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  1. Honestly, I can see a situation where the Canucks trade Demko for a first round pick. Remember Schneider - Horvat?
  2. Just sign Markstrom. Stop with the Demko talk already. This is insane. It took marky like 5 years to get to the peak of his career and now you let him walk for free? Reasons? Knee jerk reaction because of demko’s 3 games in the playoffs? This is insane. I think Demko is good but if you think the window to win is now then Markstrom is the guy to sign.
  3. Virtanen scores 18 and Boeser scored 16. Not sure why......
  4. Jake doesn’t know how to use his body. He relies on speed too much and we can see it. Some players don’t know how to use their body to shield the puck and Jake is one of them. This happens a lot to speedy players it seems. Anyhow, if Jake can sign for the same amount of money like he is now then definitely keep him I’d say.
  5. Jake is what Jake is, a 20 goal scorer third line winger and no more. He will not be top 6 due to lack of hockey sense but he can be a bottom 6 player. Let’s forget about him being in the top 6. I hope he comes back.
  6. I guess if Boeser didn’t shoot it into Lehner’s catching glove........
  7. When will the veteran players contracts expire? Do we have to endure another full year of Sutter, Eriksson, Roussel etc.
  8. Brock will not be earning 7.5 million with us, there is no way we can afford a 20 goal goal scorer 7 million.
  9. Again, Boeser the 6 million dollar sniper was a no show. Shot it right in the middle of the net. I want him to succeed but it looks like his days as a canuck might be over. Think about it, we ain’t gonna sign him to a more expensive contract than this but yet we would have to if we were to resign him. Not happening.
  10. Let’s go for the cup. It’s our time. Peterson and Hughes on cheap contracts. People say we need to wait and develops yada yada yada but my take is we win now. Petey and Hughes are already top 10 players. Experience is overrated. We win tonight and we have a 1/4 odds of winning the cup.
  11. Omg, this game was huge. We didn’t deserve the win at all but got extremely lucky. Maybe a sign of something to come.
  12. How did we get outplayed so bad? Man, these knights they are just on a completely different intensity level.