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  1. Only person I would consider trading Pettersson for is McDavid or Lafreniere (down the road in 5 years)
  2. The Leafs have a crunch to improve their defense and one of our biggest presses is to get Bo Horvat a consistent line mate. Now ideally we involve Tanev, but due to the fact him and Hughes are playing good together, Why not Stetcher go the Leafs to improve their team.... Now what we would want back possibly, Kapenen to me comes in mind.... Horvat is struggling and we were hoping he would have a 60 point season. Now I do understand Horvat is playing a huge defensive role and takes the tough matchups but we need to do better for him..... We compare him to being our Bergeron or Kesler etc. The difference is they had seasons with good +/- , Horvat does not but he has the ability to imo We do have Poldkozin who could step in next year or Hoglander.... essentially if we are a playoff team pull the trigger, if not wait a year and see where we are
  3. With Gaudette surge in offence. I'm not opposed to Gaudette getting top 6 time Miller- Petey - Boeser Virtanen - Bo- Gaudette, or switch it up and play Gaudette for a bit with Petey ..... gaudette brings energy (ofc play if need be)
  4. Unless we felt comfy with trading Marky and getting a top 6 skilled guy... none of our depth assets can get us what we need, nor should we trade any one on D (Tanev stays for now imo)
  5. Gaudette has shown some jump with his offence and likes playing it.... so why not Miller - Petey - Boeser (Miller takes faceoffs when needed) Virtanen - Horvat - Gaudette
  6. Demko gets a start tonight against a higher end team... yes the Jets are having trouble but they're still a threat overall Let's see how he does. I'd rather ride the hot goalie and see how things go
  7. This is my favorite Pettersson move. I almost fell off the couch as he did this and everything went slow motion for me....


    imagine if he scored 


  8. What's up with the lacrosse moves...


    Petty tries it kinda yesterday.

    Hoglander banks it to himself and nails it while being defended.

    Svechkinov just does it against the Flames

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Want to see Tavares try one given his family's history.

    2. Coconuts


      They just wanna be Crosby



    3. Coconuts


      Or Mason Raymond?



  9. Jake can fight or not fight doesn't matter. It's nice if he sticks up when need be and plays with heart everynight I would love Jake to use his body and speed and make a hit if need be. His hits can change the tempo of the game if need be. However, play smart and keep it clean. That one boarding hit that didn't get called almost caused us to lose the game.... Jake needs to be utilized during overtime, he is one of the fastest skaters and yet Leivo is out there before.
  10. Indian style pizza is amazing for me being Punjabi.. the flavors taste great and tbh being vegetarian I find vegetarian pizza from per say dominoes is bland. I love Boston Pizza's Mediterranean pizza as a vegetarian. but everyone to their own, if you want a pepperoni, ham and pineapple, etc. go to non indian place simple as that. In terms of what's available in Surrey I have no idea :/
  11. You trade Demko this year, after we win the cup TBAY gets 31st OA, we keep our newly acquired midpick range from an eastern conf. team
  12. Get over the past look towards the future We've had the WCE and it was good, 7 years later we have the Sedins + Burrow Line and they were good. You know what is missing 2 good lines? We have Petty and Boeser and Miller so far is doing great We have Horvat and he has Pearson locked with him but is Ferland is future linemater or do we see what Poldkozin brings in 2 years. We need depth, stop romanticizing about 1 elite line.
  13. Would rather retain salary on Sutter and send him packing to the Pens ---- Or the senators take Namestnikov who they acquired recently or Anisimov and trade him to the Penguins for picks/ take a salary back of Gudbrandson Senators already are stacked for picks in the next 2 years in terms of the first few rounds
  14. Would you rather Matthews or Draisaitl

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    2. Nuxfanabroad


      In Oct, AM is Hart-worthy. Then of course Leafs turn yella' & Fall to the ground.

    3. Silky mitts

      Silky mitts

      Leafs hate aside probably pedo stache

    4. I.Am.Ironman


      Depends... The skill/attributes alone I take Matthews. The whole package with the human, player, style and skill I take Draisaitl. I think Matthews is set on heading to UFA and playing in the states so I would rather the Canucks have Draisaitl.