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  1. At the very least it definitely makes the eyebrows raise at times. Seems very curious more than often.
  2. Omg. Left wing hyperbolic needless overreaction much? Go away. He’s just pissed is all. He’s expressing it. Why bully him? You’re a dink
  3. Demko needs to make some ridiculous Marky saves for this team to win.
  4. He doesn’t hurt us for sure. I like him. Big body. Come playoff time he could pay huge dividends
  5. Weird how the Canucks, like no other team, seem to get reffed like they’re on the road. Time for another shot!
  6. Agreed. I’m saying these lows are happening far too often for a team that wants to be a playoff contender
  7. If it weren’t for the goaltending, this team would really be showing their defensive deficiencies