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  1. Are we getting back to that "greed" level in the markets?
  2. See a post like this contributes way more to a conversation than an inaccurate meme. I could have scratched out Biden's name and put yours, would that make it true? The fact is, you don't become VP without any accomplishments. Biden is obviously not the best candidate and the dems should have, and could have, done better. But at the end of the day one man has been doing damage to that country, both domestically and in international (and canadian) relations; the other man should instill some level of normalcy. I wasn't aware of the Biden assault accusation. Even with that, as bad as it is, Trump has paid hush money to hookers, cheated on his wife, and has an open rape case going through the state courts right now. How many trump accusation have there been? Haven't there been dozens? I'm not condoning either but if it's 1 accusation vs many...And as you say re his taxes, without confirmation why bash him for it? That on top of the open corruption while he has been in office and pure disrespect for democracy. He is trying to be a dictator and republican american population may be stupid enough to let him. It's not pro biden.. it's anti trump. Of Trump? No. Sad excuse for a man. I also don't want that job. But if my dad gave me millions I'd be pretty stoked.
  3. Well i guess that settles that then. Biden's only been a senator for 50 years and VP of the USA, anyone can say that. Trump has underpaid contractors, ran multiple businesses into the ground, has open rape cases against him, received who knows how many millions from his dad, convinced multiple women to marry him and, perhaps most impressive of all, managed to pay less income tax than I have!
  4. Their mail in votes will be counted as fraudulent and consequently discarded
  5. The "no fault" insurance is probably one of the biggest scams out there. Great marketing but the education about what it entails has been very poor. It isn't necessarily better. The citizens get way less coverage.
  6. @DonLever We should add a poll to see where everyone is leaning. Conduct our CDC election poll and see how accurate it is come election day. How representative is CDC of the BC population?
  7. Plenty were hung from trees. I'd bet some were gassed in some way shape or form. We are still seeing the ripple effects of that oppression today. But if we are talking human rights violations in the present day there is that whole investigation into immigrants detained by ICE being subject non-consensual hysterectomies, apparently not even by a OBGYN. That's pretty heinous.
  8. I'm not sure I have much faith in commercial real estate in the medium-long term given an increasing number of businesses are utilizing remote services now. Roofs over heads are always going to be needed though. But like I said I don't have much knowledge of that sector so i'm open to my views getting changed.
  9. They will be in on one of the class action lawsuits so hopefully they can recoup some costs.. but seriously an average price of $48?! That's crazy.. and to invest millions?! Still wanting Snowflake at sub 180 (share dilution coming in early december) and Tesla at low 300s. A lot of people are speculating a real estate market crash in the coming 6months or so... Does anyone have any favourite real estate stocks or funds that may be worth looking into if prices were to drop significantly? I just don't know much about that sector.
  10. It works with firefox.. though the little click icons look weird for me
  11. Yeah at current levels I agree. One has to love their growth numbers over the long term though, 50% in 2019 and estimated to be 30-40% in the craziness of 2020. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, and the other regulars 'round here, on some of their numbers. I also love the potential of their Gigafactory and more are planned for asia. There is a $25000 care on the horizon as well (2023). This youtube guy (as said introducing most reliable sources) does a good job of breaking down their numbers in a spread sheet. I want to clarify that while I think the potential for Tesla to fulfill this guy's prophecy might be there I think a lot of his projections are at the "in your dreams level" and there is a lot of assuming. But even if 25-50% of what is projected comes true it's a good buy long term. Numbers breakdown starts at 7:40
  12. The stock is so volatile that I can honestly see it dipping that low. Tesla always swings more violently than the rest of the market. Given the impending correction on the horizon I am hoping to scoop up Tesla at a "discount". The correction seemingly started today but I think there is more to come.
  13. It is widely speculated that there is going to be much of this heading into the election which in and of itself becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Valuations are still high after September corrections.