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  1. 31 year old Loui Eriksson should’ve never been given a six year contract, especially given that we were coming off a year where we finished second to last in the conference.
  2. Just ‘cause there are two possible outcomes from it doesn’t mean that the probability is 50 % for each one of them.
  3. Yeah I get that, but when they do their English becomes really good really fast. If you compare Roberto Luongo’s English to Daniel and Henrik Sedin’s then his is way better, and they’ve lived in English speaking places for roughly the same amount of time, right?
  4. I probably should start off by saying that I’m a Swede living in Sweden, so my observations are done from afar. I was browsing Instagram when I came across the Luke Robitaille Stanley Cup video and it got me thinking; his English is really good, especially his pronunciation. I remember reading somewhere that Mario Lemieux basically didn’t speak any English at all until he was a teenager, so I started wondering why do French Canadians have such good English? In Sweden we’re taught English from elementary school, it (along with Swedish and math) is what’s known as a “core subject”, meaning you’re not allowed to fail it. Basically every Swede under the age of 70 is able to watch a movie in English without any issues. But (as I’m sure you’ve noticed with our hockey players) we can’t speak it nearly as well as we understand it. Apart from a few grammar issues (for example in Swedish we don’t differentiate between is and are) the main thing is that we’ve got a pretty wide (?) accent, you hear right away that it’s a Swede (or at least a Scandinavian) speaking when we do so (the only exceptions that I’ve come across are Nicklas Lidström and Gabriel Landeskog). I get that a lot of French Canadians probably are totally bilingual, but most aren’t, right? For example neither Roberto Luongo or Alain Vigneault seem to have English speaking parents, and they grew up in Quebec so they can’t have picked it up “naturally” either, and both their English are nearly flawless. Alex Burrows on the other hand has got a heavy accent, so this doesn’t apply to all French Canadians. My question is: is the “French Canadians have really good English”-thing something you guys agree with, and if so, why is that the case? Cheers! Edit: I get that they don’t get amazing English if they stay in Quebec, but if they move their English becomes much better then that of say a Swede’s.
  5. The article doesn’t quote Elias at all. It mentions a Benning interview with Sportsnet where he talked about Elias and Quinn coming off their entry levels the same year. It’s written by a guy with zero inside knowledge, the only thing he has going for him is that he is one of the 10 million people born in the same country as Elias. Nothing to worry about at all.
  6. Think you're gonna have to throw in Raymond, Ballard and a third.
  7. The Anders Lee contract would be even worse than our Loui deal? In what world i he worth $8 million?!
  8. I think he's done an ok job, Elias and Brock were great picks, but Virtanen and Juolevi were misses. I wish he wouldn't have traded away so many second rounders though.
  9. Yes there was? Loui was 31 and avaraged 22 goals per 82 games over the three prior seasons. Goalscorers almost always fall off after 30, so there was plenty evidence that the deal was bad from day one.
  10. There was no need for him to sign Loui Eriksson to a six year deal.
  11. Oh my god, Dahlén lived more than 2 000 miles from Pettersson, it’s not like Elias’ every day life was effected at all by the Dahlén trade. Calm down.
  12. I wish you could give more than -1 per day. There are so many stupid comments out there...

    1. Alflives


      "Stupid comment". They're not just out there. :lol:

  13. I sent Nicklas Jensen a friend request on Facebook the summer he was drafted. Today he accepts it, wtf?

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    2. Cramarossa


      I wonder how many requests he's gotten from CDCers since you posted this status.

    3. Alflives


      Excuse my ignorance, but what does this "friend" thing mean exactly?  Did you write him a letter, and he only now responded?  What did he write, or is that private?

    4. LuckyLuciano


      I never accept invites from ppl i don't know