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  1. Without Markstrom we might as well just give up. You don’t develop a guy for 5 years, now that he is finally that solid number one you hoped for, and then not sign him to an extension. It doesn’t make any sense. Demko is a good young goalie but he is not Markstrom. Simple, sign Markstrom, keep Demko as long as you can or just straight up trade Demko for a younger goalie.
  2. Loui has never been a bad player. He’s just not that 6 million dollar player that he was signed to become. His skill set is a solid smart line 2/3 player who makes good plays, not spectacular but good, reasonable plays. He is also good at protecting the puck. Instead of beating the dead horse let’s focus on how much we should pay Brock next for his next extension. I really hate the contract he signed with the Canucks because I can’t see us paying Boeser anything more than his current salary.
  3. He is too injury prone this season and I am afraid he is done. Reason why Carolina let him walk knowing health concerns ?
  4. Ferland sits or be traded. It’s a lot of bad luck involved in this one but sadly, he has been outperformed by everyone else on the team so Ferland will sit or be dealt. Concussion or not he has been a disappointment
  5. Whatever, such a weird game. Can’t win em all let’s get the next one.
  6. KASSIAN you are the man. Damn bro what a showing. Tkachuk is basically another Marchand. Who cares if he costed his team the game, you gotta do what you gotta do to stick up for yourself. I hate when people say this is not dirty. Technically or what? The difference between a clean or dirty hit is so small that it could be by chance sometimes. The hit was malicious and with intent. Kass did the right thing for himself, I think the refs mismanaged the situation. Should’ve called charging on tkachuk to off set the penalty.
  7. Never hated Kes for leaving. What do you want the guy to do? Stay knowing that he will not get another chance? That, you might get from some people who have family ties or a local boy. Kesler was never that person so he did what he had to do. Get over it and stop booing next time he plays here
  8. Let’s just forget this one and move on. Kinda concerned about Boesers inability to score this season. Markstrom had a bad game but our Ds allowed the Lightning guys to shoot for free in the slot area. Again, it’s not the end of the world. We are bound to have a game like this and the streak will end eventually.
  9. I don’t understand why people have to vote for Larkin just because of his comments. Isn’t this kind of childish to on purposely vote him in just because he doesn’t want in?
  10. Granlund has a good career. At 26 he already has over 300 NHL games, not too shabby. He was an average player in the big show but better than almost 90% of all other hockey players. Best of luck, Granny!
  11. Well this is not a comedy forum. And not most are short you dumb piece of .....