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  1. Everybody says tank, but why? I personally enjoy winning and believe it or not that's the point of the game, if we make the playoffs than we make the playoffs if we don't then We don't besides Bettmans mystery balls at the draft are unpredictable. soooo booooo to the tank crowd and long distant run jumping high fives to the win crowd!
  2. His yakupov still available
  3. Why has sports net not covered any Canucks signings yet??
  4. Package tanev gor landeskog! landeskog horvat Ericsson = sweeeet (providing loui puts the puck at. The right net)
  5. I wonder if it was Canada getting an expansion team, if buttman would give us the vegas treatment or tell us get the players from the local peewee team
  6. For the sanity of CDC, for the love of god take Megna
  7. Tanev and Cbj 2nd for landeskog landeskog horvat together would be fun to watch
  8. Every one and there proposals and new lines! not one person put Megna and his 1 way deal in there lines!
  9. So either way I'm losing a nut? that escalated quickly
  10. I bet my left nut he signs in vegas closer to La starting roll
  11. Trade it for landeskog and sign Kane landeskog horvat boeser Kane Granny Bearcheese sedin sedin Loui cram gaunce dorsett Actually that's one expensive 3rd line blow it up
  12. I would dangle the carrot for sure if it can be used as a big piece like landeskog Landeskog horvat boeser
  13. Kinda hoping for 2nd so that CDC doesn't have a billion page thread on why one was picked over the other!
  14. Well that quickly went from the sea of red to the sea of sad
  15. I bought a mini van today...... am i still a man?