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  1. What does this trade do to the Seattle entry draft next year? Who will be vulnerable to be stolen at that draft? Mike Babcock just said the better your D is obviously the less time you spend in your zone! i don’t have zone stats but, but help is on the way
  2. The conservation principle is in full effect. So there is a need for a balanced temperament here. So will be cheering net year for that prized first over all lottery pick after 50 years. Who is next years prized prospect generational player on radar now?
  3. Not sure where cap is at now? But on surface we will not be in hunt for high end studs on D unless of trade ? JB has struggled with trades a mixed bag . I can see no good coming, as he has now put his plays in corner an hemmed himself in. Everybody in league will no know he will have pay premium on any deals he does as per history
  4. He is done at table he blew his load early his American side kick in executive suite was not able to wheel an deal wysebroad needs to be gone he has to much of JB ear.
  5. As fan very disappointed that we have very few picks in first three rounds
  6. Probably a conditional 1rst based on standing an points 50?make it the first . He will be approaching his UFA years soon on surface it would appear JB got fleeced here. Just my observations . He also USA center who has been playing wing
  7. So does this mean Sutter an or BoHorvat are in trade cylinder?
  8. ?? Smurf skill no big d out there? Skilled guys?
  9. So envious of teams with multiple picks in second round
  10. Well at least pick is exempt from Seattle draft an gets sheltered