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  1. "I have a wall chart in every room in my house. I think of new line combinations every day. I have some different ideas..." Looking forward to seeing what Green can do with the team this year!
  2. He didn't with his pull-ups either
  3. Did you mean to say he is a weird dude?
  4. What ever happened to Chris Higgins? I did a google and can't find anything saying he is playing over seas or announcing his retirement either. Did he just hang the skates up quietly?
  5. I wonder if Horvat and Jag would make a good duo together.
  6. I enjoy the occasional hockey fight but I'd be much more happy just seeing team pushback and everyone standing up for each other. That comes down to attitude not size of the player.
  7. Isn't this Subban's last year of being waiver eligible? Defense or not his high scoring in the AHL may lead to a team taking a chance on him if he goes on waivers.
  8. Should take it all the way through till the end!
  9. Anyone else notice the hash tag leads pictures of glass bongs and pipes?
  10. I won't lose any sleep if we don't sign him but to be the other voice.... some people do need to hit bottom to start climbing back up. Kassian is a good example of this. The question would be is he at that point in life though?
  11. Good for him. Couldn't help but always cheer for the underdog.
  12. I haven't watched much of Del Zetto. Is he comparable to Y. Weber?
  13. Well we will have "Toronto in the race for Tavares" shoved down our throats even if they aren't.
  14. They will probably beat Gaunce's time up the mountain. When he did it, he was pushing 265 pounds up as well.
  15. I'm pretty sure GMs would be calling if they put a free sign on Sutter