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  1. Players get paid lots because they are elite talent, even a 4th liner is a 1 in a million person that dominated in junior and made it to the NHL. A ref has to be able to skate, blow a whistle and be disliked you could find a replacement at a local sports bar if needed.
  2. Louie Eriksson should learn to play centre, it would make him useful.
  3. Sometimes I regret that piece of junk Purchase i bought on EBay or Amazon for $20 that seemed like a good deal. this is a quarter of a billion in regret.
  4. Anyone remember when Larry and Willy were on CFOX and called Ron Maclean the crotch watcher ? Ron was always looking down when Don was talking. They even had a song for it.
  5. A team leading defensive liability who is on the ice for 26.4% of all goals scored against the Kings. There’s something to be proud of.
  6. They played a 2nd unit pp together and they had a rush during a broken line change 5 on 5 . Only a glimpse but Baer and Gaudette had chemistry in pre season .
  7. This line seems like it might have some chemistry: Baertschi Gaudette Pearson Sutter and Beagle out at the same time though , not good.
  8. Great chance for Gaudette to prove himself tonight with Mr. December gone for the night.
  10. I think we did well against Nashville last year when we were decimated by injuries and pretty much sucked .
  11. schaller Gaudette Eriksson I don’t expect to see that much in the third period.
  12. Toyotasfan

    NFL thread

    Giving me a heart attack , what a game !