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  1. The current core has also never been so bad do you explain that? literally all players are having the worst year of their careers, save for the younger/newer players like Kassian, Santorelli, and Richardson Kassian is a younger player who is developing, so his improvement this season make sense regardless who the coach is Torts may have contributed to the improved performance of Santorelli and Richardson to some degree, but one can also argue that both of them were just under performed/under used the last couple seasons, and they were playing hard this season to prove their worthiness; hence the better than expectation performance from both of them bottom line is, torts's has go.
  2. The Leafs Choking Again

    I just read through all 3 pages hoping to see Caboose's reply to this, but it's nowhere to be seen...boooo
  3. I've heard about this issue, and I would easily fire Torts for it if I was MG. However, a Canadian coach can also chooses to live in Langley for whatever reason (although not likely at all) and does the same as what Torts' been doing. IMHO, the problem with Torts is Torts himself and his hockey philosophy, not his nationality. I would agree with Apollo's comment 100% if it was ."What's taking so long? Bring in a canadian better coach."
  4. Who cares if the coach is canadian, mexican, american or chinese, as long as he/ she can help the team to win hockey games, i couldnt careless about the nationality of the coach
  5. I agree with torts's decision to sit Sesito in the WSH game, what I don't understand is why the canucks 4th line are so under used most games while the top players getting tons of ice time. The Canucks might not have a good 4th line, but it's not the worst 4th line in the league. There is a reason why the team is so broken right now, and only one player has not suffered injury this year.
  6. if you check the boxscore of previous games, all the top players have always been getting too much ice tea, regardless if the top players are healthy or not, that' just tort's hockey. Ryan Kesler has the most ice time of 22:08 among all forward in the league, Daniel and Henrik Sedin both has 21:14 and ranked 7th and 8th. The Canucks are the only team that has 3 players in the top 10 of TOI/G
  7. He did? Check out the ice time today, dalpe and sestito only had under 6:30, while henrik played 21 mins.... On the other hand, the lowest mins players on WSH had at least 9 mins.... Torts obviously did not learn jack shit.....
  8. [Trade] Canucks Trade Luongo to the Panthers

    Do u have the link to this? I ask because if its true, it gonna totally change my opinion on his character
  9. [PGT] Meltdown/Collapse

    Money sure talks, but what happen when the big name FA has more than one team offering him a contract? Do u want to work for apple or blackberry if they offered you a contract that pays you the same amount of money? Its nice to have the cap space, but after everything that has happened in vancouver, i dont see any big name FA signing with the canucks any time soon. Firing gillis might help, but i really doubt it.
  10. Letter from Mike Gillis to Canucks STH

    There was no plan in place, how else did the canucks lose 2 top goalies in less than a year? There will be no plans for the future either, as long as gillis is still the gm of this team
  11. If ppl were not mad at Lack, why did he receive the booing treament? Most ppl would have no problem with the "we want lu" chant BEFORE the game started, but when the chant and boo happended during the game, and it just goes and show how pathetic and embarassing some canucks fans are.. The chant and boo were very undeserving for lack, and it accomplished nothing but kicking lack while he is down, and embarassing the canucks fans as a group
  12. We should get rid of u, and the rest like u. Do u think the chant helped lack's confident or the team morale?
  13. U just tarnish ur own character by calling me a kid, kid. I dont care if ur 25 or 65, a working profession or a bum on E hasting, if u participated the chant and tried to make it sound like the right/ necessary thing to do, then i will repeat myself again...., u and the rest of ppl like YOU should be ashamed of urselves
  14. Why didnt u guys start the chant at the very begining of the game then? The chant wasnt started until lack let in a few goals, so its obvious its not only for the coaching staff or the management Say whatever makes u sleep better, its ppl like u that made vancouver a goalie geave yard, and its also ppl like u that made the canucks fans a group of igonrant cry babies.
  15. It sucks, but I just can't see him wanting to be here after this season. Not just lu, i cant see any goalie wants to play in vancouver. Vancouver was a goalie grave yard, and it will go back being one, because we have an incompetent management with endless controversy, and most importantly, the ignorant cry baby fans