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  1. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Isn't Linden's contract ending at the same time as Benning's?
  2. [Discussion] Can The Canucks Even Do A Trade?

    You really have defending Benning on the mind eh? Seeing Benning bashing in most threads? This is what the title states and that is it. The cap is what it is and millions of fans already know that teams capped out have a difficult time making trades, it is on the media quite often. The media have also been reporting on the AHL team and number of vets that are being sat due to AHL rules. See Rodin's departure. The question of "why" so many extra vets were signed, so many they can't all play in the AHL has to be asked don't you think? Does signing extra vets contribute to a rebuild plan? Or does it make more sense that they are there for depth in playoff run? That is what a lot of teams do at the TDL, sign vets to help them through. The question is also posted that they could be for TDL day deals. Read into any statement that isn't singing koombaya and declare it is a bashing thread I guess. Blind fanaticism isn't being a fan at all, it is just being a lemming.
  3. [Discussion] Can The Canucks Even Do A Trade?

    If the Canucks are really in a rebuild mode, Edler and Tanev have extraordinary value right now to several NHL teams. Moving them for low priced top level prospects is possible as long as they aren't required to take back too much in salary. This would actually help them at the trade deadline because they would have additional cap space to enhance any trade. Moving either/both would indicate the faith in their decisions Guddy is a top 4 and that OJ is the guy they thought and possibly give better odds for a crack at Dahlin at the draft and the possibility of offering Tryamkin enough to leave the KHL. Get the right forwards and this team could/might be a true contender for 2021 or 2020 if there is no work stoppage. It would help everyone keep their jobs.
  4. [Discussion] Can The Canucks Even Do A Trade?

    There was actually more cap space last year. As the TDL approaches the amount of cap space increases because the amount needed to pay let's say a 1 mil contract has already paid out 80% already. So they work it out that 200 grand in cap space today equals 1 mil at the TDL. The problem is this team has too many vets that are not allowed to play in the AHL already, AHL rules, so picks are okay but prospects in the NHL already would mean sitting out players. It gets complicated. The additional cap space would be used to take money back to help a trade.
  5. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Certainly is looking extremely promising for the Canucks. Petersson is destroying that league and should be a top player in the NHL's regular season. Hopefully Virtanen or one of the other big boys can play with him for playoff runs. He should be able to make/play on the team next year, but do the Nucks want to burn a year of his contract and have him showcase his talent near the end of this year if he is available? Or even next year with the CBA expiring and the possible hockey stoppage? Gradin certainly earned his promotion finding this kid and Tryamkin.
  6. It is not a matter of players to trade it is a matter of cap space. It is not a matter of available contracts left (under 50). If there were any deals the Canucks are hamstrung by the cap. They can't use available cap space to enhance a trade or to take back more salary than giving out. They have more veterans than can even allowed play in the AHL already so they can't trade and bury a contract. While any deal can be worked out for the Canucks this has become similar to passing a physics test. The other consideration is what management's actual plans are? The signing of so many vets make you wonder if there is a plan to move most at the TDL or set up for a playoff run. If it is the TDL idea then what they do now shouldn't matter because they are rebuilding, so while it may require a physics test type effort they should try. It doesn't matter who they trade with under the new playoff format unlees they are still thinking old school in which case there are 15 teams they will not trade with, that is not a good plan. Lets say Edmonton did offer up JP and enough assets to do a trade and they want a goalie and Tanev/Edler. Try to work that out so both teams are not cap crunched over the next few years, well Edmonton anyway. Even any deal with Montreal before TDL day becomes a math equation. The more parts to any deal the less likely for it to happen and for the Canucks I think they are at the point of just sitting back and watching unless some team offers multiple draft picks and can add a few million to their cap, so that eliminates many teams.
  7. [Proposal] Mon-Edm, Mon-Van

