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  2. Send him to the marlies
  3. I look at it as there are two potatoes, we trade our potato for there potato and maybe we get a better potato with a fresh start then the potato that we give up, assuming they through in some gravy for the extra year. potato
  4. I wonder if we will see the debut at the draft
  5. They need a strong top six forward and a strong defence they need a ferland type guy desperately, if they don’t they will be run over and out first round playoffs are physical and Canucks turtle in there shells when the game gets physical, sorry Schaller and virtanen are not the answer, both of them dish but can’t receive
  6. I have a feeling #10 and demko and maybe sutter/jake will be the start of converstion to try and move up Sounds like benning is giddy for Hughes
  7. Trading it to move for a top 3 pick or. Top scoring winger has to be an option
  8. Maple leaf playoff talk not missing anything
  9. All this playoff talk to remind all how much We suck thanks Think they could fill this time in talking with GMs
  10. Canucks will pick between 9-12 and CDC needs to be OK with that
  11. In order for for me canucks flames jets oilers sens canadians leafs