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  1. @Ryan Strome All I am saying is gambling odds are probably the most reliable source for getting the most accurate probabilities. It's too close to call. Due to the close race a majority for either party is unlikely and the odds support this.
  2. The odds of that happening are currently at 8% I believe. CBC has an average of all polls. Sports interaction has a majority (CPC or Libs) paying out 2.5:1 odds, minority is 1.4:1 odds. You should put your money where your mouth is. Bodog has even odds for JT and Scheer. So essentially it is too close to call. https://www.canadasportsbetting.ca/betting-odds/politics/canada.html
  3. Who's to say that Cons won't form a coalition with the Bloc if the Bloc get more points than NDP.
  4. @Ryan Strome I am sure you're reasoning is pretty close to the truth. Scheer didn't want to get made to look like a fool for a problem that he obviously doesn't take seriously. But as a leader of a party, and with the climate being such a topic of discussion, he owes it to the canadian people to explain his plan. It is a cowardly move imo. Defend your policy. It shows that he knows that his climate plan is BS and unlikely to result in lower emissions.
  5. It was planned for Wednesday. But again, leading the polls or not, if you as a leader (Scheer) aren't willing to defend your climate policy that says a lot. 50 000 canadians signed a petition requesting for the debate so that is how the wheels got put in motion from my understanding. So people want to hear this discussed. It is a disservice to an important issue.
  6. Tells you all you need to know. I don't see how anyone can defend the Conservative climate plan if Scheer isn't willing to do the same
  7. She's going to be close. https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/elections/poll-tracker/canada/
  8. 1st bolded: I grew up on burnaby mountain - I am well aware of the pipeline and the green and yellow tanks that occupy the mountain side at the top of the Shellmont hill. 2nd bolded: We talked about this pages ago with that misleading meme you posted about foreign aid at the expense of spending on Veterans. The current government spend billions more on veteran affairs than foreign aid IIRC.
  9. Do cuts need to come or taxes? I would rather get taxed an extra 0.5% on GST or Income and maintain the level of care that Canadians have. But I guess that's where we differ. It's not like the Liberals are trying to flip a table and be the most prosperous green state that ever was. Singh and the TMX: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/election-2019/ndp-proposes-32-7b-deficit-in-plan-with-lots-of-new-spending-new-revenues - basically he says that now that we have it he would look into how to best use it.
  10. Wasn't my intention to paint you into a corner, I was just genuinely curious to hear your answer. Wasn't sure if there was something I was missing. Do you think it is a disservice to Canadians for them to release their policy after the debates and advanced polling? IMO it is dishonest and done with the intention to mislead. What will Scheer hide from Canadians if he is elected PM? That would be the message I'd be spreading if I were the Liberals. I don't watch much TV so I actually don't know what the adds are saying. I feel like this (climate and late policy release) should be something that the CPC get flak for. I think it is likely for a minority either way, which may not be the worst thing. However I do think that Scheer will only be PM if he wins a majority. NDP or Greens are likely to get the 3rd most seats and neither party will go near the Conservatives. I think Trudeau is probably most likely to be PM via a coalition with NDP but with the Conservatives winning more seats. The Liberals have not run a good campaign - there is so much that Scheer should be raked through the coals for but the Liberals haven't exploited it well enough. I think the NDP are keeping the pipeline as well, are they not?
  11. If Edmonton has finally gotten over the hump and makes playoffs this year, which I think they can, we may be hard pressed to make it. I think at this point it is likely we end up just outside with the ~13OA pick. I don't see us beating Nash, WPG, Col, or STL; this leaves only 3 spots for the Pacific division with LVK likely getting one of them. So that leaves 2 spots for CGY, EDM, ANA, SJS and our beloved Cancukleheads. I'd love to see us get in though. Mike Smith will inevitably slow down mid season which should slow the oilers down. It would be poetic justice for us to come into the draft lottery with 13th best odds and have us win a lottery pick after all the years of being snubbed.
  12. Must have been some whack job that put a threat out on JT
  13. @Ryan Strome I'm curious why you think the CPC waited until after the debates to release their platform? Also, do you not find it disappointing that they refused to participate in a national climate debate? You defended their vague climate plan, why do you think Scheer wasn't interested in doing the same?
  14. Disagree, especially given the chemistry that Gaudette and Baer showed in preseason. Baer can defend all the same as Leivo, but with more offense. I understand there may be cap implications as a few have pointed out. Cap removed though I take Baer 10 times out of 10. Maybe Leivo rekindles his form from last season, in which case I would be happy to see him in the lineup.