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  1. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    Well even though the subject of the thread is ridiculous lets try to get back on topic. There is, at this time, no comparison between the two players in the NHL. IMO Hughes requires the Canucks play him with a player that is physical, can clear the front of the net or win the board battles. All the talk is about when he/they have the puck, but which player can get the puck easier? Physically, Dahlin is larger and stronger. Dahlin played in a profession league and players playing for contracts, Hughes played in what is essentially a development league. Dahlin is compared to the very best dmen over the last 20 years in the NHL. Hughes doesn't really have a cotemporary. Height - with the tenancy of teams to inflate to the next inch - Dahlin 6'2", Hughes - 5' 9" Weight - Dahlin - 185 lbs, lean for his height Hughes - 170 lbs - should look ripped with "guns" Remember when posters were putting Julievi on the pedestal as the next one, next year, then next year, then the next year, then ….
  2. Olli Juolevi | D

    Is this back injury going to be used as another reason he can't make the team? Boeser's back injury was much more serious and he is back playing within 13 weeks, he lost weeks of training time. If OJ's surgery is used as a reason he doesn't achieve the potential management thought, then what about Boeser's back? IMO, any back injury will have long term and increasing ramifications, I would not be upset if the Nucks traded both players, the return for Boeser would be exceptional, maybe a couple #1's, his value could be the highest it will be, even with the injury it might be 4 or 5 years before the effects really start to be seen. OJ's value drops every time a defenceman drafted after him plays in the NHL. Judging by the number of dmen the Canucks are signing in Utica, they are expecting even more of a hole. Will they send OJ to Utica or send him back to play with 15 and over40 year olds?
  3. [Discussion] 2019 draft the time is now

    2019 Hughes has been ranked #1 already but the 2020 draft could have the really big superstar coming up, Alexis Lafreniere, at 15/16, already listed at 6' and 180 lbs, playing for Rimouski Oceanic, he lit it up and led the team with 42 goals and 80 points in 60 games. At 15! He can be expected to fill out to 6'2" to 6'3" and around 200+ lbs, he is a center! Now his draft year could be a labour dispute year and the draft rules will likely be changed BUT a bad year in the 2019/2020 season could result in this player being available to a 2019/2020 bottom team. No doubt Montreal and Ottawa are very much aware of this French speaking kid and any draft rules that may change. Maybe they will tank for two more years to insure better odds/chance to get this kid. Crosby out scored him as a 16/17 year old, he will be someone to keep an eye on next year to see if there is any comparison. The team could be set up pretty good for targeting this kid, this year is the hang over and adjustment from the Sedins and the following year an large number of very young players/prospects to evaluate. If you take the idea that they are only into year one of a rebuild then two more years of being really bad are reasonable.
  4. As the summer goes by and signings and trades look to be drying up it becomes easier to "guess" where teams will finish the year by opening night when the roster is set it will be easier. At this time it is looking like Montreal and Ottawa are the candidates for DFL with the Canucks pretty close. Scoring should go up to a league average of 268 goals per team for the year. The Canucks lost around 50 goals out of the line up and they were already 26 goals behind the league average so in theory they need to pick up 75 or more goals just to be league average. The signings so far don't appear to help this situation very much and for a management group so concerned about putting too much pressure on young players combined with the lack of roster spots available, it will be close. Montreal might not be there if Price gets back into the groove and Domi meshes with Drouin or Patches. A deal could yet be made that changes their bad luck from last year. They lost a lot of games where they dominated. Ottawa might quickly turn around even if they do/or do not move Karlsson and/or Ryan, additional help in goal wouldn't hurt. They were only 6 points behind the Canucks and they were really trying to tank and they haven't really lost too much yet. They also have two possible Calder cup players this year. I don't consider the NYI or NYR because they have very good young players on both teams contributing already. NYR have a couple of Calder possibilities.
  5. [Discussion] 2019 draft the time is now

    Who have they been fooling? They have been god awful for three years. 25 teams score more goals than they do, 25 teams allow less goals than they do. With just a little "planning" the Nucks could have been drafting #4 in 2016, #5 in 2017, #3 in 2018, not as much of a difference as the players this team missed and selected. The draft lottery makes a mockery of what the draft was intended to do, sure it was to prevent a team tanking but that is easily achieved by using a 3 year average standings with conditions of how many top 1, 2 or 3 picks are allowed. It is simple, easy to determine and transparent. It is possible that it may open up more trades because a team's draft position would be known earlier.
  6. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    But, but, but it is all Gillis's fault! All those clause contracts that the Gillis player's waived, it wasn't Benning's fault the players he signed with clause contracts refused to be traded, those players earned them. It is not Linden/Benning's fault that they wouldn't rebuild the team earlier, the Sedins wouldn't quit so they had to keep from rebuilding because it won't be fair to them. By spending to the cap the team could not make trades. He has spent and committed $81 million dollars on aged vets and received one, single, 4th round pick in return as well as being the second worst team by only 4 points, over the last three years. Is there any old FA vets that he can sign with the remaining cap space? Nash maybe for 7 mi? He has a total of 2 of his draft picks playing on the NHL team over 4 years, the team has one, maybe two roster spots open for prospects this year.
  7. goals,goals...from who?

