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  1. I would not trade demo or marky, would stroke a deal with seattle, demo has franchise goalie written all over him and maelstrom is already is 30 in January. This is what I do. Draft in 2021 sign marky this summer to a multi year deal, 4 years at 6.75 mill for arguments sake. 2 seasons from now, Demko will be ready to take over the number 1 role at age 26. We can get a waaaay better asset for Markstrom in 2 years then we can for demko this summer.
  2. honestly, beartschi and or godly could easily take off in the east, fewer heavy teams, if I am Ottawa I offer Canucks a pick for goldy, like a 3rd or something
  3. Markstrom, playing Luongo-esque, team sounds tired, sounds like they are being out skated, out worked. Listening on radio.
  4. Stecher is a right shot no 5 nhl d man, why would we trade him for a project forward, we have enough of those
  5. you rather give up demo or gaudette? hell no, I rather give up Virtanen/juolevi and a first (mid to late) that may never be as good as demko or gaudette, plus we have podkolzin, madden,
  6. dumping LE, Virtanen and Juolevi are border on scrap soon, Hollander and the first are pieces, have to give to get
  7. this would be awesome. What about: To DAL Virtanen Juolevi Hoglander LE 2020 1st To VAN Benn 2020 3rd 2020 2nd
  8. lockwood, madden, woo, palmu, hoglander, maybe focht, utica get ready for an influx of Canuck prospects, the year after, Podkolzin, silvos, rathbone, utunen
  9. Jasek reminds me of hansen
  10. agree I mean people on CDC were wanting Jansen Harkins, pffff and then in 2017, ppl were drooling over glass and vilardi instead of Elias, heck, I like mittelstadt and had seen very little of Peterson. Just goes to show that everyone misses picks but the Canucks have improved their drafting significantly since JB arrived, cannot argue with that. And for all those wanting Nylander over Jake, I do not think Nylander has a place on this team with that contract and his hot and cold offensive play, attitude and lack of defensive awareness
  11. moving goal posts: ok look at this how about: 1. 2015 Draft, one of the deepest 1st rounds in the last 2 decades 1 GM in 1 Draft - Sweeney-BOS - 1st round pick 13- Jakub Zboril pick 14-Jake Debrusk pick 15- Zach Shenyshen LOL the next 3 picks were ALL STARS - Barzal -Kyle Connor -Chabot talk about total incompetence 2. 1 organization EDM 2009- 10th overal - Magnuss Paajarvi Svenson 2012 - 1st overall - Nial Yakupov 2016- 4th overall - Jesse Puljujarvi lol
  12. it is heart warming that CDC likes JBs work so much that they are not willing to part with many pieces for Hall. I agree, some chemistry building on our top 2 lines with the addition of miller and pearson
  13. Hall is >>>>JTM but I agree JTM hurts to give up, substitute in Pearson for all I care, I doubt that is too much. NJD will want one of our 4 young studs