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  1. Jake, such a stud. Fast and strong like a bull. He is gonna be a great second/third liner in his career, although he is not that first line winger we had hoped for but he certainly has found his place in the game
  2. I haven’t seen him since his rookie season. You?
  3. Disgrace can they stop playing for god sake..... this is just outright embarrassing
  4. zero shots after half a period. So good. We have been playing like this since that game against preds, totally obliterated 5 on 5 hockey
  5. Sure, but at the same time the Preds are also on a downward spiral like we are and dominated us for the entire game 5 on 5. Our team is very weak 5 v 5 right now it’s very concerning, you can’t go 5 for 7 on the PP every game.
  6. Ok this is not a game we won but a game they lost. We didn’t deserve this W so our team is not out of the woods yet. They are struggling big time 5 on 5 and got outshot 2:1
  7. It looks more and more like OJ is one of those extremely unlucky prospects that will never get a taste of the big league due to various factors. Who knows how good he can be if not for the injuries? I thought the Canucks coaches could’ve forced the issue at season’s start to keep OJ and let him be the 7th guy here but that boat had sailed. Just give the guy a game, it’s just so sad right now what is happening to OJ
  8. If we keep sliding I am afraid our playoff hope this year is done. We have what, like 2 wins the entire month?
  9. You are not the only one. He has been this way since his breakout year and I usually don’t expect him to do anything. If he does, good. If not, not surprising at all with his average and uncreative play.
  10. What’s wrong with our team, they are just playing like crap now
  11. That’s a good idea actually lol I’d take the penalty shot over a 3-0.
  12. Well what was he supposed to do then? Stand there and smile? Or handshake the blues player?
  13. Not Marky’s fault, we should’ve scored atleast one on the PP but without Hughes I knew that was impossible. PPQB is probably the most important position on the PP. if Hughes can’t play for an extended period of time our PP is doomed I am afraid
  14. Quinn Hughes better be back or else our PP will suck again for sure without a doubt
  15. Well, he is over a point per game still. His epic scoring pace had slowed down since mid last season. EP is a point per game player despite not exactly scoring like the monster he was in the first half of last season. If he gets hot again, it will push him over a point per game, which is at superstar level. What more can we ask of a 20 years old?
  16. We can’t get anything going. come on boys, I woke up early to watch this.
  17. Great patience there by Petey to deke Binnington. Why isn’t Hughes on the PP??