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  1. The Bruins are meeting with the Patriots to discuss tips for playing in a championship game. They must be be trying to develop a puck that is deflated and slower.
  2. 1st and 2nd round Carolina out worked and outskated their opponents, for the better part of game 1 of this series they looked like a better team. Then they lost to the psychological warfare and dirty play of the veteran Bruins. I was cheering for Carolina but this series was Men vs Boys. Let’s go Western conference team.
  3. Refs are like “ see , sometimes we call penalties against the sharks”
  4. Sweep , sweep , sweep , sweep Sweep , sweep , sweep , sweep Sweep , sweep , sweep , sweep Sweep , sweep , sweep , sweep
  5. A player is allowed to bat a puck down with an open glove hand to make a play with his own stick. Thats the puck hitting his stick , after being batted down and bouncing off the ice.
  6. After watching the replay in slow motion from 3 different angles there’s a good argument not to overturn the call on the ice. Timo Meirer open hand gloves the puck, but swings his stick and it appears to make the slightest contact before Nyquist takes the pass and dishes to Karlsson.
  7. St. Louis might be the most physical team remaining, if they were allowed to win this series they could push the Bruins around.
  8. Brindamor should be wondering what could turn this around. Take out Chara’s knee, head shot on Bergeron , or run Rask. Personally I’d take out Chara .
  9. Poor McDavid , might just suffer his whole career with a crappy team.
  10. Maple leaf fans traded their jerseys in for Raptors jerseys. Its a new TSN/SN sponsored program in Toronto to help depression.
  11. St.Louis was punishing the Sharks in the hit department. The Sharks D were reluctant to engage in puck battles in the corners in their own end, giving the Blues a lot more possession time. Where has Evander Kane dissapeared to ? Blues were having their way with the Sharks.