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  1. Fire green! why is loui playing over_____! tanev injured! should Bo really be the capt? petey needs to shoot more brock is on a slump, trade him? fire benning! I am sooooo ready for all this again
  2. We need ferland but I don’t think we will have the ferland we signed ever again. We need toughness for playoffs and we’re small on the back end, Benn needs to be in
  3. although I don’t completely agree with you....... .....I needed this..... hockey is close go Canucks go! let’s spark up the loui talks
  4. Those oilers jerseys were way better then the POS they wear now
  5. If it continues I will join Tank nation So we can keep our pick and roll the dice in the Draft lottery want nothing to do with a modified season and the thought of going for the cup it would never be respected by anyone and most likely made fun of
  6. Being from Alberta, Calgary just closed the stampede, so social gathering will be In place for most of the summer if not all, I feel sorry for you all in B.C as I originally came from northern B.C. and the okanagan I know how much Alberta floods the province on summer long weekends and if both provinces are closing all major events I would hope they close the provincial boarders if your going most of the way to avoid social gathering then let’s go all the way
  7. I fear nhl starting in empty arenas and plays reduced to best of 3 canucks play amazing and win the cup how ever it is never accepted by media and Canucks get shafted for many years
  8. Alberta closed all non essential services today but hvac keeps going!
  9. No hockey anytime soon, schools and day cares Alberta wide are now closed
  10. Imagine this middle of May or June hockey comes back no season, straight to playoffs, playoffs become best of 3 instead of 7 Vancouver finally wins its first cup but never respected by media or other teams for it as it Was not won traditionally like all other teams calling it now
  11. Think I might learn a second language with all my spare time