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  1. I feel like banning wants to go for it. Not make the playoffs but he wants a cup run I feel like
  2. Stecher wtf!!? You cost 3 goals directly for the opponent for the past two games.
  3. Stecher was horrendous today, he also provides basically zero offense
  4. Coming off a shut out where marky made 49 saves we put in Demko to lose this game... sigh
  5. To those who think we don’t need to sign markstrom are insane. He is the reason this team is this good this season.
  6. Well you have to solve the contract problem let’s face it he is done. Move on and save as much money and cap as we can. This is not a feelings league for sympathy, it is a what you can do on the ice for me type of league. No one gets paid like 3 million to sit around
  7. Just bury him in the minors. This is the reality boys. Ferland is no longer a player In the NHL.
  8. This has also gotta be a lesson learned for clubs looking to sign players with concussion history. You just can’t commit unless there is clear evidence that he can do it. Ferland should’ve been signed to a one year league minimum kind of contract to begin with. He had the same issues last year.
  9. I wonder what the cap implications are for ferland’s situation. Can we put him on long term IR and save the money that we signed him to? Let’s forget getting ferland back we need to cut lost and not be trapped by this contract
  10. He’s been on a slump since season 2 and has never been out of it...... most fans can’t seem to accept that reality and calls it a slump when it is just what he is. Brock is a second line winger. I know, it’s hard to stomach but it is what it is.
  11. I don’t understand why people are still asking why though. BBs play has been the same way since his sophomore year.
  12. I was critical of Gaudette in his rookie campaign but I like him now as a 3C of this team. I think he is ready to replace Sutter
  13. Of coz... Brock misses on one end as usual and tkachuk comes back and scores immediately on the other
  14. Can anyone sue Schaller for fraudulent misrepresentation for claiming to be a hockey player?
  15. I don’t know why people aren’t being critical of BB at this point in the season after signing a massive contract. He’s not done anything at all the whole season and now without EP he can’t even score a goal. How frustrating is that , he is supposed to be our top scorer but now he can’t even pop a wide open freebie shot in the slot. It’s not just the goal scoring but he is also notorious for making some questionable passes and being slow of his feet
  16. Don’t mind it, old school stuff way more gutsy than our guys