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  1. Lack is not a starter in this league

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    2. Aladeen


      have you even watched a game with Lack in net. Other than the one blip on his resume this season he has been solid - excellent.

    3. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood


      Lack has had a few blips but only since he's become the 'starter'. While he was the backup, he was lights out. Look at the St. Louis games. He just needs to get accustomed to the grind of playing every game at the NHL level, and he needs a better defence in front of him.

    4. Baka


      Being the actual starter is an interesting theory. There have been goalies in the past who posted strong numbers as back ups but never could replicate it as a starter.

  2. Separatist battle in Canada rekindled with Quebec election

    I remember when my family first came to Canada from Slovakia, we landed in Quebec...I could speak a little French (not much), and I asked for directions in English and I got some dirty looks and a couple of people gave me the cold shoulder...I thought, how very Un Canadian! Let's just say I'm in no hurry to go back Oh yeah, this was Quebec City. I'm sure Montreal is different, but I've never been.
  3. I don't own a cell phone, is that weird? I save close to 700$ a year by not owning one
  4. Eddie hugs mom with a beautiful smile on his face in Florida

    Too bad he's a crappy goalie... Sorry, I had to be THAT guy. What a weak 4th goal last night. Brutal.
  5. The beginning of the decline for Vcr

    I didn't expect them to make the playoffs this year before the season even started. So I'm not sure why everyone is so shocked, a lot of other people said the exact same thing.
  6. The Never Ending (Except For When It Ends) Story

    Wow never realized how evil I was lol
  7. Yeah sure, as if Canada didn't pander enough to Asians anyways. Let's have someone who was born outside the country run for mayor, because we totally need more Asians changing our ways of life. Maybe I just dreamof a Canada where white people actually have a say in immigration......
  8. Dalpe or Schroeder?

    I'd keep both, keep Dalpe as the 13th forward and let Schroeder develop some more on the 4th. Both have low cap hits....and are better than ebbett
  9. [GDT] |March 14 - Vancouver @ Washington - 4PM|

    Ovechkin is having a monster year
  10. Is there a list or something of all the upcoming free agents? I can't seem to find one

  11. The lack of respect for the Canuck Stars by Refs is disgusting

    Every other team complains about the same thing. I think the reffing sucks in general, not just a league bias against the Canucks
  12. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    A packed house!
  13. Panthers won't make the playoffs for about 5 years, so good luck to you Luongo....
  14. Yakupov is a -29...LOLOLOL

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    2. OilerPensfan


      Haha. Yup, Yak sucks.

    3. Magikal


      ovechkin is -27, does he suck?

    4. Rick Grimes

      Rick Grimes

      Ovechkin; Defensively - Yes, he swallows gallons of horse pee.

  15. Pornography in Canada: Don't screw with them

    But..I want someone to screw with me