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  1. What is taking so long for this contract to be signed? If there is no cap space then Benning has to ship out someone to make room. There is no reason to delay the Brock signing. Do whatever you have to do JB and get Brock signed!!!
  2. Reminds me of our days losing to Chicago. We finally got over the hump for one season and 2011 happened. We’ve been to the playoffs three times since and all first round exits. I honestly don’t think experience matters when it comes to the playoffs, our 2012 team was fully experienced and got swept by the 8th seed.
  3. Do we need one more high end guy to compete? With this roster I am afraid we might be a first or second round team even if we manage to sneak in (which is no easy task).
  4. So what about Juolevi? Top 6 is set with Myers and Benn, and that is without Olli
  5. Huge blow. Huge blow I repeat. Schenn is the perfect third pairing guy that we never had. He is one of those guys you need for the playoffs. Can’t we do anything to beat that 700k? I mean, up it to 1 mil?
  6. If Miller is as advertised, a top 6 winger, why did TB use him in the fourth line? I am curious to know
  7. JT Miller is a gamble. If we did this for someone like a Sebastian Aho, sure. But JT Miller is a second liner, not worth the gamble in my opinion. Miller could step into the top 6 but if someone has to come out because the top 6 is not playing well he will be the first one to drop. He is one of those players that can move up and down the lineup, so we are not getting a sure fire top 6. TB used him as a fourth liner. I don’t get this trade
  8. I am curious as to why you said 31 OA. If we give them pick it will automatically become 31?
  9. I mean, what if this turns out to be a 1 OA. Like, let’s not pretend this is impossible. So next year we miss playoffs and don’t give them our pick. The year after we miss playoffs again being last in the league. If that happens, pick some how materializes into 1OA , then what?
  10. Good. We all know deep in our hearts that Ben is a bottom pair guy. Move on from him, good decision by JB on this one.
  11. Edler, by far, is the best Dman this free agency class after karlsson. Reasonable contract, good term. We aren’t lucky to not have to pursue Gardiner or Myers, which we will definitely have to overpay. With Edler we have stability in the backend. Not saying we are set on D but edler is the foundational piece. Now add more Benning, but don’t overpay!
  12. I for one am interested to know why Eriksson failed to perform in a canucks uniform. What went wrong with his game and all. But anyways, move on for the sake of both parties. Think we could get a mid round draft pick for this guy?
  13. Edler deserves to move on to have a chance at the cup. If he signs, great. If not, go on and win a cup and make us proud
  14. Extremely ugly. The logo is too low almost halfway down the jersey, almost like a belly sticking out. Omg, who designed this, there is no aesthetic value in this design whatsoever.
  15. Go blues go. But it’s gonna be a bitter sweet feeling though with the team that hasn’t won’t it before winning it before we do. I just need to see the bruins lose tonight
  16. What was the rat doing on that play which led to the second goal?
  17. Suck it Boston fans you deserve to lose 0-4 tonight, your team sucks.
  18. Will this guy ever crack the Canucks blue line....... it’s been forever since we have drafted him and there is not much progress to speak of. Sure, playing ok in Utica is a good sign but that’s not gonna cut it for a projected top pairing dman. I hope he will prove us all wrong and makes the team right out of the gate next year.
  19. As much as virtanen is a disappointment as a 6 OA I feel like we should keep him. He is a perfect third liner who can play a strong north south game that we need. Is he capable as a top 6? Probably not. But when you look at him as a bottom 6 he is a very good option. I am hoping jake is still with us moving forward and be a Raffi Torres type player.
  20. I don’t think we should go after either of the two given our young core. I doubt any could really do anything that special to revamp our D in a short time. The last thing you want is to get another Eriksson situation. Karlsson maybe, these two i’d pass
  21. I don’t even think that package could land us the third pick to be honest. Juolevi’s value had dropped tremendously and I doubt he goes first round in a re draft. Dipietro I doubt has any value he is too green at this point. 10 OA is not an attractive position to draft at compared to 3. So I would say it’s not a fair deal to the hawks. IMO, we shouldn’t trade demko just for the fact that he is our future starting goalie. Demko is the better prospect than dipietro.
  22. Stop justifying lucic to Vancouver. Him with Petey and Brock is not gonna work, it’s the same as Schaller with Petey and Brock. What’s worse is he was a 2011 Bruin. He isn’t better than Eriksson and has an extra year. Big fat no.
  23. How about no? Erikssen is better than Lucic and Lucic was on the 2011 bruins team. The idea of any player on that team playing for us makes me vomit blood