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  1. I can’t seem to find where I can login to the forum on my phone. It was there, and while I don’t do it often and it has been a while, it does seem to be in the app. a little direction would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Thanks, would never had found this otherwise. Had really wanted to see this !!
  3. And what's the chance of that, on the Vancouver Canucks? He will play for the Canucks this year for sure, unless he himself gets re-injured.
  4. Couldn't disagree more with the bolded. Do you really think management and the coach would deliberately try and restrict the points a player gets to save a few dollars later on his contract. By that logic, we shouldn't have had Petey on the PP last year because it's going to cost us later !! Their BIGGEST goal is to make the playoffs and start this ball rolling. They want Hughes to be a huge success that drives offense.
  5. A better shot, . . . are you kidding me? Bertuzzi had a GREAT shot, . . . Jake can't hit the net.
  6. This guy is very underrated. He is tied for his best career year in points with 29 in only 60 games, with 17 games remaining. He is fourth in scoring with 2 more goals and 3 more points than Goldie. Best summer signing by far when you consider the other elements he brings to this team, including his grit, agitation, and speed. And he can play anywhere up and down the lineup. He's had some great games and made some incredible passes for what he came in here billed as. VERY pleasant surprise and now an important member of this club, representing an element every team needs.
  7. So this may have been discussed and I missed it, but why is he not on the first PP?
  8. I would be shocked if he didn't start on the 1st unit, and if that doesn't happen, it will within the first month. This guy is easily the best PP quarterback today in the Canuck's system, and is what he excels at. It's like this year when some suggested EP might start in Utica, and others said maybe centre in a few years, . . . and look what happened. He has already played with the top NHLrs and didn't look out of place. Hughes is elite offensively and a PP specialist.
  9. Never. Show us the link to your statement. He had 7th in his final ranking.
  10. Gaunce is light years better than Archie. Archie 'at times' can be tougher but overall not even close. Gaunce is fast, better defensively, better offensive upside [it he ever gets a chance], better hockey IQ and the ideal teammate team player. He is a mini me Bo with less talent. I like Archie as a depth player but he is also well past his best due date.
  11. I always felt that Goldobin thought the game at a different level and now I am even more convinced. In the past every night he made a few plays that sometimes looked like they were a bad play, . . because his teammate hadn't anticipated the better play. Sort of like playing with the Sedin's where they think ahead and needed other players to anticipate that. Now playing with an elite player like Elias, who obviously thinks the game at a superior offensive level, you can see how easy it is for them to build instant chemistry. Their anticipation of each other is remarkable for playing together for such a short time, and should only get stronger if kept together. Last night they were easily Vancouver's best line and should have each had a few more points. For Goldobin, it's also more than just having an elite teammate, because he has obviously come to camp with a different attitude and looks so much more dangerous. Looks like he has finally got the message, . . . great job by Green! All of this will build confidence and I think this will be his breakout year and we should be able to add his name to our elite talent pool. Early days I know, but so encouraging.
  12. All this negative talk about Gaunce about his lack of offensive stats, despite the fact he has not been played in that role, high d zone starts etc. that most have already pointed out. BUT, I don't hear any of same concern for our newest member Jay Beagle. All I hear about is how good he will be defensively, which is true, but nothing about offense. So let's look at his goals. Starting in 2010, he has only twice score double digits, 10 & 13, all the others range from 2 - 8 per season. He has only had one season with more than 10 assists, so he is a very low scoring defensive forward. Doesn't make him bad, just saying. Do we not think it is possible that Gaunce can score at that pace, and be just as good defensively? I do given more experience and exposure. Again, he is a big body that skates well that has a high hockey IQ that is a team first player. And right now, he is super cheap [what was it that we just signed Beagle to . . . . $3M for 4 years ! ]
  13. Really don't get so much hype about Leipsic, especially comparing him to Gaunce. Leipsic has ONE more goal, albeit playing in only about 1/2 the games, but he has been put with gifted offensive players and not been required to play the hard defensive role of Gaunce. And please remember all those pushing for Leipsic, he has only 6 total goals in the NHL, is already 24 and playing for his third NHL team, as a third round draft pick. I think he has passed his best before date and at best would be a weak placeholder until more of the youth comes up. He will not be here in a year or two regardless because he is not nearly as good as the talent coming. Whereas Gaunce has proven both in junior and the AHL to have an offensive upside that he hasn't yet translated into the NHL but his size and defensive abilities are enough to wait a little longer to see his full upside. With his other assets, even if he could add 20 points a year 10 and 10, he would be a huge asset. Plus with all the smaller bodies we have, I like his 6'2" 220 lb frame, maybe just use it a little more.
  14. Unbelievable talent on display tonight by Quinn. So excited at what he will bring to this team as we grow. I know he has been compared to many, but to me as I watched him tonight, it is and has been all along Phil Housley that he reminds me of. Same sort of size and both think offense first. Man if he could put up those numbers and have that type of career, how good would the Canucks be over the next decade?
  15. It was McCann that clearly earned his way on to the team with his pre-season play and first 9 games and was on fire. I think Virtanen was the add on partly because of what McCann was demonstrating, but he was clearly outplayed by McCann.