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  1. I don’t even think that package could land us the third pick to be honest. Juolevi’s value had dropped tremendously and I doubt he goes first round in a re draft. Dipietro I doubt has any value he is too green at this point. 10 OA is not an attractive position to draft at compared to 3. So I would say it’s not a fair deal to the hawks. IMO, we shouldn’t trade demko just for the fact that he is our future starting goalie. Demko is the better prospect than dipietro.
  2. Stop justifying lucic to Vancouver. Him with Petey and Brock is not gonna work, it’s the same as Schaller with Petey and Brock. What’s worse is he was a 2011 Bruin. He isn’t better than Eriksson and has an extra year. Big fat no.
  3. How about no? Erikssen is better than Lucic and Lucic was on the 2011 bruins team. The idea of any player on that team playing for us makes me vomit blood
  4. RIP Jason, you were great for so many years and gone way too soon. Feel for the family but please let time heal all wounds
  5. Ok so I said something about Hutton. Who is the other ‘maybe” candidate on our team? Hutton. So Stetcher chosen over Hutton informs my understanding of Stetcher over Hutton. What is the big deal here ? Lol
  6. Good job. He is better than Hutton thats for sure
  7. Heck of a player for us. You almost hoisted the cup Jannik, didn’t just because of bad luck and league bias. Happy retirement !
  8. Honestly how does the Bruins do it. Every game 7 I’ve watched involving Boston they have won. Like how... how can someone please enlighten me
  9. There’s no way I can cheer for the Bruins. The devastation they caused was too much for the city to bear. I am cheering hard for the leafs to win this series. They have a really good team right now, the Canucks can only dream they can have that sort of lineup.
  10. I do not agree with the pure desire and need for size. Size is overrated, someone with good size doesn’t necessarily win the puck battles. You need players that are willing to play a particular style and show that compete level and intensity, some smaller guys do it well too. Size alone means nothing if the player is big and slow and clumsy
  11. I used to think Mcdavid but seeing the Avs in these playoffs....... it’s Mackinnon
  12. Just stay put. Hughes is not a can’t miss talent like a macdavid or mackinnon. What if he turns out to be hischier? Another problem is the brother tandem thing could be a mistake. What if we need to trade one and we can’t, what if both want to leave and we can’t get fair value for both etc etc sedins was the best brother tandem in the history of pro sports. It will not happen again, let it pass.......
  13. I don’t know If it’s just me but for some reason I think mackinnon might be better than macdavid. Call me crazy but mackinnon is an absolute beast and he is so much stronger. He is also really in control of his body, Mcdavid tends to be too fast sometimes to a point where he leaves himself only with one option, which is to drive the net.
  14. I can’t understand the lack of emotion and disappointment displayed by the flames as a whole. I start to realize that players and coaches don’t want it as much as the fans do
  15. It’s not even worth it this draft imo. Be mindful that Hughes has never been seen as a big time talent like the Mcdavids, Matthews or Eichels. It’s not worth it at all, he might end up just being Hischier
  16. That’s a very very interesting situation. But no, Quinn is a special player and one that we haven’t had for decades. So we will keep him unless they give us Hall straight up.
  17. 10 plus boeser might be more realistic but are you willing to take a gamble? Don’t think so
  18. I am shocked that some posters think he won’t be this good right away. Wrong, top end talents like Petey, Hughes and Boeser perform straightaway. It’s not even that big of an adjustment for them to step in and play in the big league. The real challenge is the grind of the season and the physicality. Our top young talents almost all have jumped in and performed immediately, mostly D + 1. So are the other teams top end talents, the waiting game for them to “develope” is sometimes over managing, or over coaching, whatever you call it. If a young top end talent doesn’t make the team then they are usually mistakes. We seem to have one like that in the system now, but I hope he can still make it work somehow, there is still hope. Watching Hughes for five games, I do believe we finally have a bonfide top pairing PP QB. We waited for decades to have someone like Hughes.
  19. I seriously hope Petey wins it but binnington is really really really close behind..... it’s a 60/40 in favor of EP
  20. Gaudette at this point belongs in Utica. He doesn’t add anything to the team we can only hope that he can somehow develope to a third line center but it’s a long shot
  21. Petey has all the offensive talent in the world but just that they don’t retrieve the puck. You don’t score if you don’t have the puck in the o zone. Part of it is fatigue I guess. He should win the Calder anyways, can’t imagine a goalie who hasn’t played 30 game so or less winning the Calder when every other player has atleast 60 games
  22. Anyone care to dissect what’s wrong with Petey and the first line for the last 25 games or so? My theory is that they have not been able to get the puck at all, loses almost all of the 50/50 battles. When you can’t retrive the puck you can’t score.
  23. Ok guys is Petey injured...... it’s been around 20 games now that he hasn’t been himself