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  1. The funny thing is...the Canucks will probably finish with 71pts...they won 3 games against the Av' without those 6 pts the 65 pt prediction is bang on. Turns out USA Today, EA and whomever else predicted 65 pts for the Canucks were right, they were just wrong about the Av's and how bad they would be...
  2. I just have this weird feeling that were going to see something we haven't seen with the NHL draft lottery yet, a 12th-15th "seed" winning 1st overall. Its happened in the NBA once or twice since they started using the lottery system, the most famous being Orlando getting the #1 overall pick from the 13th "seed" I believe and taking Webber (Hardaway) the year after taking Shaq 1st overall. Could you imagine a good, normally playoff contending team that had on off year this year, say TBay or the Kings getting 1st overall or teams like Winnipeg or Florida who already have a few young superstars in the making winning 1st overall?
  3. Yeah...guess you haven't watched much hockey this season...McDavid and Draisaitl have been on the same line since early in the season...and you over rate Sutter way too much, he's better at faceoffs than RNH and not much else...
  4. Damn, I didn't realize how poor the AHL North division is compared to the other divisions. Looks like 3 of the 4 playoff teams will have a negative goal differential and even the division leading Marlies are only at .581 winning percentage.
  5. I'd say the biggest factor was the Oilers weren't sellers at the deadline and wouldn't be trading the 2nd line C of a team bound for the playoffs....
  6. Have you even watched hockey this season..? The Oilers are top 10 in goals against and shots against and have been there pretty much all season. Considering that Talbot has played most of the games and isn't in the top 10 in GAA or SV% means that the Oilers as a team defensively are nowhere near your odd and uninformed "opinion"...
  7. Its way more than McDavid that's responsible for the turnaround. Him and Draisaitl have combined for 160pts. Hall and Eberle combined for 145 pts in 13-14 and the Oilers finished with 67pts. Talbot and a much improved overall defensive game are just as much a factor as McDavid. Oh and btw take Horvat off the Canucks these last 2 seasons and I see a 27-30 pla...oh, wait...
  8. Not sure what you're babbling about now...Horvat is a good player but to say he has 100pt potential when literally 2-3 guys in the entire league have that potential is beyond took an all-star effort for him to get to 50+ and improve by 10+ points over last season...can't you just be happy watching him grow rather than immediately heaping more pressure on him after an all-star season, and yes, even your blind homerism of saying he has 100pt potential is pressure
  9. So by the OP's "logic" the Canucks will be: 2017-18 bottom-feeder 2018-19 playoffs 2019-2020 Cup Oh and any of the rosters that the OP listed have one of the softest top 9's in the West and all of the NHL really.
  10. Being a realist is a gimmick? Then what are you exactly? The blind, kool-aid drinking homer who never see's the reality of a team or league?
  11. Sorry...but did you just say that Horvat has the potential to get 100 pts in a season..?
  12. You have Tanev going for Domi in your proposal. You said in your post that Tanev is a top-pairing its OK to trade a top pairing dman for Domi but not for Reinhart?...Just a huge contradiction...
  13. Hate to break it to you, but he's better than 90% of the forwards in the entire Canuck organization right now...
  14. My point is that most sports fans shouldn't be taking predictions from a video game company and a paper with less than stellar sports reporting as seriously as Canuck fans have this season. And I'll reiterate, its sad if Canuck fans are taking any pride in this season at all...
  15. Yeah, those 2 stalwart sports journalistic sad that Canuck fans are taking any kind of pride in squeaking past the 65pt projections given by a video game company and a tabloid paper...