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  1. Jake Hockey.
  2. No. That's the problem with professional sports in general. The problem with this team is not scoring more goals than the other team.
  3. To land a pick like that, we're gonna have to give up our 1st pick, a roster player and a prospect. That roster player would probably be Hansen or Tanev, and the prospect would be one of Jensen, Gaunce or Shinkaruk. Hansen, Jensen and a 6th is a heck of a lot to give up considering what's available at the 6th spot. If I were Benning, I'd really try hard to land the 2nd Overall without giving up the 6th, it's a really tough sell, but it's the kind of injection of talent this club needs. Having Horvat, Reinhart and Ritchie coming up in the system would make people forget about our terrible drafting history pretty quick.
  4. I wonder who made this render, hmmm...
  5. sup..did you get that Clarkson PM i sent you? ;]

  6. make that damn 2000th post already, i've been stalking you for like 10 minutes ;)I wana be first to reply lol

  7. im sorry aboot not being canadien eh