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  1. LOL! i didnt turn the game off fast enough .. so of course they scored again
  2. ... guess im done for the night .. I feel like me watching makes the Canucks lose.. lol a real rush play with a one timer.. how come i only see other teams do that ?
  3. 100% benn .. take a swing at the puck just like the dallas guy .. what are you doing with your foot ?
  4. defensemen trying to play goalie also instead of clearing the rebound.. drives me nuts
  5. 2 man advantage and nothing.. just brutal guys.. brock boeser thinking hes a defensmen now with slaps from the point?? wtf are you doing!!! 2 man advantage and you put in shots I would save.. dont really understand what is going on with these guys, but that was the worst 2 man advantage ive ever seen giver or take a few.. kinda mad now aint gonna lie! lol coach should probly mention that when you have a 2 man advantage with years of time, you should probly make sure you pass it around for a real scoring chance. how many times has brock scored with a slap shot from the blue line?.. unbelieveable
  6. the old NHL rules is insane! great video . brings back so many memories... dam the old NHL was dirty and it was all good! lol.. compared to now.. Bure looks alot like McDavid.. but even better.. edit: haha I write this and then scroll up.. yea
  7. I am now mad that this is not our regular Jersey... Please bring back
  8. TheNewGM

    Fun Fact

    Teh Canucks started losing when Loui Erickson rejoined the lineup.. Coincidence? . Not blaming him , but its still true
  9. The Canucks arrived.. and then left.. absolutely garbage play last few games. Its weird how an entire team to a man can just start to suck and not play as well all of a sudden. They look really bad out there..Anyway.. excitement is gone now dunno if they're all battling the flu or something..