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  1. We would be so lucky, it looks more like the Oilers before they hired all new management though.
  2. The Sedin's would never make anyone look bad, it makes headline news when it is reported they blew up in the dressing room. It is moot now but even if they were traded at the TDL and played somewhere else for 25 or so games, they would still be icons in this market, Washington could sure use them for a cup run but not much there to trade back so it would be a deal just FOR the Sedins to have a crack at a cup. Maybe trade for Washington's 2021 first round pick, that would be a good deal.
  3. Common Rob, why do you think there is a lottery now? Heck there was a show about the Lemeiux draft, Esposito has stated many times they tanked to get Lecavalier, just look at the McD draft year and how many teams dropped just enough points for one single season to be IN the lottery for him. Ownership gave them a team to run, all these accusations of interference are window dressing to cover up for mistakes and errors, if ownership was that involved there would be new people running the show now. Maybe this management group, being all rookies, was counting on having Quinn around for mentorship, a little like Scotty and unfortunately it didn't happen
  4. Wouldn't it be something to find out later on that the Sedin's wanted to be treated as the other players with "clause" contracts were and wanted to be traded to a cup contender but being honest and honorable people they would not ask. Seems to me that is exactly what Henrik said last year or was it the year before. Not the cup contender part just that it would have to come from management.
  5. Who empowers the mods? Gives them access? Not Tinkerbell. My new PP unit; Guddy in front of the net, Granlund to get the puck, Subban on the wing, Tanev on left point and Edler on right point, both for one timers. Guddy is there just create havoc and traffic, Subban because he is a shifty little guy and can back up a pressing dman, Granlund to set up timed one timers from both Edler and Tanev, shoot, shoot, shoot. Two passes behind the net, with Guddy on top of the crease holding up/picking both dmen from coming back on the second pass, maybe even their D interfers with their goalie, second pass recipient has option to shoot at net or pass to a dman. Tanev and Edler can either shoot a one timer being that they are "off wing", facing each other. Doesn't matter if it goes through eventually they will get out of the way especially if some shots are wee bit high.
  6. He has been saying that since day one, wasn't necessary so much back then. \And he didn't need to say it so often except to hint that the rebuild won't happen as long as they are around, kind of blaming them for stalling or wasting time. In both cases they have been playing off the fans goodwill towards first Linden and the Sedins to keep negative discussion to a minimum.
  7. Linden has stated many, many times that it is the Sedin's decision as to how long they will play here, as long as they want to they are on the team.
  8. Mother Russia
  9. Twins will get 2 years at 3.75 each. Matches Eriksson's contract. Eriksson can be traded then to a team needing more cap hit.
  10. Mis typed, I meant within a couple of mil of 9 mil of cap space, ie; showing 7 mil cap space now.
  11. Just used them as an example, more accurately then, SJ or Boston, even TO could. Any team within a couple of mil of the cap could easily. Under this management group this seems the only team that has difficulty working the cap and contracts.
  12. As a wild idea, just to put it out there, Anaheim who with Horvat will likely be in the top 4 for the next 4 years so they would be giving up something like 28th and 29th picks, not even in the lottery.
  13. Can an agent of an unsigned restricted free agent approach other teams? That could be a tactic. The argument to Horvat from his agent being how long the re-whatever will take, dragging out the negotiations indicating they are more interested in the bottom line than the player.
  14. one of the three mentioned? If the team tanked for the McD draft they would still likely not be very good the next year, hence the improvement but not too much as the other teams ramped up again after their own dive's to have an opportunity at McD. Essentially it would have ended up being two bad years in a row. So one year of tanking and the second with only Eichel or McD as added pieces would still be a lottery team.
  15. I am sure thing are going the way the Nucks want, summer off stuff butt anyone who has ever had to wait on a deal they know the longer it takes the more stress involved. Horvat is a 22 year old kid just hanging around all summer for news from his agent so the longer this goes on the more stressful it becomes. I am sure at the end of the day all will be singing koombaya but it must be stressful. Both sides happy, hmm, I wonder? The Nucks will say they are happy with anything signed, marketing, so that is no big deal and Horvat's side will be relieved if nothing else but if they are both going to be happy why wasn't this a slam dunk? Which side is holding up things? What if he gets an offer sheet? Sure they match but then what of the next contract? An offer sheet paying him 9 mil for 4 years taking him to UFA status, a worst case scenario for the Nucks, no cap space and a player likely to bolt at UFA. The Nucks have to match. Another option would be to sign and then trade the next year. Bad and badder.