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  1. shutting down the world for an " extreme" flu is &^@#ing ridicilous .. Ive lost so much money on the market also.. and to cope with everything being &^@#ed.. everything is just not happening.. what a boring road to the end of the world.
  2. we didnt lose cause we are young. we lost cause our older players fukd up.. so its like the opposite..
  3. or 3-3.. my thoughts also . however.. could have at least survived 3 more minutes if not for roussel taking the dumbest pointless penalty I have seen in a while at the absolute worst time in a game.. bizzare how these guys get paid millions of dollars to play worse then guys in my beer league.. OH BUT THEY SKATE FASTER,, cool
  4. loui missed the pass through him for the tieing goal on the PK.. Guys in my beer league rarely do that ..
  5. All the bad plays aside.. That trip was unbelievable.. way to blow a game benched rest of season IMO bye
  6. I voted yes to markstrom vezina.. Im not even a homer,, If he ups his game even 5% he has a strong chance.. Lead me to think.. who else right now is running for the vezina? .. also fuk vaselineski .. tampa bay doesnt
  7. In no order, cause it all blends together at this point First Bure game. knowing we had a gem, I was so excited.. When Luongo Trade was announced (to our team lol)..,.was beside myself.. Both SC finals series. All the games leading up to it were exciting. Burrows dragon slayer- we were losing our minds.. And now, seeing we finally have a franchise Dman Quin Hughes,. First time in team history. I could tell he could be great after his first game , and so far not disappointing. Elias Peterson in there also for current excitement.. Pretty excited for our current team, Could be more consistent, but I like the team when we are playing well.
  8. comparing luongo to kesler? Luongo was easily the best goalie we have had in franchise history. One of the only goalies ever to be named a captain. Helped us to get to the SC finals.. yes he "chocked" but pretty hard to blame him for us getting SHUT OUT.. FFS some people are clueless.. YES to Luongo in ring of honor.. No to kesler.. Sorry, he was good but not "great"
  9. this would be the best thing possible.. I hope it happen.. dont protect him ? perfect
  10. I have been vocal about some bad FA signing from Jim ( too much too high ) but his drafting is second to none. He has built an extremely well balanced deep team. Not without a bit of luck though. Quinn Hughes and Elias Peterson, Along with JT miller have transformed the team.. Without those three guys, the team would just not be as good. But when you can support young generational players with with the group we have. That is a very good recipee for a team to play well together. And the Canucks of late have changed their style a lot. Props to Green maybe reading the forums. I ranted about the dump chase style.. And what happened??? they stopped dumping it in. Its been amazing to watch the shift. Its like they all grew some swagger after watching Hughes Dangle so often... Now I also complained about our Dmen playing goalie.. ANd they stopped doing that also.. and now we are winning.. If our defense can tighten up a little more. We are going to the conference final. What team In our conference will beat us ? Name one? .. I say colorado, and St. Louis .. Every other team I am confident nucks will win.
  11. sorta won the Quin Hughes draft year also. Great drafting by Benning and Co. indeed
  12. called it to pull markstrom at the second goal.. Hes not on his game tonight.. guess this game is over.. save me a couple hours to stop now lol.. 4 goals on 14 shots? ..
  13. 3 goals on 8 shots ,. maybe not his fault. but still. one offside still let it past