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  1. Heyo! So obviously the team hasn't announced at what game the Sedins will have their jerseys retired, but we all know it's going to happen this year. I've been a Sedin fan ever since they played for Modo, and became a Canucks and NHL fan when they moved over here, so being in Vancouver for their retirement would mean a lot to me. Me and my girlfriend have been talking about making the trip over from Sweden for it, do you guys think it'd be possible (affordable) for us to get a pair of tickets to the game that night, after the fact that it's announced that they're gonna have their ceremony that night? I was thinking that we'd use Airbnb for a place to stay, is that the best choice or do you have another suggestion? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I don't get why people value Marner so much higher than Nylander. They've got almost identical stat lines, no?
  3. I just realized, Bieksa's deal with Anaheim is up this summer. I'd love it if we could get him signed for cheap on a one year deal. He's one of my favorite players in the entire league and would be a great mentor now that the Sedins are gone (plus, he's jacked as $&!#).
  4. Can or should Jake be our Tom Wilson?

    Burrows scores 35 goals one year, Wilson has cracked the ten goal mark once.
  5. Thread Titles 5 Years From Now?

    This was actually really accurate!
  6. Hypocritical Racism

    There are people alive who've lived through racial segregation in America. There are people who remember a time when people of color weren't allowed to eat in some restaurants, attend some schools or sit where they wanted on buses. You really don't see the difference between black and white racism?
  7. Elias' team Växsjö just won the SHL playoffs, sweeping Skellefteå in the finals. Elias was named playoff MVP. I thought that this deserved a thread of its own. He is also the highest scoring under 20 player in Elitserien/SHL history (there are some familiar names on that list....) Article about Elias in one of Sweden's biggest newspapers: I translated it really quick so there's probably a few major mistakes, but you'll understand most of it.
  8. Man, I’m gonna miss them sooo much.
  9. Seattle expansion team realignment??

    I'd move Arizona to Québec.
  10. Stop the Sedin Hate

    They aren’t the players they used to be, but it’s not like the team is swimming in talent. The Sedins are AT LEAST second line players on this team, they are first in corsi. The players standing in the way of our youth are guys like Eriksson and Gagner.
  11. Stop the Sedin Hate

    There's been a lot of Sedin bashing going on here these past few weeks. People have been calling them a burden for the team, that Henrik is a bad captain and that they should retire. This makes me truly sad. The Sedins are the first real superstars to ever play their entire careers for us, and now they get this treatment? Sure, they aren't the elite players they once were, but given their age, I don't think that you can call them bad. They're on pace for almost 60 points, and Daniel is on pace for 25 goals. Those a really respectable numbers for any player, and especially given that they'll turn 38 this year. They've never been physical or fast players, but they are strong on the puck, and have the ability to slow down the game with their superb passing. The fact that they are second and third in team scoring proves that they're still effective! They are the perfect mentors for guys like Bo, Brock, Elias, Jonathan and hopefully Rasmus. They work hard, always talk to media and are all around great people. I say cherish the time that's left, 'cause it'll be a while until we get to watch such amazing players in a Canucks uniform again.
  12. Who would you rather? (Goalie Edition)

    Man, five years ago we had Schneider and Luongo, both of whom were top 10 goaltenders in the league. Now neither one of our guys is good enough to be a starter. How times have changed.
  13. The most valuable Canuck

    I don't agree with this at all. Look at the league's best d men, Karlsson, Doughty, Hedman, Burns, Subban, you notice all of them a lot because they're involved in the play so much. Tanev is a good defenseman, but he isn't great. Great defensemen get noticed because they are so good.
  14. Well, I mean, they're third and fourth in team scoring and it's not like we're swimming in talent. And we're probably going to be a lottery team next year too. I say they've earned the right to play another year if they want to.