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  1. Trade boeser to make it work? I don’t know. Boeser seems to be a younger Toffoli but at this time Toffoli is the better player. Brock will net a pretty decent return and will excel in an American market. His slow the puck down style is not a fit on our team it seems.
  2. Slay the dragon game for sure. Bieksa’s stanchion goal game also comes to mind but that win was the introduction and lead up to a very very painful memory. although the Blackhawks game was in the same year but it was a bit further removed from the pain so I would vote for dragon slayer game over sharks game 5 any day.
  3. Don’t buy the forth line role bs to be honest. Better player plays, he should’ve been in instead of Schaller lmao
  4. Give them a break they are kids of healthcare people for crying out loud. So it’s better that doctors, hospital workers and nurses stay home to take care of the kids instead of saving lives? It’s a sacrifice that everybody is making.
  5. Wuhan had extreme measures in place including barely having people on the streets. People go out in biohazard suits and masks with goggles. What is happening here is not nearly as restrictive as Wuhan so I doubt 2 months would do the trick
  6. Honestly at this point I am scared. Scared not because the virus is out there but scared that nobody is doing anything to try to contain it. Say what you want about China and how the virus started there but look at their containment effort and result. I don’t know, I feel like tough times like these call for extreme measures and we should be ready to abide to extreme measures. Stop going on a cruise of traveling to hot zones for god sake
  7. Those vaccines are being made everywhere in the world. A very small percentage of these so called vaccines actually progress to the next stage it seems.
  8. Not weeks on end. We are looking at months or potentially cancellation of the 2020-2021 season. Next time we play again it could be an away game at Seattle. This is not exaggeration boys. It’s getting more serious and won’t change until a vaccine or something is developed.
  9. Did we see the last game of the season against the islanders? Certainly hope not, I wonder how the JT Miller pick situation would play out if our season just ends right there. It’s unfair for the league to just take the standings as they are teams have to play an equal amount of games to can given proper standings
  10. Keep Brock with Horvat. Keep the Petey Miller Toffoli line. Tofu is scoring and skating way better than Brock so far.
  11. It’s about right guys. Demko is just what Demko is, a backup goalie right now. Let’s just put it this way, he is average. Marky please come back
  12. Another landslide close to the end of the season to fall out of a playoff spot. Don’t understand how they can do the same thing year after year