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  1. Close your eyes. Eenie meenie miney Moe!
  2. ELC Slide: Filip Hallander Alexander Chmelvski Matthew Strome @Nail
  3. Columbus chooses to buyout the contract of Victor Rask
  4. The @Mr.Miyagi has signed: Michal Neuvirth - 1 year x 0.950M
  5. Want to give a big shout out to @Primal Optimist who has been a huge help with the sheets the past month! Also, @Rush17 has been hired as an agents assistant in the absence of Canucklax. Please be sure to tag him in any contract negotiations and he will also take care of any of my signings!
  6. Waivers: Columbus Blue Jackets place Victor Rask on waivers @Primal Optimist
  7. The @Rush17 have signed the following to ELC's Eetu Luostarinen - 3 years x 4.125M (1.375M AAV) Gabriel Fortier - 3 years x 4.125M (1.375M AAV) Jack Drury - 3 years x 4.125M (1.375M AAV)
  8. The @Master Mind have signed the following to ELC's Bowen Byram - 3 years x 11.25M (3.75M AAV) Kasper Bjorkqvist - 3 years x 4.125M ( 1.375M AAV) Jonathan Kovacevic - 3 years x 2.85M (0.950M AAV)
  9. The @gmen81 has signed the following player to an ELC Joel Farabee - 3 years x 6M (2M AAV)
  10. 67% of 3.500M is 2.345M. Since Stone was older then 25, Mr.Miyagi has to still pay 67% of his salary as per the CBA
  11. At this moment in time Blake has been sent down to the minors
  12. Greiss has been moved to Colorado Michael Stone has been bought out and will carry a cap hit of 1.173M for the next 2 seasons
  13. Eaves is under contract still weather on the IR or not. He will stay a member of Nashville unless he is traded by you or retires sometime during the season and still with your team
  14. LEAGUE ANNOUNCEMENT: At this time @canucklax is taking a small step back in the league. He will not be helping with agent duties for the time being. Please only message me for any signings! Any ELC slides you can also tag me as well. Waivers please tag @Primal Optimist Trades Please send in to myself and @Primal Optimist Cheers!