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  1. Ondrej Kase looking like Arvidsson v2.0
  2. Every single loss = Sombra's fault
  3. Gonna start doing Sombra only, starting from 2300... wish me luck.
  4. Buffalo's List
  5. Makes me sad knowing that I'm not in the playoffs with a stud like Allen
  6. Damn, Allen looking great
  7. Paul Stastny Alexander Steen Kevin Hayes Nail Yakupov Antoine Vermette David Pastrnak Vladislav Kamenev Viktor Arvidsson Oscar Lindberg Austin Watson TJ Brodie Kevin Bieksa Brenden Dillon Cody Ceci Martin Jones Phillip Grubauer @Tigs
  8. Arvidsson now leading the Predators in points
  9. MFW Tavares is out for the rest of the season and my slim chances at a playoff spot are now pretty much gone
  10. That moment when you drop from 3600 --> 3300 in 2 hours
  11. :wub: Passionfruit

    1. Heretic


      What about pointed sticks?

    2. BoDangles53


      Passionfruit icecream :)

  12. Been steadily climbing these past two months, and I'm in 13th place. Only 277 points out of a playoff spot...
  13. New PTR patch is giving Lucio 25% more damage (from 16 --> 20 per shot). Looks like I'm picking him back up again
  14. I did it!
  15. Super slow, but I love her barrier (and the lack of a timer, like Winston's bubble). She'll get destroyed by dive comps though, since the whole giant head thing will make it easy for Genji and Tracer to destroy her