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  1. Jake Hockey.
  2. Boston must be bringing in another d-man. This is crazy.
  3. There's no way this deal gets done without some salary coming back to us. Not sure who that might be. Not familiar enough with SJ system.
  4. I can't stay mad at Kes... Good luck, jerkface.
  5. It's not hard to make defenders hesitate and pay attention when you take 8 strides, hit a week late and lead your hits with your fists. Ferland is a borderline NHL player if he's playing within the rules, but he's been allowed to charge, rough, and hit late with absolutely no punishment, that's why he's effective.
  6. Baertschi and Horvat compliment eachother's skills very well, Horvat's ability to gain the blue line with speed and Sven's ability to make plays at high speed and shot are a recipe for a great transition game. The Canucks could have made the game a lot closer had they been able to cash in on just one of a million turnovers.
  7. During the Gillis era, I completely, honestly believe that the Canucks were the victim of unfavorable treatment especially during the playoffs. I don't think a normal person could watch the Chicago series' from years past and say that the officials were being fair and balanced. They just were not, a lot of those games had the rink tilted 90 degrees by the officials. That said, I haven't seen that level of outright bias in at least a year, I've even felt at some times this year that the Canucks have benefited from some questionable officiating. I'm not going to speculate on why this happened, or what caused it. I don't believe in a conspiracy or any kind of mandate to hurt our team, but no one, with no amount of mocking or bull$&!# will change my mind that the officials held a grudge against this team, and that it dramatically affected our playoff chances. The plain, obvious truth is that something went on to cause a rift between the Canucks organization and at least a few selected league officials that most definitely hurt this team on the ice.
  8. This couldn't be a better match-up for the Canucks. Quick, somebody register a trademark for "Johnny Golfing".
  9. No. That's the problem with professional sports in general. The problem with this team is not scoring more goals than the other team.
  10. To land a pick like that, we're gonna have to give up our 1st pick, a roster player and a prospect. That roster player would probably be Hansen or Tanev, and the prospect would be one of Jensen, Gaunce or Shinkaruk. Hansen, Jensen and a 6th is a heck of a lot to give up considering what's available at the 6th spot. If I were Benning, I'd really try hard to land the 2nd Overall without giving up the 6th, it's a really tough sell, but it's the kind of injection of talent this club needs. Having Horvat, Reinhart and Ritchie coming up in the system would make people forget about our terrible drafting history pretty quick.
  11. I wonder who made this render, hmmm...
  12. sup..did you get that Clarkson PM i sent you? ;]

  13. make that damn 2000th post already, i've been stalking you for like 10 minutes ;)I wana be first to reply lol

  14. im sorry aboot not being canadien eh