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  1. Victory Hockey League (Simulation League)

    The VHL is going stronger than ever uses the exact same template as the bucks forums so it's easy to navigate. Come check it out! http://www.vhlforum.com/
  2. Victory Hockey League (Simulation League)

    Bump trade deadline just past. Best time to join the VHL is now!
  3. Any Good Hockey Management Games?

    You guys should try the Victory Hockey League (VHL) it's like be a pro mode on NHL 18 but with other people in it. Or why I joined is beacuse I wanted to manage one of the teams instead of handling computer players your dealing with real people. Makes it for interesting management etc.
  4. Any Good Hockey Management Games?

    Looks like a great website! You should check out the Victory Hockey League that's the one I play now. I'll definatly be signing up on your site hopefully VHL and your site can have a partnership to help both sites out!
  5. Victory Hockey League (Simulation League)

    Bump it's the best time to join next eligible draft roster is starting
  6. Victory Hockey League (Simulation League)

    Bump so damn addicted to this game!
  7. Victory Hockey League (Simulation League)

    My name on VHL is Beaviss 10th anniversary hype! Join now people!
  8. Victory Hockey League (Simulation League)

    Just joined up not from on here but from another site and im loving it very in depth and active forums makes it an interesting time Cant wait to see where I go in the next draft!
  9. Any Good Hockey Management Games?

    Metroho is a simple text based Hockey Management ill just copy and paste what the website says. If your interested in joining ive been playing for a little over a year use my referral link! www.metroho.com?reference=9474 (I want a player rating boost!) *theres also drafting,scouting and running your own arena(my favorite part) METROHO... What is it? METROHO is a browser-based multiplayer hockey game that combines an interactive hockey simulator with an engaging web community. In METROHO, you own, manage, and coach your own team. The advantage METROHO offers is enough statistics and features to make the game all that it should be, without any overwhelming complications.[Screenshots] Key Features Include: Ability to play games manually. Tournaments. Action-packed seasons. Playoffs. Arenas/Awards/Endorsements. You start off by creating your own team which will consist of 15 forwards, 8 defensemen, and 3 goalies, each with their own age and skill level. Next, you sign these players and other free agents to your team while staying under the $65 Million salary cap. Once you're ready, join a league. Public Leagues consist of 10 teams in a season that lasts 20 days. Your team will play each of the league's other teams 8 times for a season total of 72 games. Half the games will be played at home, while the rest will be played on the road. The advantage of home games is that you can manually start the game any time during its scheduled day. This is akey feature of METROHO, as during a home game simulation, you can select the lines you want for each round. If you can't find a league you like, you can create your own league of 10 or 15 teams. Leagues can even be made private so that only your friends can join! The top 8 teams in a league's standings, after the season is over, advance to the playoffs, following a one day hiatus. Playoffs involve three series with each series being a best of 3, 5, or 7 (depending on your league's settings) to determine the league's champion. Playoffs last nine days. This means that once your team joins a league, the league's season and playoffs will last a grand total of 30 days. Competition is fierce as there are both team and player awards to be won, not to mention the bragging rights that go with a large fan base. All teams start off in Level One and strive for promotion into higher level leagues which feature progressively bigger trophies.
  10. Canucks Custom Hats

    I got my Baertschi Hat today loving it
  11. Canucks Custom Hats

    Anyone have any idea when these are coming out?
  12. Canucks Prospects Stat Track V2.0

    How many minutes is Virtanen playing on compaired to the overagers?
  13. Canucks Prospects Stat Track V2.0

    I was thinking it would be an easyier read if you put the position of the player beside of the players name or make sub sections within each table just a thought....
  14. Canucks Prospects Stat Track V2.0

    This format is alot more easy on the eye's, also thanks for doing these everytime i come on the forums i look to see if theres an update or not
  15. Dynasty Hockey Game