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  1. @riffraff I just want to mention for the record, I appreciate you posting a lot of this information. I’m no contrarian and god knows there are millions more knowledgeable than I am on this subject. But, I always appreciate hearing opinions and facts from all angles. I have taught my kids to question everything and not accept everything you hear or read, unequivocally, no matter the source. I just have to think back to when my kids were born - kid 1, all experts indicated babies must sleep on their stomachs. Kid 2 - no sleeping on stomachs they said, must be on their backs... kid 3 - said experts now say sleeping on the side is the way to go. Things change, data is collected, opinions and methods change. I suspect this will not be that different. We are all learning and the experts are doing what the think is right given the info they have. I have no doubt we will beat this, and that it is going to be an ever changing road. But we’ll get there.
  2. 427 pages. Wow. If I wasn’t so worried about being perceived as taking this lightly, I would start a new April Fool’s thread. “Coronavirus? Do we really need it?” But alas, I am bored, concerned about the world as I sit here working remotely, and really missing hockey for the escape it provides.
  3. I sure wish they were doing whole game. Old commercials and all. Give us something Geez.
  4. Dear Sportsnet, Please immediately stop all current programming, go into your archives, and play all footage in its entirety, starting March 13, 2011. Sincerely, A Canucks Fan. (I know, selfish, but one can dream and long for something to escape this madness...)
  5. They’ve played one more game. So we have a better win %
  6. Going to this one with my son. Hughes v Makar. REALLY hoping this is the game that starts the new win streak and sign of good things to come.
  7. Man it’s great to have Motte back. We miss him more than most realize.
  8. Sorry in advance for the dumb question - my son wants a Quinn Hughes Jersey in the black/ retro skate jersey. I’m new to getting jerseys. Any advice on best place to get a quality one? I assume you probably have to buy right from the Canucks store at Rogers?
  9. It happens, move on. And I’m a glass half full kind of guy: Leaf hater watch - Boston and Tampa pull further away, Montreal wins and gets 2 points closer, Isles win, and Columbus and Florida have a 3 point game. And Vegas lost. And the sun comes up tomorrow.
  10. Green is around Brock several hours every day. I’m pretty sure he has a better grasp on the big picture than those of us watching games from the stands or as pixels on a screen from our couches. Enjoy the wins. I’m sure Brock is.
  11. Perfect result for me actually. Take the 2 points while giving the Isles a point to climb away from Leafs.
  12. Who knows. Could also ask why the incessant fans/ media’s need to know. Could be as simple as privacy, which he is entitled to, or could be they know if they say one thing, the media will jump on it and ask 1000 more things. Taking away from what the real focus should be. I dunno, I trust the team and the doctors. And respect the privacy if that’s the choice.
  13. As much I have concern for the health and well being of all players, I’m simply not a fan of these types of statements given we know zero about the situation. These guys are competitive professional athletes that want to play, and are in the hands of doctors that have knowledge that are not going to risk their professional reputation to green light someone to play. If anything they are more conservative, putting health FAR before the team’s player composition.
  14. I’ll be taking it in. I don’t watch for the hockey. I just like seeing the camaraderie, interaction, interviews, seeing kids watch and maybe meet their superstars. As much as the games are a little funny, I try to keep in mind what it’s all about.