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  1. BFHL 2018/19

    Winnipeg is very happy to select: Jared Spurgeon @Art Vandelay
  2. BFHL 2018/19

    As someone who is behind you and am one who is waiting... I really have no issue with waiting what so ever. You could pick next month and it is what it is. I've made such a deep list that at this point I'm cool with a relaxed draft. I can tune in and out for now. Focus in other leagues and in day to day life. This pace is great and I am really excited for this league to start up full tilt in Sept. Please stay on bud! And honestly take your time!
  3. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Nino Niederreiter is available. His NTC kicks in July 1. Retained almost 3M this year and 1.475M till the end of his contract.
  4. BFHL 2018/19

    Damn... I'll take Col though
  5. BFHL 2018/19

    Gah... was hoping he would go under the radar. Was my next pick! Damn!
  6. The Columbus Blue Jackets are proud to select.... Teuvo Teravainen @BM24
  7. BFHL 2018/19

  8. BFHL 2018/19

    oh 100%, but I contemplated it and maybe shoulda, but shoulda, woulda, coulda now
  9. BFHL 2018/19

  10. BFHL 2018/19

    Your looking at the next Canes/Isles starter right here
  11. BFHL 2018/19

    Had quite the debate in my head who to take here, But gut feeling here.... Winnipeg is proud to select Phillipp Grubauer @73 Percent
  12. BFHL 2018/19

    The Winnipeg Jets are proud to welcome.... J.T Miller @Art Vandelay x 2
  13. BFHL 2018/19

    He Gone
  14. Columbus proudly selects.... Kyle Connor @BM24
  15. CDCGML 2018-19

    In the spirit of everyone else is doing it: 2. Svechnikov (2) - 14. Veleno (14) - 26. Lundestrom (21) -5 Pretty dang good of you ask me Islander's front office budget: Medical: $0 Minors: $23M Player Development: $0 Player Relations: $22M