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  1. Maybe this should be a post-career and/or retirement award which keeps ex-players connected to community and the league. Unless, like Alex, you are injured a lot the focus needs to be on helping the team win. Let the girl friend do the bulk of the charity work while playing through the grind of a season. Great to recognize community contributions but these guys already have their plate full IMO. Perhaps you get recognition at the end of your career or in retirement if you choose to take on that role. Just my 2 cents worth.
  2. Hope the planets shall align, but won`t know until the morning. Fingers crossed for sure! Top 3, come on.
  3. Would love to learn more about your charity work! I`ll put up 1000 kr (about $150 plus) towards Doctors Without Borders who do great work internationally for a top 3 pick.
  4. Jimbo struggles to find good value in these signings so stay clear. Try to get a couple more picks if you want to cut bait with guys like Goldy or whoever. We are not ready to contend for jack at the moment.
  5. Lottery rank should be at 7 or 8. Time for Lady Luck to smile upon us.
  6. How about adding 10 lbs of muscle while maintaining the skating.
  7. They should have traded down to 10/11 th since they were going off the board. Thanks Arizona!