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  1. This team Fly’s and scores a lot when their healthy, Wild would have to play physical and trap the hell out of the Canucks. Canucks will still light them up. No crowd will hurt Minnesota more. we got this.
  2. Last time the Canucks played the Wild they were pushed around and had their lunch money stolen. The Canucks need Ferland , Motte, and MacEwan in this series.
  3. Minnesota than Colorado, who came up with that stupid format ? What about divisional games?
  4. I don’t think a faster game would really benefit them even if there’s less clutch and grab. I really think they would’ve thrived in the late 70’s and early 80’s when their skill would have been superior and goalies were terrible with their stand up styles. As long as the team had an enforcer and a quarterback d-man on it they could’ve been putting up Gretzky like numbers
  5. On the lighter side ... Because there’s just not enough good right now
  6. Were all the deadline deals just a meaningless giveaway of picks and prospects? I hope the season returns in April.
  7. Mogilny H. Sedin D.Sedin J.T. Miller Larionov Bure Naslund Pettersson Bertuzzi Torres Linden Odjick Ohlund Hughes Bieksa Salo Willie Mitchell Tanev Luongo Maclean extras: Reinhart Edler Cooke Every team needs some sand paper
  8. Inconsistent able to to beat the best teams in the league, able to lose to the worst teams as well.
  9. If the season does resume it’s only fair every one plays the same amount of regular season games. A best of 3 early round best of 5 semi final and maybe 7 game final would cut the playoffs down for time.
  10. I hope the team continues to practice in case the season resumes in 3-4 weeks in some regard. They could really work on getting the puck out of their end .
  11. I can only imagine what I would tune into at TSN or Sportsnet in a weeks time , perhaps a Dog show with no fans.
  12. Not sure why Nashville is ahead , we have more wins a better home record swept the season series a better goal differential more goals for. Stupid tie breaker.
  13. That 3rd line makes the most of their opportunities with not a lot of ice time to work with. Big contributions by Zac and Gaud . less than 8 minutes ice time.