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  1. i mean which team has forth liners combined for 20million. Which other team has this. Look at the leafs, they chance to win was when matthews and Marner making elc but know they have taken a step back because bought of them have signed 10 million dollar contracts. This should have been the window for the canucks to load up and make a run before petey and quinn start making 20plus
  2. when your assistance gm is the guy who bragging to other teams that they selected the next joe nieuwendyk in Mark Jankowski and almost signed O Reilly to that offersheet where he needed to go through waivers i am not surprised this is start
  3. we should not even be in this situation. This the problem and the only reason for trading him
  4. one third is overpayment, Who the hell pays beagle and rousell a combined 6 million. Who gives a 5 year extension to player that never played a game for us. For sign a player with concussion history to a contract no team was going to give
  5. Boeser was a NCAA guy. Judd Bracket was the main Ncaa scout. Benning already ready traded Madden another Ncaa guy and is not signing rathbone another ncaa guy. All these guy were Brackets picks Benning is getting rid of any connection to Judd
  6. Sekeres: Benning doesn't want to face the criticism of letting Toffoli walk and they have a pressing desire to sign him.
  7. Fire Benning!!!!!

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    2. Roger Neilsons Towel
    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      ain’t he got no learnin. i take it, that if he owned the team, he’ld fire benning. maybe the owners should hire this spamfan to help them make their decisions. 

    4. CanuckleHorse


      Oh please we the real fans know the haters don’t like that Benning is  putting together a contender.

  8. Thanks Jimbo!!!!!!!!! Beagle, Erikkson, Sutter, Bartschi, Rousell are really worth it. They are so much better then Brock Fire this clown
  9. Because of overpaying plugs and forth liners we have come to this.