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  1. That is true It should make a difference on a sick person using a mask or not. On the other hand if you are walking down the street yawning and someone sneezes in your direction, you would think a mask would help the situation. I work at a hotel on the island and started wearing a mask just due to the large amount of out of province visitors we have now from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. If there’s a chance it makes a difference, I’d rather have it than not.
  2. Legit question... will there be any follow up on Petey’s head shot or Rousells ball shot?
  3. Anyone have a gif of Horvat winking? I need that for my sig or profile pic! So awesome!
  4. Besides the recent hold, Sutter getting taken out and ball shot earlier... it’s been a solid entertaining game. Back and forth. Lots of yelling at the tv. I like the speed Canucks are playing for the most part. Holding our own against cup champs. Will be an awesome series