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  1. Love this honest interview and makes me like him more. I especially loved the pokes at the media: “They come up and they ask the same thing every time. I’m telling them, what else can I say? I answer the same way.” “But sometimes they write that I’m not ready for the NHL yet. Well, these people are not serious experts ... They don’t understand much in hockey i can picture the exact interviews and the same stupid questions about “how do you feel about not being in the lineup?” And “do you think you have a place on the team, what do you need to do to get back in?” He sums it up pretty well when he calls them out. Funny stuff. And he knows fans are much different which was good to hear.
  2. I’m just looking forward to regularly beating the Flames, Leafs and Oiler, then listening to them complain about it and make excuses endlessly. It’s too much to expect their fans to admit we are much better than everyone expected. But we’ll know.
  3. If there was a place to wager on it (I’ve looked), I would put $100 on LE hurting himself in training camp and going on LTIR. Then retiring. I take that bet at even odds as well. Not wishing that on him, just have a gut feel.
  4. I happily and embarrassingly admit it took me until after the first couple goals on that highlight clip to realize that his nickname was NOT Kit Bailey. :-)
  5. Noon EST. We have a little over two hours to wait...
  6. This deal was always getting done. Edler is going nowhere. All of this is simply posturing and negotiation. His agent is simply playing the only card he has. I’m surprised how many are worried here. Edler’s passion for complacency will win. Which is why I hope Jim just sticks with it and goes for 1-2 years at a time.
  7. I’m pretty neutral here. Never liked the guy but admit he was a good player. Nowhere near legendary by any stretch. I’m more annoyed that Ducks get LTIR cap relief for that albatross contract. Yet Canucks will inevitably have to pay for Luongo’s...
  8. I don’t know - NHL app and CarPlay to listen to games on my long commute home has definitely made the drive more enjoyable for me. No distraction. But maybe a good thing it doesn’t allow me to stream video - gotta admit I’d be tempted.
  9. What do we call all of us Canadians who fight each other? Pretty sure just because you’re from the same country you don’t have to like each other.
  10. Admit I was disappointed at first but I think about it this way to take some solace. 2017 we got the definitive #1. 2018 I’d say we got top 3 at least. Yes, it’s early to tell that one, but it’s what I go with. 2019 - I leave to the pros and expect we are getting a great piece moving forward. I am an optimist. And we will win within 3 years.
  11. He was actually trying to trade down, thinking he would still have his pick but decided against it. Concerned that he would get scooped. I can’t recall the article but it had a couple quotes in it from him. *edit - it was sportsnet. Copied below. THE RANGERS SPOOKED VANCOUVER FROM TRADING DOWN TOO FAR It seems as though Vancouver assumed Nico Hischier, Nolan Patrick, Miro Heiskanen and Cale Makar would be picked in some order with the first four selections. At that point, Swedish centre Elias Pettersson was Vancouver’s guy and Benning believed he could trade down a couple slots, add an extra pick, and still get him. Initially, Benning was talking trade with new Buffalo Sabres GM Jason Botterill about moving to the eighth pick. However, after the New York Rangers acquired the seventh-overall pick in a trade that sent Antti Raanta and Derek Stepan to Arizona, Benning shied away from the Buffalo deal, thinking there was a shot New York would take Pettersson. “Now that the Rangers popped in there, I don’t know if… I’m scared to go all the way down to eighth,” Benning told Botterill. “The Rangers were the wild card,” Bening told his staff after selecting Pettersson. “Like I had no idea, and they might have taken Pettersson if he was there.”
  12. Man I love EP. One into Bennie’s face to send a message, then the goal to seal the deal. Love it.
  13. I prefer Hughes from Pettersson today. Want that first one for him.
  14. Look what happens when you don’t do the drop pass Every. Single. Time.
  15. Glad to hear I am not the only one annoyed by this. I generally switch back and forth between the two depending who is on and what the subject is. But the moment Botch starts screaming, I switch it and don’t go back for the day. Or until four when Ferraro is on