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  1. Damn, as per Elliott Friedman 81.5M next year 81.5M year after 82.5M year 3 Hello cap crunches
  2. Their is potential that when the time comes Tampa does not use their buyout. Willing to take offers to help another team out.
  3. I'm on board with the following of what the league does. Also like the idea as well Nail. Down for whatever is chosen!
  4. Also OTB Jesper Fast Richard Panik Erik Johnson (Already 50% retained for remainder of deal) Ian Cole Matt Benning (Rights as he is an RFA) Will be looking at some retooling. Trade targets include Picks and younger players with upside
  5. It's been some time! Hope all are doing well. Excited to see some action in the thread. Tampa Bay may or may not use it's buyout when it becomes available. We feel we are set up well for next season, but we also recognize some not so great contracts going forward. With that said, we will look at shopping Cam Fowler and Ryan McDonagh. Both players have a NMC, but with those being waived the sky is the limit. Also, in an unlikely scenario... We will listen to offers for Steven Stamkos since we will have free range to move him anywhere.
  6. Everyone enjoy the time away, and hope all stay healthy...crazy times indeed
  7. I'm sure this may be an obvious answer, but with the sports world going dark, obviously that puts the league here on a hiatus as well. For clarification and confirmation sake, going forward, what are we as GM's able to do? Obviously a big chunk will be air tight and wait, but is there any way to look toward the future. Re-signings and such are still permitted? Or are we going to go on a full hiatus as well? Everyone take a break? Just looking for some confirmation. What a crazy day to say the least. Mark this as an event of "where were you when the sports world went dark" Thanks @Nail in advanced and thanks for everything in keeping this league going!
  8. Assign: Tampa Bay assigns Andreas Englund to the minors Activation: Tampa Bay activates Ryan McDonagh from the IR @Nail
  9. Ffs.... Bye playoffs https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.tsn.ca/tampa-bay-lightning-f-steven-stamkos-to-have-core-muscle-surgery-out-6-8-weeks-1.1450680%3ftsn-amp Injured Reserve: Tampa Bay places Steven Stamkos on the IR Call Up: Tampa Calls up Joel Kirivanta @Nail
  10. Injured Reserve: Tampa Bay places Chris Kreider on the injured Reserve https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bostonglobe.com/sports/bruins/2020/02/29/rangers-forward-chris-kreider-breaks-his-foot/DLPN31dnSC1s3tJg5J7wTM/story.html%3foutputType=amp Call Up: Tampa Bay calls up Travis Boyd @Nail
  11. Anyone wanna put a goalie on waivers... Need one
  12. Call Up: Tampa Bay calls up Andreas Englund and Jayce Hawryluk Assignment: Tampa Bay assigns Travis Boyd to the minors @Nail
  13. Can we start signing unsigned prospects of our own?
  14. Very much available still!
  15. With the above post, Chris Kreider is available out of Tampa. he has a respectable cap hit with three years left on his deal including this year. Have more than enough rangers rep that I can deal him. Ideally it's a hockey trade for a player on a playoff team