what we need now is to not F up the situation with our drafting, tryamkin and our cap.
  9. to me, I think a trade to free up cap space is more likely but perhaps Toronto, Pittsburgh or Washington are interested? Or maybe this is the "deal" Benning has referenced to recover picks. I would love to see Tryamkin in Vancouver, but given what happened and rumour he wants a 1 year deal, I think a trade is a save move because he might want to cash in somewhere else in 1 yrs time. Trade him to NJ for our pick back
  10. just heard the Dhwaliwal-Sekeres interview from May 14- man these guys also trilling Canucks- calling them "dysfunctional" because tryamkin has not signed yet and because of the Judd Brackett thing... Sekeres says a "wise man once told him Tryamkin will never wear a canucks jersey again," and that the "canucks are working on a trade." I am guessing the trade is to clear cap space for tryamkin, but oh boy - making a trade right now would be tough, especially making a good one. Can teams even trade right now? If that is the message- hold on Tryamkin- we are going to make a trade- well then I imagine it is not a dysfunctional canucks team, but rather the league has out a freeze on trades (because we are after the TDL) and will re-open the league to trades once the cover stuff is figured out. I think this covid thing puts canucks in potentially an excellent position actually. Potential of a buy you-LE (6 million off the books) Cap not going up and uncertainty of UFA market - hello reasonable prices for contracts of Markstrom and Toffoli Re-nogiate Trades for teams who gave up first rounder? Hello renegotiate 1st with New Jersey (some trade like Mcdonaught+Rafferty+ OJ + beartschi+3rd) for our 1st back? 24 team playoff- Canuck youth get to experience high stakes playoff games
  11. and the look of his own tweets. If no one is around to see JDs tweets do they still exist? no
  12. I recall the Zegras rumour, JB mentioned there was a player they were looking to trade up to get and then this guy gets picked at ninth- ouch- I think he would have been a hughes/petterson type epic drop into our lap as he was ranked top 5, but Podkolzin at the beginning of the year ws ranked 3rd and only dropped because he was not playing much in the KHL, a men's league. I think Podz/Zegras/Broberg would all be good picks. I do get the sense that JB makes a big del pout of tournament viewing - Jasek/brisebois at helinka, OJ, tryamkin at WJCs, but tbh I think Judd has flourished under Benning and there has to be some credit given to Benning for that.
  13. anyone else sick of this JD burke guy, especially when it comes to trolling the Judd/canucks drafting issue? this guy is as slimy as they come and I would be much happier if I never heard from this dude again, everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, everything that goes in is a &i%!
  14. this article says pretty much nothing. Amazing how someone can write a whole article with no novel info. I would say 99% of posts on this board are more insightful then this papier toilet