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  1. A better shot, . . . are you kidding me? Bertuzzi had a GREAT shot, . . . Jake can't hit the net.
  2. This guy is very underrated. He is tied for his best career year in points with 29 in only 60 games, with 17 games remaining. He is fourth in scoring with 2 more goals and 3 more points than Goldie. Best summer signing by far when you consider the other elements he brings to this team, including his grit, agitation, and speed. And he can play anywhere up and down the lineup. He's had some great games and made some incredible passes for what he came in here billed as. VERY pleasant surprise and now an important member of this club, representing an element every team needs.
  3. So this may have been discussed and I missed it, but why is he not on the first PP?
  4. I would be shocked if he didn't start on the 1st unit, and if that doesn't happen, it will within the first month. This guy is easily the best PP quarterback today in the Canuck's system, and is what he excels at. It's like this year when some suggested EP might start in Utica, and others said maybe centre in a few years, . . . and look what happened. He has already played with the top NHLrs and didn't look out of place. Hughes is elite offensively and a PP specialist.
  5. Unbelievable talent on display tonight by Quinn. So excited at what he will bring to this team as we grow. I know he has been compared to many, but to me as I watched him tonight, it is and has been all along Phil Housley that he reminds me of. Same sort of size and both think offense first. Man if he could put up those numbers and have that type of career, how good would the Canucks be over the next decade?
  6. It was McCann that clearly earned his way on to the team with his pre-season play and first 9 games and was on fire. I think Virtanen was the add on partly because of what McCann was demonstrating, but he was clearly outplayed by McCann.
  7. As I just posted on another tread, I just don't see how Hughes isn't on the team. Regardless of everything else, Jim is over the moon with this pick and wants to show off his shiny new toy, and he knows he will excite the fans each and every night displaying his elite talent and speed. Because of this I now see OJ starting in Utica [especially with his injury setback], which will leave some time to sort things out with trades and injuries. What are they going to say to Hughes, you need another year or two to bulk up and grow a few inches?