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  1. Hopefully. There is nothing of substance here. This is stuff that people panic about, jump all over, then the media sees the reaction it gets on CDC (trust me that happens) then they report then from there it snow balls. I have seen topics or statuses on here become talking points on sports radio the next day. Happened today with Ryan Kesler in the Ring of Honour. So CDC, can we please collectively do what we can to prevent unnecessary drama?!
  2. There were many powerful people involved in the Epstein fiasco, both democrats and republicans and beyond. I find it hard to believe that FOX news wouldn't jump at the opportunity if there was a prominent democrat under investigation. Although they were screaming up and down about Hillary's emails, I believe there were multiple investigations actually, but nothing was found. Now Hunter Biden, who doesn't have any role in government, is somehow the GOPs rebuttal to anything regarding the impeachment trial of the USA president.
  3. He may be or he may not be. I tend to lean on the side of if there was something illegal that Joe Biden had a part in we would have heard of it by now, or it at least would be being investigated very thoroughly. But so far nothing other than "but what about the Bidens?!". What about them? Tell us president orange! He is more than capable of opening an investigation but as for impeachment... I don't see how Hunter Biden has anything to do with that.
  4. Personally, I think it would be less of a waste of time if the GOP would just allow witnesses. If the shoe were on the other foot you bet your keester that republicans would be fighting for witnesses to be allowed. They are blocking evidence yet claiming impartiality? Each party is guilty of being hyper partisan but blocking witnesses to an "impartial" trial, cmon. If there was nothing to hide they wouldn't be hiding it imo. At least now the corruption is in the open. Hopefully that populace wakes up and demands change, because if witnesses aren't allowed than that system is inherently flawed.
  5. I believe full week off due to CBA rules. A lot of them end up going on mini vacations to hawaii or mexico
  6. Domi has them dangles.. this OT is all MTL.Which means Vegas is going to end up winning on a goal against the grain of play in all likelihood
  7. Vegas scores to get within 1 vs MTL.. 2 mins left
  8. I wouldn't say Virtanen has 'proved' it yet. If he continues this pace into next season after a contract renewal then I'll be willing to say he is top 6. As for Dumba, given his 13 pts in 47 games this year I wouldn't be offering Boeser for him.
  9. Those are the types of plays that are going to keep Loui in the lineup
  10. By Coyotes standards this is an entertaining game
  11. I wanted that last game... Green missed that opportunity. Markstrom tonight then Demko on Saturday is the play I figure