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  1. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    64-70 points will see us back at the casino hoping for Lady Luck to finally appear. Hopefully the games are close at least.
  2. [Proposal]

    Don`t think JB will be moving out picks for the Vancouver draft to start with. Otherwise my proposal would include a big bag of whatever you got.
  3. Not implying we should have signed him, only that the numbers may likely prove a better deal than our 6 Million Dollar Man.
  4. Here's what we got now !

    Not sure why people are slotting Beagle in ahead of Sutter. Beagle has 13 goals as a high while Brandon has twice scored 21. Last season beagle had 7 goals in 79 games while Sutter had 11 in 61 games. Beagle will not be providing offence, but is very good on the draws and kills penalties.
  5. I read Vegas offered 6,5 but maybe only 2 or 3 years. If Neal can produce for a couple more years it beats our 6 x 6 penalty killer.
  6. Toni Utunen | D

  7. [report] canucks not qualifying derrick pouliot

    More likely Hughes has stated he wants to go pro now.
  8. Quinn Hughes | D

    They should have traded down to 10/11 th since they were going off the board. Thanks Arizona!
  9. Hopefully someone drops into JB`s loving arms, but if not we`ll still grab a huge building block. Also hope we can pluck another "Cole Lind " (on D) with the second. Would be great to garner some extra picks over the next year heading into the 2019 draft in Van. Life is but a dream, dream , dream , dream...
  10. I get your point, but not sure this guy mentally can handle more of what he has gone through in Buffalo. Similar with John Tavares maybe, that the losing starts to suck it out of you and you need a fresh start. At some point we need to add but I don`t see us being close enough this season for a big splash but maybe you are right. I prefer to stockpile the young talent and see who can break through in the next couple of seasons given lots of opportunity.
  11. Ok, but is the team hitting its prime? He has already admitted the losing is killing his love for the game. He needs to go to a contender apparently.
  12. No thanks. O`Reilly will be done by the time the team is ready to compete. Please stick to the program people.
  13. What`s the weather for tomorrow? Like a zillion what ifs. Half these prospects will never make it. Why is Tryamkin coming back? Both Tavares and Karlsson want to play here? These projected line-ups seriously are absurd. You at least have a good grasp on who is in the system, but let`s wait and see how they pan out, please.
  14. Caps in 6. They just smothered Tampa`s fire power and knocked off the mighty Pens finally. Too much experience and a deeper team. Slight edge in net to Vegas as well as a "nothing to lose" attitude, but the Caps won`t be denied.
  15. Maybe. That`s the guy on the outside looking in. Wasn`t it Buff who threw Kane`s crap into the shower when it was announced he was off to Buffalo?