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  1. Has it ever happened in the playoffs where each team sweeps the other to the finals ? Example if bruins sweep hurricanes. Penguins - islanders - hurricanes - bruins.
  2. Not sure how good the google translate is but “We talked about Ozhiganov and his future return to the KHL many times in our live, only he does not want to and will not be there at CSKA. Goldobin, apparently, will be, and even some interesting lay in the attack. Perhaps Andrigetto, although he was going near Moscow” apparently will be.... he’s made his mind up already?
  3. Well if they bring him up to train with the pros and get a couple games in ..... doesn’t that normally give a rookie a better understanding when it comes to what kind of summer training he needs to focus on. Sometimes it’s a kick in the butt to realize how much they still need to gain. Resulting in harder or better summer training. If he makes some big mistakes in those games it’s not going to ruin him for a life time. It’s a couple games. Not an entire season