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  1. Bolton you mean? I think it does more damage because each side just tunes the other out. Having a republican call out a republican challenges their ideology and forces people to actually use critical thinking, if they have that capacity, to assess who it is they agree with within their own party.
  2. Nailed it, especially bolded. He gets tested prior to joining the team so it's a non issue yup. I wonder what the reaction would be if it was Boeser.
  3. If he comes to camp out of shape then maybe it's worth discussing, until then it's a non issue.
  4. He's going to get tested prior to taking part in any team activities so spread to team mates or opponents is a non issue. He has every right to be at Celebs, as does every one who has been visiting their favourite restaurants. Plus BC has the lowest numbers in Canada (North America?), if he were doing this in Toronto then it's a different story.
  5. It seems that this has everything to do with a hockey player going to a club
  6. I'd be curious for sure... also in the process of the breakdown itself, as a learning opportunity. Companies like VTIQ and SHLL have been very lucrative prior to their mergers. What are people's thoughts on the Covid increase and another possible correction? I'm still 40% cash but have been thinking of liquidating again.
  7. He is misquoted... it was on Twitch and there was a live chat... somebody's username was "AlanaVanCity" or something to that effect. That user said that "those fans can kick rocks"... So what Gaud said was "I think they aren't real fans, and yup, 'AlanaVanCity' said it, they can kick rocks"
  8. For those who are interested here is a read on how the automotive industry as we know it is due for a major shift and downturn. These models were constructed Pre-Covid so take that into consideration. What I found interesting was how even though the industry experienced a recession in 2008.. those strategies implemented to weather that storm are no longer viable given how the climate has changed with EV and ride sharing. https://www.bcg.com/industries/automotive/resilience-in-an-automotive-downturn.aspx
  9. That's what I figure.. Pull back to mid-low 20s. I like the company though. I'm also looking into DANA.. they are partnered with Hyliion/SHLL. Auto manufacturing company for hybrids/EVs. If the market dips big again I may pull the trigger.
  10. True.. You wonder how long it takes for them to come back down to earth. My SHLL stop limit was processed at 31.50 to lock in approx 95% profit. Had to do it.
  11. Yeah there is so much hype in that sector right now... a little ridiculous to be honest. NKLA has i higher market cap then ford I think which is laughable. I feel like Workhorse is just increasing off the coat tails of NKLA and SHLL.. THey are on my watch list but seem a little over valued. This could be like the weed boom of 2014/2015
  12. Up early this AM to set my SHLL stop limit and it's at $31?!?!? I'm at 100% gain territory
  13. If there were ever a year for us to be reminded of Canuck luck.. it is 2020.
  14. People were screaming 'V' shaped recovery and celebrating the completion of it two weeks ago yet here we are... on our way to what I suspect will be a 'W'.
  15. I was away from my computer today... wishing I was around to sell SHLL. Holding over the weekend makes me nervous with these ones. Bought in at 16.21 so obviously pretty happy. Planning to be in and out a few times ala NKLA/VTIQ