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  1. All the fringe guys (except JV) would clear waivers anyway IMO.If Adam has earned it, then play him. LE will be kept to kill penalties @ 6 mill per (untradeable). Bye Goldy and Schaller, maybe Motte as well if another guy can kill penalties for him. Pretty sure JB is trying to get a trade to reclaim something for these guys, but good luck with that.
  2. Hard to compete with totally different tax implications. The league should be looking for parity on that issue as it is a huge bargaining chip.
  3. Any Fantasy hockey sites other than Yahoo or Fantrax?

    1. Jaku
    2. Jaku

      Jaku for deeper pools.

    3. groovy


      Thanks Jaku!

  4. I hope Jake has trained hard and can take a page out of Roussel, Miller(?) and Ferland`s book to provide some crash and bang all over the place. Nowhere to hide wolfpack mentality would win a lot of games.
  5. Well spotted (It was cocktail hour)! The first bar/restaurant I entered in Vilnius a guy came in carrying his hockey gear and sticks, so I struck up a conversation. I have been to Riga as well, where you can admire more Russian architecture.
  6. Actually, yes. Spent a week in and around Vilnius. Even got used to the bow ties fairly quickly.
  7. Quite the neck on ole Jimbo, especially compared to Freddy boy. Same barber apparently though after all these years! Loyalty can be a good thing.
  8. Best fantasy hockey site for making a wager?

    1. Master Mind

      Master Mind

      Fantrax hands down

    2. groovy


      Thanks! I will check it out. I have been on Yahoo for fun but since I am in Sweden they won`t let me bet money.

  9. If this is so, then Jimbo is definitely all-in on a contract extension for himself.
  10. Acquiring Miller provides immediate help and cost certainty for 4 years at a reasonable cap hit. Would have preferred two 2nds rather than a 1st but there may have been other suitors. Hopefully Juolevi is ready to step in and contribute this season. If so we could be pushing hard for the playoffs this year. JB answers to FA and his job is on the line. That affects decision making. I just hope we don't blow the load on UFA that becomes another Loui contract crippling the team down the road. Go Nucks.
  11. You`re pushing 39 000 posts and you have a wife? LOL
  12. If you find long and tedious posts with no sense of reality "fun" then good for you. I just find them tiresome. Still waiting for Dane Fox...
  13. Wow. And the chances of it playing out like this are...?
  14. I would expect some serious Yakupov gag reflex.