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  1. Tkachuk’s gloves sure aren’t a good look for the Warrior brand in that photo.
  2. I’m totally on board with Burke’s take on it that the doors shouldn’t be open during plays. We’ve been jumping over the boards since Peewee (er I mean U12 or whatever it is? Lol). I’m sure these athletes can manage. Would like to see that rule happen.
  3. Disagree here. If the said retaliatory dangerous act serves to reduce future inciting dangerous acts, either through league action on penalizing the careless hits or through people like MT finally getting it and not want to get pummeled again, then I think it’s justified.
  4. For those of us stuck listening to it on the radio on the way home from work, it helps to visualize as if I’m watching. I actually appreciate them saying that for that reason.
  5. Crap. I should know better than to be on a sports forum when I’m trying to PVR at the same time.
  6. Aren’t you watching the John and John feed? I agree Ball and Cassie are bad.
  7. I guess I should have added that info. Lol. I am on Telus mobility, and Telus Optik with Sportsnet. So can stream SN on any device. As others have stated, Reddit is also good. I use that for out of market games. And yes, Bilasports is one of my favorites for quality and ease of use.
  8. I was just in Hawaii and was able to stream sportsnet fine. Well, I shouldn’t say 100% fine. When on Wi-Fi, I did have trouble at first and video wouldn’t load. But the workaround for me was to go on cellular first, start watching (for some reason SN was fine on cell), then turn off cellular while streaming so it reverted back to Wi-Fi. In hindsight I would rather it not have worked as I had to watch the loser leafs beat us.
  9. A perfect Canucks Christmas gift. Canucks win Flames lose oilers lose Arizona lose vegas - about to lose bad
  10. That’s the answer. If you’re able to kick it in, good on ya. No harm in it.
  11. Haha. If you can call it that. She just sometimes pays attention to my muttering throughout the game.
  12. I literally said this exact sentence to my wife. :-). We really have to stop hockey from being soccerized.
  13. I’m quite certain the reffing was a deliberate statement by them against our white towel tribute at the start of the game. Solidarity and all...
  14. Just got excited that Louie made a big hit. Then saw it was 71. Not 21. Lol
  15. We chased Murray. Just gotta laugh. Hilarious when you think about it really. That’s the positive I am taking away from this one.