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  1. Right? haha People and their need to find something. He was mic'd and we barely heard him and he pointed towards a huge crowd that's sitting together which includes most of the prospects and their families. He must've used his invisibility cloak to sit beside Jim in order to know who he was getting.
  2. Well they just opened up 4.5million in cap space by trading Johansson to NJ Devils.
  3. I hate how that rule is there and no GM uses it. All should be fair game when you want to make your team better. It isn't illegal. I would love it if Benning did it. He's a top 6 forward that we can definitely use for now and the future.
  4. Canucks should offer sheet Burakovsky for 3.9 million per year. Caps only have like 4.5 million left in cap space with only 15 players signed. He's only 22 and a C/LW. We'd only give up a 2nd.
  5. I apologize. It isn't you in particular. It seems like anyone who is against current management, keeps bringing Gilman as the savior. I think people can make a legit point about the shortcomings of the current management without having us go back to a time when our drafting sucked. When your team is winning, management can hardly do anything wrong in the eyes of the fanbase, but during such a terrible low point, we are quick to lash out at them for not fixing things in a quick manner. I am someone who has been very supportive of Benning, but the Tanev non-move would make me quite upset and ready to find a new GM who is more bold and not so keen on slow playing this rebuild. I know people like to put Jim and Trevor in the same boat, but I disagree. Jim is a good scouting GM, but I need him to be more pro-active and if he can't do that, then Trevor will make the right call and find a new GM who will right the ship with the right moves needed to build our prospect pool. The problem is that I tie in our better drafting to Benning being the GM. I fear it going back to our terrible record if he gets canned.
  6. Yes! We need the man in charge during the years of Patrick White, Jordan Schroeder... If Gilman was such a great AGM, he would have been hired by an NHL team full time already. The dude is a math nerd. That's all. He knew how to manipulate the cap space. He isn't the only person who has such skills. Tired of the Gilman was amazing sheep.
  7. Best player available no matter the position. That's how I want him drafting at 5. I think he's gonna make the right choice.
  8. He isn't the first Russian to pull this stunt. I'm very disappointed in him. His excuse doesn't make me feel sympathy for him. He was a rookie who expected to suddenly be a heavy minutes guy and that's not how the NHL works. This stuff sours me to Russian players.
  9. I don't know if people remember when Todd Bertuzzi was 23 years old. They used to say that Bert was lazy and wasn't trying hard even though he had the toughness and skill to be a top power forward in the NHL. We traded for him and he found the right linemate and he suddenly was hard working and trying hard on every shift. What i'm trying to say is that Jake will not show us what he will turn out to be until he is 24-26. He plays a type of game that needs maturing. It requires hard skating for a big kid like him, which needs lots of effort and commitment to training. That's where his youth is still behind in. He isn't a mature old soul like Bo and Brock, but a lot of kids at that age aren't. Bo and Brock are the exception. With the right coaching and right amount of tough love, Jake will perfect his training and off ice programming and that will translate to his on ice game. I have no doubt Jake will be fine. He isn't going to be a 80 point high skilled player, but I know that when this team is gonna have future big game battles in playoffs, we're gonna be so glad to have Jake as one of the main keys to our abilities to win those playoff games. He is going to be a very impactful player. It doesn't have to be high scoring numbers, but it's a combo of hard hitting, closing down the opposition defense and pushing the defense back with his high speed in the neutral zone. Include those things with good share of points and he will be one of the main reasons we will win majority of our games.
  10. This could ruin our chances of trading Burrows, Hansen and Miller. No team will want to risk it.
  11. I know we're all celebrating hutty for the winner but if you take that away, he didn't have a good game. Too many bad passes and questionable decision making. The recent worry isn't about his offensive abilities but his main responsibilities of defending and coming out our own end.
  12. Chaput looked really good. I really think he should stick around and Skille will be the odd man out when Hansen returns.
  13. There are other defensive prospects that could be added to that list. I like our defensive direction. Just need to find some offensive diamonds.
  14. Exactly. People get so defensive about criticizing a beloved member of the team. The kid is going through something and all people wanna do is blame others.