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  1. JT Miller is gonna be good mentor for Jake to watch an learn
  2. If they are right with prediction there will be staff turnover in management an coaching. However, this is not gonna be the narrative this year is legitimate playoff contending team. Barring injury
  3. Goody seems to be done now another failed experiment. Oh well Gaudett looks way better all way round player.
  4. 9-9- 1 better this year over last wins division. Good legitimate business case that there were at least a dozen games we could have won last year but just could not get over the top.i firmly believe as you do the newest parts allow for this transformation an improvement by as much as your great thread thanks
  5. 100 points in 50 th year good four 4 th in west. western final win stanly cup in 7 game Quinn rookie of the year Boesr scores 50+ Our stud Swede sophomore center score 100 points Virtannen 30 goals Goldie scores 25 an 9 goals in playoffs we escape for most part devastating injuries of past several years JB get GM of year
  6. Great ! So no need to desperately give players away. it also says Goldy still has slim chance( I like)to be 13 roster player an try redeem himself with 2 way performance when he does play.
  7. To me it would then be clearly a win an gamble well worth the shot ,especially if he turns out be Panerin 2.0
  8. I would ask for first round pick from them an give them a third in swap
  9. No one thought Simmons’s was going to NJ . The rangers can sign him picks coming back for Loui? If not New York where does he go?
  10. Loui can still play limited 2 way game his D is above average it is his offense that has been anemic since he as been here. his cap hit won’t be so bad for a team picking him up.3 mil? i could see him going to Rangers an or NJ Devils playing on third line . The Luongo recapture has forced Jim to now unload him. otherwise he stays an at next TDL perhaps may be moved at that point? ( if he can not be traded this September)
  11. Don’t worry this will be his last yr here . It’s his show me the money time. He don’t get with Green program he will be gone at TDL.