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  1. Ryan is a great writer and a great follow on Twitter!
  2. The Game

    The Captaincy question

    Yeah, nationality is the most important thing here! The 2011 Bruins should have made Seguin captain instead of that Euro bum Chara!
  3. The Game

    Elias - The Brain - Pettersson

    Crosby was almost two years younger tho.
  4. Can you please link the stats that show that the WC team always loses? From the top of my head I can recall that the 2012 Bruins game was an afternoon game where we won. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t call the Canucks “half asleep” in that game. Also, even if the WC team always lost these early games, even then it wouldn’t be an issue, how many times a year does that happen, two? Three? Calm down, dude.
  5. I don’t know, man. As a fan of a west coast team I like the fact that I don’t have to get up at 4 am. It’s happened ONCE since 1991/92 that the Canucks scoring hasn’t been lead by a European, and we’ve had at least two Europeans in our top 5 of scoring every season since sometime in the 90’s. These people’s families should be able to watch their kids play at least a few times a year.
  6. As a European I love the early games! They’re on at 7 pm here, instead of 4 am so I’m loving it!
  7. Sure he could. Drinking age is 18 in Sweden so there would have been zero backlash If he would have had real champagne.
  8. The bottle he's holding, "Pommac", is a non-alcoholic soda, I find that pretty hilarious...
  9. The Game

    Who has a better shot Brock or Petey?

    Forsberg was never that good a shooter, he was more of a powerforward with amazing vision. Näslund on the other hand had his generation's best wrist shot.
  10. The Game

    Virtanen, Horvat, and Boeser - new line

    I don’t wanna be that guy, but you can’t compare Elias’ hockey IQ to Sven’s. Pettersson might be the Canuck with the third highest hockey IQ this decad.
  11. I don't know man, we're talking about the GM that traded Hart winner Taylor Hall for 13 point Adam Larsson.
  12. More like 50 points. Man, does that deal look horrible. He's tied for third in caphit in the entire league.
  13. What they should do is open it for all the other leagues. The system right now is crazy, basically the team that drafts you owns you until you're 27. Also, why would you want less players to take the NCAA route? Them getting an education is nothing but a good thing. Plus, no high end prospects have chosen not to sign and go UFA. This is a non issue.
  14. Every time someone brings up the Jets or the Leafs I think about us drafting Jake instead of Nylander or Ehlers, man did Bennning screw that one up!