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  1. Canucks release 2018-19 preseason schedule

    Any updates on when the preseason tix will go on sale?
  2. This might sound a tad crazy BUT

    He's a great wheeling defence-man, he can easily deke out multiple players in the offensive zone. He will be deadly on the pp if he can play the same in the NHL. He was great at the summer showdown. I'd rather keep him on D and have hime open up shooting lanes and make the other team collapse and create scoring chances from the point and slot.
  3. How to approach Edler about waiving his NTC

    No point, just wait for his contract to end. Otherwise we have no LH D for our top pairing. Juolevi isn't ready and needs to gain more weight. He's unlikely to waive anyways.
  4. NBA Discussion

    I agree with everything up to keeping the Sedins longer, but im not sure if anyone would've given Benning picks for them.
  5. NBA Discussion

  6. Oracle predicts we win the Cup this season or next

    CDC brown-nosing Benning so hard they cant even breathe...
  7. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    Virtanen belongs on the top 2 lines. Putting him on the fourth line will screw up his development more than it has already been screwed up. First rounders should start on the top two lines for proper development. Other teams do this, but stupid canucks logic = you start at fourth line become a good checker, get promoted to third line and become a grinder/scorer, then get promoted up to secondary and primary scoring which makes 0 sense. (not saying all canucks coaches did this) but the last two have.
  8. NBA Discussion

    Ya'll got your Raptors tickets?
  9. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    Can't thank you enough!
  10. HFboards is older posters who aren't homers no offence. CDC is on average a younger crowd.
  11. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    He'll be too old when the rebuild is complete
  12. Battles at camp

    Our lw depth is weak so those will probably be aging players. For Centers we will eventually have Horvat/Petterson/Gaudette/Sutter or Beagle RW we will eventually have Boeser/Lind/Virtanen/Archibald Current depth of LD (right handed d) is pretty weak as well.
  13. 4 Year Term is Fine!

    Benning "We want to be the youngest team in the league," then proceeds to sign a bunch of useless FA