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  1. Horvat with legit wingers could be a 60 point guy very consistently... Most I'd want to trade at deadline would be the likes of our 1st plus Dipietro to move up to take Byram. Going from 8-9 to 1-2 would cost way to much for an unknown.
  2. Ya I agree. I watch as many as I can. Given their situation i doubt stammer agrees to leave. Taking a petterson or bowser contract would only work, again, if they dump someone due for a raise. A lot of raises due down there.
  3. You're kidding me right? They have no leverage. They are going to have to shed cap regardless. His stats are definitely padded by kucherov. Not saying he is a plug. But hes not worth Boeser or Petterson. Never mind adding.
  4. True they may ask for a bigger piece. But can they? Alot of resigning to do for 2019 2020. My thoughts in this trade, they gain another first. And a player to expose for expansion. The fact he plays along side Kuch pads his stats a little, no?
  5. Everyone's going to be after the cap heavy teams. Would 2020 1st + 2020 3rd + Goldy get it done? Future assets and a potential 20 goal guy in Goldy, who is clearly not in our plans... Thoughts?
  6. Could you imagine Kakko? Or even if we fell a bit and still got Byram?
  7. Point being there wasnt even an attempt by him... nor did he deter anything.
  8. This... " I wish I played better..." He didnt stand up to Martin at first. Miller did. Did nothing to Matheson... Sorry. I think we won this trade.
  9. I've said it before. Bribe them with picks to keep everyone here. "Here take Beagle, a 2nd and a 5th."
  10. Maybe this was posted... does he make Stetcher obsolete?
  11. This guy feeding bowser and Petterson... damn