    Last year goalie equipment shrank again (pants) and goal scoring increased from a team average of 227 goals/season to 244 goals/season and 7% increase. "regarding the sizing and fit of goaltender’s chest protectors. These new sizing rules are expected to go into effect for the 2018-19 season". It isn't just replacing the 150 points but increasing to keep up with the league average, which could leap by 10% with the smaller chest protectors. That could mean that any improvement of individual scoring would be the NHL average, every player should score 10% more goals just to keep up and should be expected.
  8. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    Lot of work. Remember how many of those players the fans thought would be really good?
  9. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    2 years. Exactly, hence the comments about being on thin ice. The team has to make a move this year or next. IMO, with the FA contracts he has signed along with current and resigned, I don't see enough of an improvement, being better than two teams tanking does not mean enough of a improvement. A playoff team? Who would be below in the standings? Or being another "playoff" team in a year when numerous teams tank for a chance at another very good forward like they did for McDavid? If this team is lucky, , 2020 will be washed out by a labour dispute and the draft will be an average over the last "X" years giving the Nucks a really good top 4 pick of the 2020 draft class. All the vet contracts will be close to expiring and buyouts forgiven, the 2021 season will star with the Canucks being a young team and a few others will have aged out, the Nucks make the playoffs in 2021.
  10. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    Reporting his contract extension was only two years and commenting on the short term as not a overwhelming endorsement is not being negative, if they want to change GM's then they only pay for one year, so it definitely can be seen as thin ice. Besides when he gets fired, the vast majority all get fired so this is not negative, it will give fans someone to blame for the next 6 years. Goldoblin was given up on by two different AHL coaches and the San Jose organization, he was almost going back to Russia, so yes, he is a reclamation project and still might bolt if he doesn't make the team. This is a 29th placed team (3 years) there aren't too many teams lining up to grab a forward that can't make the squad, but Ottawa and Montreal might be looking for AHL depth.
  11. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    It would be crazy to give Horvat the C right now, he would have to stand in front the camera talking about losing way too much, it could put too much pressure on him to try to get the team winning, a team that is borderline. Just think back to the last three years Hank had to be in front of the cameras. If this was a winning team already, then sure, I is a good idea. But to have him stand there now and take the heat, better to let a grizzled vet like Sutter deal with the magnifying glass for another year or two. Horvat already leads by example on the ice.
  12. Battles at camp

    IMO pretty close. Gagner will be a starter guaranteed and Granlund. I could see a couple of the "prospects" staying with the team for a week or two but the vets will play, there may be two forward spots open, maybe but it is looking like only one. I think the team might expose Archibald and Guance to the waivers. Barring any trades, which appear unlikely as summer holidays have rolled in, the roster is set. Leipsic, Goldoblin, Motte and others will be competing in the AHL to be called up for injuries and that's about it. That 4th line should be Guance - Beagle - Archibald, the team should have one forward line over 6'1" and 210lbs. I wonder who and how many, will be injured to start the season? To give the prospects a taste.
  13. Supposed to be the best in the world, supposed to be but ….. who checks? Who in the city is qualified to check building plans? No one, the certification is supplied by the builder. And what they expect here will be unprecedented mostly because we don't experience the middle shakers to see how the codes are standing up. This one is estimated to be eight times stronger as San Frans of 1989, that was 6.9, Richter number double each one, ie; 7 is double 6, so you can see what is expected in Vancouver would be, 6.9 - 7.9 = x2, 7.9 - 8.9 = x2, 8.9 - 9.8 = x2 or close enough it doesn't matter, 2x2x2= 8 times stronger. Don't know if any structure has survived that level, I would not live in the air surrounded by concrete. I do live on top of a hill a mile from the water in a family home on the ground. Be prepared as you can be, secure a 5 gallon jug(s) of water, some chlorine bleach and water purifying pills, first aid kits, good ones, an first aid/anatomy book, camping stuff, canned food and can opener, old style radio(s), drugs - painkillers, fever, burns, stuff like that, they say enough to last 3 days but expect longer and having to supply others. No matter what you have it will not be enough. No help while the after shocks, they will be massive as well. It's coming, 10,000 shakers since May, Vancouver Island moving closer since May indicate pressure pushing the plate, like a bent branch, then it springs back when it slips, believe it or not we were taught about VI "growing" as an indicator of the big one coming.
  14. When I was a kid we practiced going under our desks for two reason's, one was the bomb and the other was the "big one", they taught us what to do in grade one, this city had a population of 375000. This was promised 30 years ago. You want real negative, house prices had just sky rocketed and were 66 thousand in east van, 150 grand in Shaunessy and British properties, no that is negative. One thing about the family living here for 4 generations is where all the creeks, dumps and swamps used to be. My Gram's house cost $470.00 in south van, lot size, 69' x 171', we still have it, city assessed at 1.9 mil now, now that is depressing. I rented a 10 acre farm for $90 month at 16th and 200th Langley, in 1986 is was making $12.50 hr. Now that is depressing to compare now. Borrowing money was much, much harder.
  15. A little early to be too accurate but I don't see Vancouver stepping forward the first year without the Sedins as a comforter. 150 points is just too much to overcome for marked improvement even if the rest improve by 10%, which is a lot. As far as trading for the pick, with no guarantee's it is a chance, if it was a guarantee for Hughes, if he is that good then, then it becomes a matter of how good is he, if he is that much better or equal to Mathews then any player on the team, Horvat, Boeser or combination of either with a dman and later round pick thrown in. Even if Pettersson is great why not have a great center to play with. team ranking, I don't think the Yotes will be that bad this year, neither will Buffalo, Carolina, Bettman's buddies old team needs super star so they will be near the bottom, Montreal will not want to waste Price and Weber's remaining years