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  1. If this is so, then Jimbo is definitely all-in on a contract extension for himself.
  2. Acquiring Miller provides immediate help and cost certainty for 4 years at a reasonable cap hit. Would have preferred two 2nds rather than a 1st but there may have been other suitors. Hopefully Juolevi is ready to step in and contribute this season. If so we could be pushing hard for the playoffs this year. JB answers to FA and his job is on the line. That affects decision making. I just hope we don't blow the load on UFA that becomes another Loui contract crippling the team down the road. Go Nucks.
  3. You`re pushing 39 000 posts and you have a wife? LOL
  4. If you find long and tedious posts with no sense of reality "fun" then good for you. I just find them tiresome. Still waiting for Dane Fox...
  5. Wow. And the chances of it playing out like this are...?
  6. I would expect some serious Yakupov gag reflex.
  7. I expect Jimbo to trade down from what I have been hearing from his interviews. They must have someone on their radar from the tier 3 group at around 15 is my guess. Not sure what could be acquired to move down though. A 3rd?
  8. Ohhh BooBoo, not again. How dare they? Here`s some marshmallows to stick in your piggy bank. That always makes you feel better.
  9. I am willing to bet it does not turn out this way Alf. Name your wager. Ditto My list 1. Kakko 2. Hughes 3. Byram 4. Dach 5. Turcotte 6. Cozens 7. Zegras 8. Boldy 9. Krebs 10. Newhook 11. Podkolzin 12. Boldy 13. Caulfield
  10. Slightly different "toughness" element. Reaves is probably top 3 tough guy in the league (and soon to be extinct). Jake has withered on the vine after his big hit junior video collection IMO. Is he really a "power foward" or just a bigger body who plays soft? Jake can skate and may produce 20 goals if he raises his low water mark night to night, but I really don`t see power forward in his game to compare him to Reaves`old-school toughness. My 2 cents.
  11. Agree with much of this but believe it is too early to make a big UFA splash. We`re not contenders next year either way. We need to get Brock and Petey signed long term and see where we are at with cap space. I personally think EK is a huge risk given his recent health and the huge cost. Stick to the plan... draft and develop. Obviously some wiggle room if we get close to contending. Until then weaponize any cap space and be creative. We still have quite a ways to go.
  12. We are sitting in a good place in this draft. Someone will drop that JB can pounce upon. Hopefully not Caufield though.
  13. You don`t see that as a potential problem for a defenceman?
  14. Wouldn`t Marelau have a NMC? Take him on for a year but TO needs to pay for it.