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  1. Rumor is Boeser would take an 8x8 , buy his UFA years when the seattle team and new tv network deal is in.

    1. Pears



    2. Nuxfanabroad


      After the late-season scare he received two seasons back, the kid should accept a 7x7 smiling like a clam!

    3. coastal.view


      ep40 and hughes

      are the key 2 players going forward

      if the canucks are going to have serious success


      the rest have to take contracts that make more sense

      to allow the 2 key guys to be paid


      brock is not one of those 2

      he has to take a lesser contract then 8 x 8

      his wrist and body may not hold out that long

      given his first 2 seasons


      i think nucks should hold at 6 years

      not much more then 7 million max aav

  2. Do a 3 year x 7 m deal.... by then Luongo and Ericksson come off and we can revisit him. But let him know that 3rd year deal at most is 8M
  3. Can someone define escrow - dumb it down for me LOL
  4. If Faulk is going to Anahiem, I wonder if there was any talk of him going to Toronto for Nylander.... would be a win for both organizations

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Landslide win for Toronto.  Nylander has negative value.

    2. Alflives


      No way Princess Willie could play the hard nosed game expected by his teammates and coaches in Carolina.  No powder puffs are welcomed in that room.  

  5. Had a dream Marner takes a 3y deal of 10. But the year 3 value is 12M

    1. apollo


      Bro rogers media has really got to you if you're now dreaming about the leafs :lol:


      Guess constantly pushing leafs news down peoples throats does work! 


      That seems like a fair deal to me though. 

  6. TBH this is possible: assuming everyone is healthy (my top 6 below, replace Pearson for Baertschi on 2nd line? ) Petey: 80 points Boeser: 70 points Ferland: 50 points Horvat: 60 points Miller: 50 points Pearson : 40 points ------------------------- Hughes : 35 points Myers + Edler : 25 points Now this could happen but the chances are slim Petey: 90 points Boeser: 75 points Ferland: 60 points (assuming he's on 1st line all year) Horvat: 65 points Miller: 55 points Pearson : 50 points ------------------------- Hughes : 45 points Myers + Edler : 30 points
  7. Anyone have the vid/ link about Toews talking about Horvat.
  8. Carolina has 2 1st round picks, 3 3rd round picks and a ton of defenceman Nylander to the Hurricanes? for a Dman and picks back.... Gives em space for Marner
  9. If they wanted to make a buzz, they should have had Horvat come out as a surprise during the 1st round of the draft wearing the C. Have 2 surprises: Sedin's joining the draft Bo Horvat wearing the C coming out of the back when it was Vancouver's turn to pick to make the selection of Poldkozin . Heck tbh, imagine Horvat Boeser Petty Hughes all walking out to make that selectino
  10. I do see a drop, but maybe down 2% . 18% of his shots being goal is doable for someone of his stature. Now lets say 200 shots, that 36 goals.
  11. Petey had a .93 in his first season. Now imagine if he didn't cool off due to the long season he is used too. In the last 17 games (March + April) he had only 10 points (0.59p/g). Take those 17 games out, he plays 54 games and registers, 56 points. Thats just over a point a game. I personally think he gets 82 points if he plays a full season. Funny thing is you have to consider the increase in points due to Hughes feeding him the puck, the potential LW that will be an upgrade on Goldobin/ fill ins he played with last year. Also I know the kid had one of the best shooting percentages, but he ranked at approx 200 in the NHL for shots with 144. If he averages .5 shots more a game, which is reasonable IMO. That means 42 more shots, equaling approx 8 more goals. All in all, if he plays a full season he could get 80 points. But if he gets 90 to 100. I would not be surprised! But realistically, lets say he plays 71 games again this year. I say he gets 35 goals, 45 to 50 assists.
  12. Pettersson went from Son to Daddy - as per a fan I follow on Twitter LOLOLOL.
  13. LOL looking through this if Ericksson / Sutter/ Goldy have career years and get 20 g and we aren't a playoff team trade em imo.... however if those 3 do that good and we are in the playoffs use the depth