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  1. I'd love to have a Fiala like LW on the Canucks :(

    1. ItsMillerTime


      Maybe Hoglander? Him and Fiala have many similarities. 

    2. Phil_314


      Whichever of Miller or Pete plays on the wing?  They're both at least as talented and have bombs for shots

    3. canuktravella


      hoglander and podzolkin coming soon  we gonna have a dynasty

  2. No gonna lie, Loui Ericksson has been impressing in scrimmage - only if he can translate it over now

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    2. nux4lyfe


      Loui's always been 'impressive' when it doesn't count.

    3. Coconuts


      His defensive game remains as strong as ever. 

    4. Ghostsof1915
  3. his goal in scrimmage in yesterday was a beauty
  4. In our upcoming drafts / trades we need to look toward elite/ Top 6LW and Young top 4 defenceman
  5. Van trade 1st OA, Ericksson, demko Ottawa trades: #3, 5, Chabot
  6. Is it just me but would anyone like to see a Canucks vs Avs in the playoffs... it would test us the best and if we lose its okay. 


    Avs are going to be the future powerhouse in the west for a long time and we will need to get past them to win the cup one day

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    2. NUCKER67


      I just recently re-watched the Canucks vs Avs game from 2018, I think it was. Pettersson had a 4 point night. Canucks won 7-6. Really great game, and I had the same thought at the time that this would be a fantastic series.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      I got a nasty feeling we'll get smoked.  MacKinnon has another gear in the playoffs; he's incredible.  Let me go on a bit longer not hating the Avs.

    4. Type R

      Type R

      I think we lose to the Avs in that matchup, at least this year.  This said, I do think our boys will find something in themselves.  My gut tells me Bo may have another gear, Petey may get stimied, but come back stronger for it, and Toffolli and Miller will show them what it takes to compete every night.  Either way it will be entertaining as hell to watch.

  7. I volunteer to be the 1 fan allowed in the arena during games. I promise to cheer at 110% and lose my voice, heckle the opposition. Boo the refs. Bang the glass everytime we score, and sing the national anthems with my heart
  8. 32 team league = 4 division x 8 teams/ division 7 opposing division teams x 4 games per season= 28 games 24 non divisional teams x 2 games = 48 games Total: 76 games Regulation Wins are 5 points OT Wins are 4 points: Shootout Win are 3 points Shootout Loss: 2 Points OT loss : 1 point Regulation Loss: 0 Point Encourages teams to play and win in regulation more Playoff Format: 4 Teams out of each division make the playoffs and play each other Once you have the divisional winner you are left with 4 teams Play the semi finals on a point seeding basis = could have a team in the western time zone to play against an eastern team in semi finals
  9. Well it depends on each individual family I'd say... when a majority of folks migrate here they try sticking together and living as one family. However, the idea becomes everyone wants their privacy and space does run low. Plus one of the best things one can do is to invest and get a 2nd house. Families may do that where they work together buying a second house, just so a smaller family has a house to their name I have a friend who lives in the lower mainland. His dad and his dads brother own a mansion together on a farm. However, each side has their own private entrance and immediate family privacy is maintained. they have family dogs and both grandparents live in the uncle's house.
  10. Both my mom, dad, and grandpa doing seasonal berries worked throughout the year. But the benefit, personally is that you increase savings too. Also with indian cuisine, you can make so many dishes out of so few things. When we were growing up, personally me and my sister got jobs at the local store when we turned 15. By the time I started undergrad I had 30k saved up we supported each other through education financially too. Once she graduated and started working that was an additional 60 to 80K in the household. I'm still studying but thats a salary I want to add to the house as I want my parents to retire asap.
  11. We built as a family a 5 bedroom house, 4.5 washrooms, 2 kitchens, family dining living room, 2 story, about 3600 square feet. This is our familys dream house and in the future my parents will live with me/ vice versa. Its in the culture and I see the pros and cons but I love them and want them to stay. Dream house as my parents/ grandparents first migrated here and lived in a small farm cabin (3 to 5 people) for years before they bought their first house (almost 8 years later).
  12. Best canuck: henrik sedin best player to play for us: bure
  13. new jersey devils are live streaming a simulated game . over 1500 viewers!