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  1. Wooo loui! 4 way tie for first let’s win this! If you ain’t first you’re last! Litterly!
  2. If the whole team has the same drive as to when loui see’s an empty net we will have home ice advantage in the playoffs
  3. On the radio this morning in Calgary they started a go fund me to rent a couple bill boards in Edmonton with tkatchuck face on it And Edmonton is organizing to throw stuffed toy turtles on the ice next game
  4. With Vegas now not having a representative we can button smash for Hughes all we want but it will be patches With the behind closed doors win
  5. In before the he can’t even make the all star team, fire green crowed come in. almost got it greener! What a difference a 2 weeks make maybe next year
  6. That would be totally unfair to the the players in this division gaining votes but that being said it is absolutely expected because bettman has to have his shinny new toy at the all star game
  7. Marky will be doing McLaren commercials in no time hi, I’m Jacob markstrome and this is my mclaren
  8. If green ends up going to the all star Game but we fire him before the event does he still go asking for a friend