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  1. fair. but i just don't think you can overplay them regardless of what they are paid. they will get tired and they will make mistakes when they are that tired. run the lines and let the kids play. they are good and they are the future.
  2. what should have he done differently though? you over work the Sedins then your really in one. you have to run your lines and double up a few times throughout the gamedefinitely... but you can't rely on that. they were just plain bad tonight.
  3. hockey night in Canada is straight embarrising. That made the game way worse then it already was. and it was bad! make a pass and get some confidence. they carry the puck like its a f**kn bomb
  4. tough break they couldnt slide one past quick. lots of stuff could be said about the game. like a post in the first period. some questionable reffing, missed calls (both ways), easy goal for kings that they should have scored in the first place but luckily got a second chance out of it. etc. but none the less it was a great game. canucks do need to create points so unfortunately this lose is just as harsh as the rest of them. but the fact they didnt lose like a bunch of softys helps numb the pain for a bit. im not sure how much more game analyzing a person can do..the canucks won the game in just about every aspect except for the scoreboard. a tough break indeed. However i will say...Team Canada Olympian, Dan Hamhuis, really enjoy watching the guy play but besides the obvious pinch that led to the goal, he had a number of bad giveaways which they are lucky didnt turn out any worse.