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  1. I’m happy with Green. I liked in one of his first interviews when he was hired. He said he has white boards throughout his house so if he gets an idea for a new play, he can start writing it down right away.
  2. I wanted 8 for my family but aimed for 2 for gf and myself and still wasn’t lucky enough ha. Eh I was super pumped and it was really disappointing but at the end of the day it’s a split squad and preseason game. Ill keep my my eyes open but cheapest I’ve seen it $150 for the ones going for 50 lol. The price people are reselling them for I’d rather spend a little more and do a Vancouver trip and watch a real game. Edit ** on my phone not sure why txt got bigger there ha
  3. I was standing in line and trying to buy tickets online and no luck. Rolled out of bed, went straight there and had a camera in my face .... wished I showered lol.
  4. Get rid of Loui Next Barry takes a hometown discount and tryamkin returns. Loose some extra cap weight and we are looking stacked! Ugh intoxicating potential hope
  5. Miller Horvat and Boeser is a sold line if Boeser and Petey aren’t connecting. Can Miller or Pearson play right side very well ? Ferland Petey Boeser Pearson/Miller - Horvat - Miller/Pearson Or we get lucky and Virt improves Miller Horvat Virt
  6. As much as I love Royals team and the staff.... I would be thrilled to see the Utica moved here to Victoria. Would def get season tickets.
  7. Is it against the rules to cut a deal with Marner that the leafs will sign with a little extra if he waits till the LTIR kicks in?
  8. That’s basically addiction summed up. Maybe he met his gf on online?
  9. Also these guys are required to be in peak physical condition for their work. Stop hitting the gym and start getting out of shape. Thinking about the game on the ice etc etc
  10. If your up all night playing games. Lack of sleep. That messes anyone up.
  11. Not to derail but interesting article on signing bonuses being taxed differently than income in Canada and ways for athletes to lessen the tax hit in Canada. Doesn’t help regarding cap hit for Canadian teams though. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thestar.com/amp/sports/leafs/analysis/2019/06/29/for-marner-and-leonard-it-pays-to-know-a-few-contract-shortcuts.html
  12. Has it ever happened in the playoffs where each team sweeps the other to the finals ? Example if bruins sweep hurricanes. Penguins - islanders - hurricanes - bruins.
  13. Not sure how good the google translate is but “We talked about Ozhiganov and his future return to the KHL many times in our live, only he does not want to and will not be there at CSKA. Goldobin, apparently, will be, and even some interesting lay in the attack. Perhaps Andrigetto, although he was going near Moscow” apparently will be.... he’s made his mind up already?