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  1. For Benning to go into 2020 with no picks in the first 2 rounds is crazy. Something else going on we dont know. Honestly i wouldn't be shocked if Boeser was traded haha. As much hate as that will bring...
  2. Theres legitimate facts everyone here seems to be over looking. Baer as much as I love him, probably done playing. I'll bet money on this.. this isn't hate... it's based on history. He missed basically a full season the last two years with concussions...this issue isn't to be taken lightly. I'm pulling for him, but is he a hard, legal, check away from retirement? I hope not, but I believe it's the case.. Second. LE is a plug. But his past season numbers when he signed earned him that contact. No one could foresee the wheels falling off. Being said. Maybe he nets 10 by Christmas and we can offload him. Atleast he can Pk and hasn't been injury rittled. Twitter doesn't know everything. Theres a plan in place. Be happy Gaudette is on the team and we are turning a page. Goldy, baer, biega have all be given ample chances. If they cant crack our line up, where do they fit.
  3. I was thinking more like, Bo is very versatile and JT is a play maker. Goldys finishing skills could round this line out nicely. Sort of the same as a Pete brock ferland line. A shooter a play maker, and a bull in a China shop.
  4. This is a "I'll prove it." Move by him I think. He has so much more potential. No reason he can get 40 points
  5. I think it would be along the lines of Tanev + Boeser+ Gaudette+ one of Dipietro or demko and a first
  6. Maybe he suffers a training accident in pre season.. hahaha
  7. Maybe. Its easy to say he should stay in Europe, however, if you were playing for a team in Sweden and the media and locs weren't happy with you annnnnd youbwere making that much money. How hard would it be to play 3 crappy years and collect that pay check a world away haha