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  1. If Panarin wants out of CBJ (or so his agent says), what offer should we make.... He would be awesome to have on our LW

    1. Curmudgeon


      Panarin will go exactly where he wants, which will probably be where his linemate for two years in St. Petersburg has signed. Ilya Kovalchuk, in Los Angeles.

    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      I feel like Columbus will want much more than what the Canucks are willing to give.

  2. [Discussion] Top 31 Draft Prospects of 2019

    Kind of scary how much the Hughes brother weights, still hope we get the #1 pick ofc, but a top 5 won't hurt
  3. 7 years later I pray we get back to the finals and win it all. With the youth emerging I am excited for our future

  4. I haven't seen it done in a while. It used to be an old school thing. No terms on contracts, just $ for 1 year for picks
  5. Imagine if we could trade cap space for picks. Give certain teams in the east some breathing space for 1st or 2nd rd picks
  6. Reason for optimism/create your 2018/19 Nucks powerplay

    I would like to see Virtanen get some time on the powerplay.... Pettersson can fire shots in the 95+ region if he gets feed properly. His wrist shot plus Boesers will allow for 2 possible shots that can rip it in.
  7. Ovi is having the time of his life 


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    2. luckylager


      Heffy, completely agree.


      "He earned.."   


      Earned. That's the word

    3. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      While most guys would drink beer out of it or bring it too a family bbq, ovii's like nah this thing is my family now. I get drunk and sing to it xD

    4. luckylager


      $100 says he was holding the cup over his head while he and his wife....


      I guaranteeeee it

  8. The Hockey Guy's take on the 2011 Vancouver Canucks

    I've been watching the guy for almost half a year now. Personally find his videos for the majority good and a good way to get insight and understanding on things i'm not knowledgable about. Guy live streams aswell time to time.
  9. So during the 2011 era I loved the History will be made commercials...so i decided to make 1. All clips are property of the NHL/ NBC etc. 



  10. My biggest worry as a fan is that we would trade Virtanen for the 10th OA & Lucic's contract (salary retained). 


    I'm not worried about Lucic's contract or us potentially blowing the 10th pick, but how dynamic McDavid  - Virtanen could be on a line.

    Imagine the speed these 2 would have going down the ice. Virtanen's speed and ability to hit could make those 2 one of the most feared duos...


    Anyways the chance of that trade happening is slim to none, and tbh I don't want Lucic at all, but the idea of those 2 together digusts me lol

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    2. Hutton Wink

      Hutton Wink

      We're not trading Virtanen.  Stop being punked by Botchford.

    3. coastal.view


      how much would the oilers retain on lucic?

      if the number was right i/d do that trade

      if it gets us the top center in this year's draft


    4. Nuck1991


      lol so u are saying we ll live with erikkson and lucic 's contract?

  11. I feel for Fleury and Luongo. Both guys worked their asses off the 1st three rounds of the Playoffs, only to lose in the finals due to a lack of scoring from upfront. 

    Goalies can't score for the team too!

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      "Yes Fleury has cups and more hardware but Fleury was conn smythe level and now due to his team he may lose that."


      Yeah Luongo was awful in the away games but don't forget he still had TWO shutouts in the Finals and might've been in strong consideration for the Conn Smythe himself had his teammates managed to score more than 8 goals in 7 games.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      I feel more sorry for Linden, Bure, Courtnall, etc. for being a goal away from tying game 7. 

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      "I feel more sorry for Linden, Bure, Courtnall, etc. for being a goal away from tying game 7. "


      Dang you Lafayatte I still scream at night on occassion.:P



  12. My 3 year plan just off the top of my head. Draft a defense man as stated above. Free agent signings are kept minimal to allow for your our young guys to play. Only UFAs we sign are to be traded within the year for picks. Add grit to our bottom 6. Hopefully Virtanen can play a top 6 role. At the end of the year trade Edler/ Tanev and Sutter. Year after: We host the draft and potentially have 2 1st rd picks. Pettersson is the #1C by then. Joulevi is in our top 4 D. Benning + Linden fly out to Russia and bring Tryamkin back as he is about to enter his prime. We draft a LW and another D. Buy out Ericksson come this time. Trade MDZ . Year after: Dahlen - Pettersson - Boeser are one of the top lines in the league. Trade Gudbrandson. This is when we start to look at finding good Dman and complimentary players for our team. By then Boeser is resigned and Pettersson can be resigned too I believe. Maybe trade DiPietro if Demko is showing promise as a #1 Goalie. Who knows by then DiPietro is knocking on the #1 spot and we can get a 1st rd pick
  13. Anders Nilsson | #31 | G

    Trade him while his value is high lol... 1st rd pick Also, I agree time to replace Cloutier.
  14. If Ryan Merkley were to fall to the 2nd round, do we take him or try to move up to the 20th area to take him.

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    2. PunjabiCanucks


      If Benning see values maybe he takes a risk and trades Baertschi / Goldobin and our 2nd rd pick 

    3. vinny_in_vancouver


      To some people who do not want Ryan Merkley at all, your OR question is a trick question.

    4. Dazzle


      Why would you trade Baertschi (NHL calibre player), Goldobin (borderline NHL player), and a 2nd round pick?


      How the literal cowdung do people come up with these proposals?

  15. [Proposal] Trading up

    If we arent entering the top 3 I'm not interested in trading up.... I'm happy taking any of the D men or Wahlstrom at 7. If we can get a second 1st rd in the top 15 I would be happy, but this means we trade Tanev and or other pieces. We can't trade our future for 1 pick.