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  1. The lines are clicking and hopefully they can keep the magic continuing. Expecting a heavy game which is probably why they are hoping Virtanen and Ferland will feed off each other and start dominating. I think Horvat is finally going getting his first Goal this game. Go Canucks Go!!
  2. Unless you’re Toronto bench a guy so long that some how he is qualified to be sent to AHL for a conditioning stint.
  3. I like the players choosing their own goal songs. We are never really going to find a song clip that everyone as a group loves. Shows a little bit of the players personal music taste or humor with their goal song.
  4. Montreal could claim him back and send him straight to the AHL than
  5. Will Virtanen be as good as Miller in 3 years? Will the pick have the same luck as Juolevi? It could be a Pettersson or a Horvat. Could be a Gaunce or Shinkaruk. Can Miller keep this play up? lots of Variables to make this a gamble. So far based on the start, it is looking good and I’m excited to see how it unfolds!
  6. Awesome feel good game. Hughes looking amazing Miller looking like a steal huge team effort Bo named captain seeing Sedins again snd seeing quick get lit up after so many games in the past where we couldn’t score on him. go Canucks go!!
  7. Ya it Could of been! Just got the memory of hearing them say cap.
  8. I’ve heard that on video clips before. Might of been Hutton and ...Baer?
  9. Refs break up fights but stand there watching a guy get multiple cross checks to the back
  10. What happened at that ranch yesterday? Everyone is hurtin today from it.
  11. Man this whole game has some really sloppy passing and plays in it that being said 11 min we can still win this!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  12. Sky isn’t falling but this is pretty brutal to watch. Bag skate for everyone after this.
  13. Show some urgency guys. Calgary isn’t going to stop blocking the goal the more you stand there
  14. Pearson Pettersson Miller Ferland Horvat Boeser. They can open up the ice for Petey. Miller better at passing than Ferland and Boeser. Ferland plays more Horvat style and Boeser can snipe.
  15. They said Baer was shying away from physical contact... what’s the rest of the teams excuse ??
  16. Is it new ice or something? Puck is bouncing around everywhere
  17. I wouldn’t mind seeing Miller moved up to play with Ferland and Pettersson. He seems to be a pretty cerebral player and I think could mesh and keep up with the passing. Drop Boeser down to play with Horvat and Pearson. More run and gun style where Boeser get in position to snipe while the other 2 bulldoze in. Ferland Pettersson Miller Pearson Horvat Boeser Than if the scoring on lower lines isn’t happening. Maybe try bringing Baertschi back to play with either Horvat and Boeser or Gaudette and Virtanen Leivo on 4th and drop Schaller out. I know only only one game played and chemistry etc need to be built but just an idea.
  18. Only $15 of the $50 is supposedly going to the parks. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4040985
  19. I’m happy with Green. I liked in one of his first interviews when he was hired. He said he has white boards throughout his house so if he gets an idea for a new play, he can start writing it down right away.
  20. I wanted 8 for my family but aimed for 2 for gf and myself and still wasn’t lucky enough ha. Eh I was super pumped and it was really disappointing but at the end of the day it’s a split squad and preseason game. Ill keep my my eyes open but cheapest I’ve seen it $150 for the ones going for 50 lol. The price people are reselling them for I’d rather spend a little more and do a Vancouver trip and watch a real game. Edit ** on my phone not sure why txt got bigger there ha