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  1. If the Canucks added anything, it would be some big Snarl to the 6th D . Maybe Tryamkin could slide in or maybe Brendan Dyllon is a good price. It would be nice to dump a fringe winger like Schaller, I was so high on his play early in the season, but he reverted back to last seasons player.
  2. All the Rumours revolve around defencemen right now ! TSN is working overtime cooking up trade rumours that are going to bring the perfect defenceman that fixes all the Leafs problems and maybe a runner up that can help Winnipeg . To hell with the rest of the league, unless you want to trade something to the Leafs for next to nothing.
  3. I think he has to remove the duck crap from his Twitter first.
  4. His defensive game is doing just fine as always just like you expect from little things Louie. But , suddenly there’s some confidence building in his offensive side of his game. That big one timer wind up shot he did in The Arizona game , wasn’t a goal, but never seen a shot like that from him. His work on that empty net set up to Pearson. And his goal in the San Jose game. I hope he doesn’t cool down during the break.
  5. Maybe Montreal pumps up his stats and they can flip him at the deadline for a prospect or pick . That would be a burn for LA . Suddenly Kovalchuck looks like he can still help a team in the playoffs.
  6. If they stay out til the trade deadline than the roster limit increases and we have a full press box for injuries as they arise.
  7. This is the leagues version of the Miss Congeniality award . Congrats to the 4th place coach In the Pacific division who gets to “represent” the best coach in the Pacific division.
  8. 4th line in the last 2 games , sorry Schaller , but it’s best for the team. Hope Sutter keeps it up.
  9. Good for Tocchet and his lucky all star game appearance