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  1. Canadiens fans give Price "bronx cheer"..again...

    That's pretty much their gimmick, obnoxious sports "analysts". The one really bugs me, can't remember if it's Tid or Sid, but the fat little Italian greaseball who acts like a special needs child... Definitely a far cry from Steve Kouleas when he was a host on the Score...he sucked at TSN though.
  2. Mikhail Sergachev , best Dman 2016 draft?

    To be fair, it was pretty much acknowledged by everyone that Sergachev was the more offensively talented of the two, Juolevi was the safe choice. Sergachev is looking real good (Which is good for me, I own him in a keeper league ^.^ ) but way to early to say who will be the better overall D. Juolevi will likely not beat Serg with offensive numbers but he could develop into a Suter type D, plays ton of minutes, all situations and puts up respectable numbers.
  3. Meanest things your parents have ever said to you

    Well, not something mean she said to me, but my mom made me give away my favorite stuffed animal when I was about 8 or 9 to her friends daughter that wanted it... Another time, my Dad ripped my then favorite stuffed beaver to pieces in front of me when i was about 11. Fun times..., thx TC *Cries alone in the bathtub*
  4. [Signing] Panthers re-sign Michael Matheson all I can say. Did Flordia learn nothing from Ekblad's contract? Matheson is a very good young D who in a couple years time, may be worth his weight in gold with that contract...or he could flounder as many promising young players do, never live up to the hype/potential and this contract will be horrible. No idea why they did this, he still has 2 years left on his ELC, my god, watch him play this year and then if you have to pony up a little bit more cash, then do so.
  5. Good feel story

    Goodfellas + Toy Story = Good feel story ... ... I want that movie to happen now
  6. [Report] Tom Wilson suspended 4 games

    He's starting to get a reputation, he's going to be suspended a lot more over the next few years if he doesn't change his game a bit.
  7. Horvat? Do We Really Need Him?

    @CanChunks Do we really need him??
  8. [Report] Robby Fabbri will miss the entire 2017-18 season

    Fabbri out, Steen out for the first couple weeks anyways, Sanford out for the first month or two. Think Klim Kostin makes the team? They just released Beau Bennett to waivers as well, bodies are opening up, also forgot Berglund is out til end of 2017.
  9. Versace rips off old Canucks logo?

    $860 for that, lol...could almost buy TWO hockey jersey's for that
  10. Top 30 Current NHL Players - Completed List

    Yay, glad Eichel made it on that list, even if it was 30th. Give it two years and he'll be in the top 10 in this list. I think few people can argue with 1-10, maybe a player here and there, but no huge omissions in my eyes.
  11. No surprise they went under, I mean what kid didn't want a real DICK TRACY toy car with SIRENS for $40.00 in the 90's!? Wonder if the one in Willowbrook Mall will close down. Would suck for them, 2nd anchor store they've lost after Target imploded and was never replaced.
  12. Roman Josi named captain of Nashville Predators

    Wow, 8 captains already in their history? Next season is only their 19th in NHL, that's almost a new captain every 2 years lol. Josi does deserve it though, great player. Tom Fitzgerald 98-02 Greg Johnson 02-06 Kimmo Timonen 06-07 Jason Arnott 07-10 Shea Weber 10-16 Mike Fisher 16-17 Roman Josi 17-??? errr...I think Josi is only their 7th Captain lol, all resources I've looked at have only listed 6 previous captains, way to go Nashvile twitter! I guess 7 in 19 years isn't as bad as 8, still a high turnover though.
  13. Top 30 Current NHL Players - #28

    Vote Eichel Nominate Rasmus Ristolainen
  14. Top 30 Current NHL Players - #24

    Josi Nominate JACK EICHEL - Will be criminal if he is not in the top 30 skaters. @SabreFan1 Where you at?!??!