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  1. That’s a good idea actually lol I’d take the penalty shot over a 3-0.
  2. Well what was he supposed to do then? Stand there and smile? Or handshake the blues player?
  3. Not Marky’s fault, we should’ve scored atleast one on the PP but without Hughes I knew that was impossible. PPQB is probably the most important position on the PP. if Hughes can’t play for an extended period of time our PP is doomed I am afraid
  4. Quinn Hughes better be back or else our PP will suck again for sure without a doubt
  5. Well, he is over a point per game still. His epic scoring pace had slowed down since mid last season. EP is a point per game player despite not exactly scoring like the monster he was in the first half of last season. If he gets hot again, it will push him over a point per game, which is at superstar level. What more can we ask of a 20 years old?
  6. We can’t get anything going. come on boys, I woke up early to watch this.
  7. Great patience there by Petey to deke Binnington. Why isn’t Hughes on the PP??
  8. Omg JT Miller, so good. Why did TB even let him go, he is a legit top 6 and a very nice compliment to top players. He can score, dog out pucks, pass, setup, man the point, screen, tip, he is like an all in one.
  9. This is what Virtanen can do!!! He might not be that top 6 guy but man can he fly
  10. I hope we keep markstrom. There is a sense of calmness when he is on the ice in comparison to demko, thats no matter win or lose he has that presence reminds me a bit of those Luongo days .........
  11. Well it’s hard to call it a slump only 4 games in. I was hoping Petey can score 90 points but it seems a bit far-fetched now. His skills are there it’s just that no one is giving him any time and space and it’s just very hard for anyone to create time and space for themselves without their line mates being super creative With the puck
  12. This jersey is sick, absolutely sick Why can’t we just get rid of the ugly orca already