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  1. Only he’s too old and too slow to be Minnesota’s 4th line centre.
  2. I look how Vancouver played Vegas and how we had to play in the middle and try to keep them to the outside while allowing a ton of shots . The Canucks weren’t physical enough to break the constant cycle around the boards and Vegas had a huge advantage in possession time. It’s every bit the responsibility of the forwards to go get the pucks along the boards while the D stay in position. This team needs some size and grit and it really should start with rebuilding the bottom 6 floaters. Tanev is worth keeping , I think it’s time to move on from Stetcher.
  3. Like he’s going to the worst team in the league, maybe if they pay him a Bobrovski contract .
  4. With all the talent the Lightning have they are probably going to get a couple more cracks at the Stanley Cup in coming years. I don’t think Dallas will ever get another chance with the current team they have. they better make the most of it.
  5. Why on earth would St.louis have no interest is resigning him ?
  6. I picked Tampa in 6, Although they did touch the Prince of Whales trophy and they’re pretty battered up. They should still take it.
  7. I’m curious where Harmonic ends up. They need a D of at least that caliber or better to replace him plus a number 1 goalie. Free agency will make more of a difference than Ward can .
  8. That Bobrovski contract sinks one GM and the next GM will be outlived by it.
  9. Clutterbuck is the Islanders Tyler Motte. They don’t do well without him.
  10. I only wish they beat each other up more and took it to 7 , but couldn’t be happier to see Vegas sent packing.
  11. Just another poke at Toronto for letting Lou Lam go and sticking with their analytics boy genius .
  12. Seems to me Vegas is more than just running into hot goalies, Gerard Gallant was fired during the regular season because this team went through long stretches where they couldn’t score.
  13. Time to move on if there’s any takers out there.
  14. Jake has had nothing but Travis Green and a little Willie Desjardins since he came to the NHL./AHL I could see how a change of scenery and a new coach could help him. He needs to be shipped away from his friends and be given a new perspective. I still think he can become a star .
  15. This will be a tougher test for Tampa than the winner of The western conference. Get by the Islanders and the cup is theirs.