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  1. Zero scoring chances. Top line is not to be seen. All players weaknesses on display. Slow, boring, lackluster penalty kill. Offense no where to be found. Defense sucks. Absolute garbage
  2. Done with this team. Haven’t seen this sort of garbage since the last game
  3. Does boeser ever win any puck battles? Just curious
  4. I think our team is done this year. No way we can even be close to being in the playoffs
  5. Honestly I have never seen this type of embarrassment in life
  6. When will Brock wake up and finally do something for god sake. Wher has he been for the past 5 weeks
  7. How can we suck so much ? Like seriously, what’s the logic behind it.
  8. Heck even Eriksson should be in the lineup over guys like Schaller, MacEwan and etc. I just don’t like this 4th liners do what 4th liners do BS.
  9. Honestly I don’t get this crap. We have Schaller in the lineup for heaven sake and can’t slot in baertschi?
  10. Is marky in tonight, if not then I ain’t watching. No offense to Dipietro but he is not ready
  11. Ok come on Burkie EP should be ahead of Hughes lol I would swap EP and Hughes
  12. Well Bo is different because Bo is an all around beast whereas Brock is not a beast but a scorer who is paid 6 mil just to shoot the puck into the net. Brock should be a consistent 25 goal scorer In this league but our expectations of him was sky high based on how he came into the league scoring so many goals. Based on that, we are now left feeling what the heck.
  13. Is it the wrist injury? He hasn’t scored one of those wrist shots since his rookie season which was 3 years ago
  14. I think JT might be the best overall player on the Canucks. Not saying he is better than Pettersson talent wise but Miller has that veteran presence that our young guns can look to and rely on
  15. I think it has to do with mentality but then again if it’s that simply explained then it wouldn’t be that difficult to defend it. Probably a combination of mentality of the leading team + the other team stepping it up knowing they are down. It’s really not something that can be explained.
  16. Am I the only one who likes the Eriksson on line 2 idea? I feel like this is the only way that Eriksson can be useful, when he scores and make plays not defend.
  17. Jake, such a stud. Fast and strong like a bull. He is gonna be a great second/third liner in his career, although he is not that first line winger we had hoped for but he certainly has found his place in the game
  18. I haven’t seen him since his rookie season. You?
  19. Disgrace can they stop playing for god sake..... this is just outright embarrassing
  20. zero shots after half a period. So good. We have been playing like this since that game against preds, totally obliterated 5 on 5 hockey