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  1. Raymond was cleared to go a few days ago. No re draft needed for me
  2. Sounds like Lucas Raymond may be out.
  3. Should be a interesting tourney! Raymond - Foote - Kaliyev Byram - York Team Germany Goalies
  4. My bet is on the Aves. I'd think pieces going back will include Jost, Timmins and Kaut plus picks
  5. Son of a ...... I'll be a few
  6. Lucas Raymond @AriGold2.0
  7. Anyway, all BS and opinions aside Want to thank @Nail for allowing me to be apart of this league. It is exceptionally run and easily the top league in CDC. I hope nothing but the best for Nail and everyone. My love and fun levels have gone down since I had my kid, and I've never really gotten it back. Maybe one day I'll be able to but for now it's best I step away. Good luck all, maybe see you around
  8. Everyone is difficult to negotiate with. This isn't the EA NHL franchise where you can go make foolish trades for nothing. This is 30 other real life people with day to day goings and $&!# going on IRL. Why should I accept a $&!# deal for a player who put up 40 2 seasons in a row? An injury isn't the entire picture! It's a couple months or a season. But you're telling me a 27 yo player is dead in the water because of it? I don't like seeing bad trades, I'm sure I've been in a few, but I like to get value. We all hold different valuations. I'm not just going to roll over and take it up the ass on all my deals. I got some good offers, but not what I thought was going to help me or wasn't what I was looking for. End of story!