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  1. [Discussion] #2 C options

    Sutter is a 3rd line center reguardless of what ever the hell Green thinks,Putting him all over the place including with the twins was god awful coaching.He is the perfect 3rd line center.+8 in plus minus.26 points.Stalward penalty killer and 51% in the faceoff circle.He is who you put out in the defensive zone to win the faceoff and get the puck out.There's a reason Benning got calls all year about a trade for him.Teams know the value of a really good third line center.I'd be down for Spezza for a year.For one to help with Pettersson if Benning is insistent on making him a center and 2,a trade deadline selloff for a pick.Theres always a team with injuries looking for a big centerman for cheap at the deadline.
  2. Draft Lottery

    If I'm the canucks I'm looking to trade the pick.Ive read to much to see theres just not enough at that pick that will help this team in the top 6.Package it for a 2nd or 1st line center.So much in the prospect pool to cover our top 2 lines in the coming years except that center.Or maybe Phoenix for OEL.
  3. Jesus dude.Petterson is the top player in the top tier league in Sweden.One of the top leagues in the world and you want to send him to the Canucks minor league team.How is that there are rookies being drafted and going straight to their nhl clubs and excelling in their first year like a Barzal,yet posters like you want a high draft pick who is excelling this year sent down next year..This is one of those players that should be left to learn in the nhl.His size.maybe a little light but this is the new nhl.Smaller guys are excelling.Even before now they were guys like Pat Kane and Gudrea that come to mind.Smarts and speed compensate for size.As for Vanek, just no.His signing is not going to change the Canucks standing next year.If its a difference between 29th 0r 30th does it really matter?I think not.The twins being signed for a year to be "mentors" doesn't make sense either.Being around them when they were better players a few years ago for a few years mentoring does.Them being 50 point players isn't so much an argument for re-signing as a damnation of Benning and Linden to the fact that two 38 year old players are your higher point getters on this team.If Vanek is signed this summer as a free agent then I won't be signing up for center ice again.I can just watch cbc and sportsnet games here in Calgary to see the same old same old.I can watch the same failings again at the trade deadline.Deep breath and long sigh.
  4. Who Should The Canucks Draft Second Overall

    After seeing Philly and Dallas move up so far and the Canucks dropping to 5 I whole heartily believe the draft is fixed. At least till I see the Canucks actually move up in the draft, but I digress.I am not interested in another defenseman.The team philosophy seems to be to develop for at least 2 years before putting them in the lineup.At some point the drafted players need to start playing together,not adding one per year.Thats why they need a plug and play player.I get last years need for a defenseman but Tkachuk in the lineup this year along with Boeser would be a lot more watchable then the team we have,no?
  5. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    How in the eff does that retard Travis Green in 2017 not get that speed in ot 3 on 3 wins games.What a dip sh#t.
  6. [PGT] Dallas Stars vs. Vancouver Canucks

    What in the fug was del Zootodoing on the ice. A coaching error by green.
  7. [PGT] Ottawa Senators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    The old fart forwards got to start the powerplays.Play crap.The old farts get to play the entire overtime.Play crap.Green taking a page from Willy.
  8. Van - Buff (Proposal)

    how about Tanev, Baertschi and Dahlen for Reinhart,Boghosian and Buffalos 1st.I look at Dahlen like playing with house money at a casino.He was a big overpayment fo Burrows.If you can take a player that is suppose to be a good to really good prospect and turn him ino a 1st with rest of the package you do it..Another scenario.Tanev Baertschi and 5 for Reinhart boghosian and 8th pick.If there is a time to overpay for a number 1 center. This is it.Of course this all being said if Reinhart is in play.
  9. [proposal] van-dal

    I'm still a believer that Tanev and the Canucks 55th second round pick,the Torts pick,will get the Dallas 3rd over all pick this year.The canucks may have to take back a goalie but I don't think so.Tanev ticks every box Dallas has for a real need for help on their blueline.Hitch believes in a defense first system and the one they have needs help.They need a first pairing shut down right shot defenseman.Big tick there.There are really only 2 quality right shot defenseman available right now.Tanev and his cap friendly 4.45 million for the next 3 years or Shattenkirk who made 5.2 million this year and is going to be a free agent July 1st and is about to sign a big contract.The Stars are at the point where they have to go all in win a cup now so they have to make some trades from a less stronger position.I'm thinking a Tanev trade is one of these times. Having said that,does anyone think the Canucks can interest Philly to swap picks.As has been pointed out,they are heavy at the center position.Does Virtanen and a 4th get there. Will it take maybe Dahleen or Goldobin.Boeser is completely off the table.If Vancouver has to take a goalie from Dallas and they re-sign Miller like we are hearing then does that make Markstrom available if the Flyers want to try an upgrade there.I know I haven't solidified what exactly the Canucks should trade but getting a 1st line center has to be job1 right now.There is no succession for Sedin and they have nothing to trade for one in the league.This draft is the perfect time to get creative and with a very good card to play in Tanev,maybe get the first line center they absolutely desperately need.
  10. Is Benning just a checker player at trades

