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  1. Can’t see Calgary winning more than a game. They have almost nothing for a team. Little johnnie and soft Monahan, both of who are not competitors. Tkachuk sure, but he is just not enough. They will fail miserably here.
  2. Yep. Soon will be here. Lol. I can’t wait and am ashamed to say I am just trying to kill time on this beautiful day. Just wish time would go faster ...
  3. Of course. But it could also mean sutters out and Virtanen is in. Which is still “similar”. So, still a useless tweet. It’s anyone’s guess. Still.
  4. I’m curious to see who’s in. “Pretty similar” does not mean “the same”. Kind of a pointless and uninformative tweet by Irfan. Thanks for nothing.
  5. Batch tweeted they were calling an audible and that it was on Instagram live. I assume it means it isn’t on SN650 radio anymore. Hope not. Not really much of an instagram user.
  6. Agreed and I don’t think he will. Whether it is SHL though or riding the bus in Utica. Very much unknown. I’m 52 and still not ready to hang em up. I’m sure he has a lot of playing days left and I’m glad he appears to have the passion to keep going. Edit - just noticed your meme. Lol. I don’t know the reference but damn, that guy with the dog looks a lot like me. Kinda funny.
  7. To be fair, what would you expect him to say in the middle of camp and about to go into playoffs? “Yeah, I’m just playing this out this year, coasting and calling it a wrap”. I hope he dials it up and have a feeling he just might. What he does next year, where he may continue to play is anyone’s guess.
  8. My money is on Edler. Hooking, tripping or holding is my guess. The can’t keep up variety.
  9. Fair, but at some point, spewing the same repetitive narrative ad nauseum ceases to be a discussion anymore. Brokenbc, right? I swear, if we removed all of your posts that said the exact same thing in this thread, we would only be at 500 pages.
  10. I suspect it is/was related to precautions associated with potential secondary contact or exposure.
  11. As much as I can’t wait for hockey to restart, I can’t say I’ve missed such crappy threads as this. Sekeres speculates something without anything to back it up and everyone jumps all over it. Just what he was hoping he would happen. Hate that he gets this much attention for something Dhaliwal could have “speculated” to him so Sekeres could factually state “I’m hearing...”. What a friggin joke.
  12. Thanks Lucky. I planted them last Wed. In nature’s hands now. Lol. Although two plants already have a few holes in the leaves from critters. The learning never ends. They are all otherwise doing pretty well.
  13. Ok a question for those with experience. Definitely not me. I’m still in the early stage, moving plants outside daily, then bringing them in during early evening under my lights. Question is - what is better - outside on an overcast/ dreary day or inside under my lights? From what I’ve found, it looks like outdoor light even in these circumstances is still better. Any experience with this?