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  1. The CBJ are a great story but they have really opened the door for the winner of this series to make a run to the Conference Finals.
  2. I trust JB to make the right decision. I like the sounds of Boldy and Soderstrom; if JB decides one of the fwds are better than I am ok with that as well. We need both top 6 and top 2 D. I just don't want Caufield. He is a great scorer without a doubt but seeing Johnny G disappear this playoffs has cemented that for me. We already have a slight player in Pettersson, we need to surround him with a little bit of jam. For every Debrincat or Gaudreau there are multiple Shinkaruk's/Schroeder's. I think Caufield could be a great fit somewhere but I don't think he fits our team needs at this time.
  3. I am as excited for Tiger Woods than anybody. No doubt it has been a long road for him to get to this point. To award him with the Medal of Freedom seems a little inappropriate and a disservice to the award. Tiger hasn't done anything notable for anybody other than Tiger; I don't mean that as a slight either. It is no secret that he hasn't even had the best relationship with fans over the years. He has always kept to himself and done his own thing, which is fine but not deserving of a highly esteemed award.
  4. One way or another this is going to be good. It is going to work out well for one side and embarrass the other.
  5. Yeah that is garbage. Way dirtier play than Aaron Rome's hit. CBJ defender was extremely vulnerable there. It's not like it even happened fast. Kucherov had time to make a decision; he intentionally drove his head into the boards. That should be given the 5 game suspension to eliminate him from the series.
  6. Thanks for the response. We are thinking of spending minimal time in Zurich, if any. We just need to sort out whether we enter from Italy and exit via Italy or enter through Germany and exit into Italy (we fly into Frankfurt). We plan on only spending a few days to keep costs down and will spend most of our time in the southern alps around Lauterbrunnen I think. Did you take any trains in the alps and/or between the towns in the area?
  7. Any body have some tips for Switzerland? We are looking at the interlaken area. We will have about 3-4 days and need to finish in Milan. Any input is appreciated. We are looking at getting a swiss rail pass.
  8. After a cup win you should be exempt from the lottery for 5 years
  9. In jest, given our history of trading goalies for top picks with NJ
  10. Well this is a convenient lottery for the NHL