    That simplified nothing.Have know Idea who the tire is supposed to be or the stereo.Get the engine.But for the sake of your analogy.This car is a 1968 Cadillac.Heavy as hell with what is right now a 4 cylinder engine.Thus finishing second and third last over the past 2 seasons.RIght now you have the chance to grab a six cylinder engine.Sure its an upgrade that will get you going faster but still not the proper engine this car desperately needs.If you can trade the six cylinder for the right 8 cylinder that all the top cars have right now in the league, then make the trade.Then put the spare tire on and sing to yourself in the car.I'm sure you can get the stereo later.And your right,I don't know who their trade partner will be or if they are even out there.As I said,all the pieces have to be in place for it to happen.My original question was if Benning has the mentality to make the deal.
  11. Is Benning just a checker player at trades

    Then as much as I like the young players we do have just drafting year after year and hoping something turns out is just an Oilers system.Shy of getting a Mcdavid this team will be average for years to come.I love Hovat at 2 but not at 1.Also hoping for a lottery ball every year isn't an option either.The 5th overall this year.Sure slot hm in a year or 2 for now.Let's just throw him in.Whatever.Truly an average Canucks mentality.
  12. Is Benning just a checker player at trades

    I also understand what your saying.1st line centers don't grow on trees or every team would have one in their back yard.There is going to have to be creativity these days for Vancouver.They don't have the pieces I believe to trade straight up.My question was does Benning have the chess mentality to try a chess strategy to get what this team covets most for their lineup.I just can't re-iterate the importance of doing this right now for their re-build.
  13. Is Benning just a checker player at trades

    Y es .There is absolutely nothing that guarantees our 5th pick will be a first line center.If you listen to Bobby Mac or Pierre Lebrunn or other knowledgeable people around the league they all seem to agree about this.They will get a decent player but not a great one.1st and second picks overall may and that's a capital M,may be 1st liners.Again said by insider guys.I'll take there word. This was a shallow draft. Okay.Now after a year or 2 of seasoning number 5 finally makes the league.He is not a plug and play player.Our young guys are gelling and improving.Number 5 probably breaks in on the second line maybe more likely 3.Which center gets demoted or let go?.Now the lines that Green puts together have to be disassembled to keep moving number 5 up.This just seems like stalling a rebuild waiting for something that may or may not happen.LIndens face over the last 2 drafts tells me what I already knew.Every time they dropped in the draft it screwed the rebuild because they need a first line center.Period. Now to my original post.Could the Canucks use Druin.Yes.Do they need a 1st line center more.A hard yes.Do I want them to turn a defenseman with value and a fifth overall pick into Druin and then find a trade partner for Druin to get a younger first line cente.Yup in a heartbeat.Can it be done,who knows.This is the Canucks biggest and most important need.This rebuild is stalled without it.
  14. Like most I find Benning a terrific scout but his trades all seem one dementional.By that I mean he seems to trade more by either "I don't care for this player so I'm moving him"or deals like at the trade deadline which were not "I want Goldy and Dahlin so I'll trade you this" but rather "I have Hansen and Burrows available so what will you give me?" Dahlin was a gift in my opinion based on what I've heard about his upside. What I'm wondering is can he do a multiple trade deal at all like a Burke deal when he got the twins.Burke went Bryan McCabe and the Canucks 3rd overall pick to Chicago for their 4th overall pick.It took half the night but he convinced Tampa to trade their first overall pick for the Canucks now 4th overall pick and 2 third round picks.He then traded the 1st overall pick to Atlanta with assurances from the Thrashers they wouldn't take Daniel and Henrik.Atlanta agreed and took Patrik Stefan 1st overall.As they say,the rest is history. I guess what i'm asking is do you believe Benning can make a deal for say Druin for the Canucks 5th and Tanev then trade him for a young 1st line centerman either on another teams roster or in their system?Of course everything would be in place before the deals were struck.Is asking a checker player to learn to play chess asking to much?
  15. (Poll) Who should be the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

    I'm pretty sure Green will be their man.It will have to be a coach Benning and Linden can keep under their collective thumbs under.A guy like Sutter(as an example, but who I don't want)with NHL experience as a coach and GM would tell them to eff themselves if they tried to step in and tell him who to play and for what minutes.A guy like Ruff would do the same.Green is just another Willy as far as I'm concerned.Absolutely no NHL experience but being handed the keys to the castle anyway.Such a Benning and Linden thing to do.I want them both gone but that's a topic for another day.