    The salary cap is a big deterrent. Although one of the Canuck goalies could help Edmonton, the team would still have Demko. Depending upon what exactly the Canuck management is planning to do could make a difference. If they are planning to draft another or promote dman this year then possibly moving Tanev and/or Edler to Montreal/Edmonton. It would not help the Canucks today but could be a huge bump in a year or two. Well beyond just doing it themselves. As these teams continue to struggle these players may become more valuable to them. but with the Canucks being capped out it likely means there will be no trades on the burner at all for the Canucks. At any rate if salary was not a consideration it could be a win/win/win idea.
  8. Right now the puck coming off Brock Boeser's stick look like BB's to goalies, for Gaunce they see Beach Balls. Canucks looked good last game I think, I had to miss most of it and the radio idiots aren't very good. Canucks are on a roll, so Canucks 5-3
  9. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Lots of neg votes for being too early to add to the question eh? See my first post in this thread. All I added was "should they resign" Thomas Gradin could be a potential candidate, Gillman is till in town, ditto Gillis, Tallon may be available early, maybe they will do the one year without, figuring 2020 is a washout season, maybe promote internally temporarily to wait for a guy, Lamoriello's contract is up soon, what would he be worth? Even in a mentor role like Scotty Bowman, Jim Nill? Now that would get media attention and rivalry going. Overall evaluation of team, financials, ticket sales, fan confidence, contracts etc get scrutinized, some of those areas are not so good. Maybe Benning just doesn't like being under a magnifying glass. The GM's job is to put bums in seats and to have the team make more money. For whatever reason Benning's tenure so far has not demonstrated solid leadership, a defined direction and communication, re-tool, rebuild, re-something, playoffs, strange contracts and this is not just a few fans in Vancouver that are thinking this or a few media personnel that hate Vancouver. August 2016 The Score; Jim Benning is either in executive prison, and carrying out another's agenda, or Vancouver's obvious lack of mindful direction is his enormously misguided modus operandi. October 2015 Sportsnet; The Canucks are a bit of a crossroads — determining whether they’re chasing a Cup or rebuilding the roster with young talent — so it will be intriguing to see the direction of the former Bruins assistant. July 2017 Hockey Graphs; Canucks GM Benning ranks dead-last with an average score of 2.5 out of 5. The Hockey News It wasn’t even close. Dead last in five of six categories and second last in the other. The team is lost, with zero direction. They’re one of the league’s worst teams and somehow find themselves close to the salary cap Would posting the more articles help? It goes on and on, the general consensus for the last 3+ years is not good. There are almost no articles or quotes praising the overall performance of Vancouver's front office and it is showing in empty seats, ticket sales, the standings, lack of ...... Every GM makes mistakes or none of them would ever be fired, indeed most all of them eventually get fired and the extreme few retire or quit. In hindsight Benning and Linden had a wondrous opportunity when first hired, they were both rookies and mistakes could be expected and tolerated by the fans and league. A couple of questionable deals, like not getting Miller or Vrbata, and the team does very poorly, not unexpected after the previous season, but the end result could have been.....well different than it is now, maybe even hiring an Edmonton guy to show up at the draft ping pong ball drop. But hindsight and history go hand in hand, both show results, one of what did happen and what of what could have happened if... Simple blind fanaticism doesn't change reality, hoping doesn't equal achieving, projections don't always equal success but a well thought out and executed proactive plan has a much better chance to succeed over a reactionary impulse one. If there is such a plan keeping it a secret is not helpful for fan confidence. There may very well be an elephant in the room, there are many people involved with the team decision making process but Benning and Linden are at the top and they are the one's that end up taking the heat. But they get paid very well for that dubious privilege.
  10. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    That he was under aged and under sized didn't diminish his productivity on the PP. Everyone in Europe knew how good he was and how the Canucks STOLE him as a 5th round selection. It was because he was small at 17 that he didn't go higher in the draft. Not trading him would have saved the Canucks those 2 years of development that they now have to wait on for to see if OJ is what they thought he might be, MacKenzie now qualifies his statements with stuff like he can be a NHL defenceman rather than "the dman the Nucks need" quotatin marks only to separate intent of posting, not Mac's words. And the Nucks still could have then drafted the next BPA and had him in the line up now maybe even instead of Eriksson. How many other draft selection will be affected by that trade to find the needed PP specialist? Certainly OJ ain't fillin that role next year, he is having a tough enough time in Europe now. The decision has delayed the re-whatever by years. Now if only they can get Tryamkin back then that may catch those years back up.
  11. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    One aspect of the prospects has to do with the existing team and perspective. On a poor team players MAY make the team that wouldn't on a cup contender. Could you honestly say that Guance would have made the 2010 Canucks? That is just an example but it runs through the entire line up, soon there should be 4 to 6 prospects that can play better than the Sedins, but then there may be 500 to 600 NHL players that can play can play better than them as well. This is NOT being negative, it is simply this is still a "bottom of the league" team, moving up, but still closer to the bottom than the top and as such easier to make the team. And That is not saying that these prospects won't be NHLers' but maybe not as great as hope would want, until they play in the NHL it is still a crap shoot. There have been 1rst overall picks that bomb and guys like Benn that come out of the wood work, until in the show they are window dressing.
  12. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    now you're just making stuff up. Button had him at 6th, if he thought he should be lower or higher he would have ranked him there, Button was the first guy to have Makar in the top 5, he's not afraid to speak his mind and doesn't go off hypothetical GM picks. why not Juolevi? No he isn't, Virtanen WAS listedd at #6 on a few, very few draft rankings lists but he probably average around 11 to 16 on most. I looked at 10 lists I think it was, the end of season lists are still available on the net. OJ? Well that goes to the other thread, if the team had not gotten rid of Forsling then they could have drafted the next BPA, Tkachuk instead and had two potential power forwards and a drafted dman playing in the NHL now, not MAYBE in another 2 years. Forsling has the skills Benning etal described the team needs/needed.
  13. Gustav Forsling is outscoring our D

    At this draft Benning had the benefit of the expertise of the Bruins scouting department as well as the Canucks European scouts that is one reason, apart from Virtanen struggling, it is his best and deepest draft so far.
  14. Gustav Forsling is outscoring our D

    Sorry but I totally disagree with that sentiment. Forsling was almost a record breaker in Sweden on the PP and also compared to Karlsson. At the time of the trade the Canucks had more than one AHL dman in the system that they could have called up. IMO this trade influenced the next draft to replace what Forsling already was showing promise of having and exactly what Benning etal were saying the team needed. The team was already going down the rabbit hole and descending quickly so how an AHL dman was going to help has to be questionable. Essentially it is impossible for anybody to defend giving him away for nothing and then drafting a replacement for him instead of the next BPA and power forward like Tkachuk. Quenville stated from the very start that this kid was going to be exceptional. Clendening did nothing for the team at all. The only possible win was trading a 5th round pick for a 2nd round pick, not the players though.