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  1. i find jake likes to toss it to the front of the net all the time most of the time no one is there quick to get get rid of it
  2. Every team in the NHL is set up and expecting THE ONE,THE ONLY! THE DROP PAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
  3. Having troubles thinking who will come out of the line up when roussel returns with Gaudette still on the sidelines I like Leivo and schaller seems to fit line 4 nice and motte deserves a spot and sutter has been great
  4. Schaller playing like roster spots are getting smaller with injury returns
  5. Loui should still have to earn his $$$$ he should be doing renovations in the press box or something
  6. Call me crazy but didn’t like the 3rds in photos but seeing the full uniform I like
  7. Cracked my first Miller highlife of the day! Waiting for game time its Miller time! dont Judge it is 1:00 in Alberta go Canucks go