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  1. from my experience of losing 160 pounds, losing more than 10 per month is extremely unlikely. As others have said, 90% of weight loss is diet related so dont go too crazy on the exercise. I was able to do 12 per month for a while but it became unhealthy. To lose 100 took me a year, the next year i got the other 60 but it was much harder to do than the first year. The key thing will be to control your eating. Once you have that managed you will lose weight even without exercise until you get within 50ish pounds of the normal weight range.
  2. does his shootout goal tonight count as a goal in the stats? Can never remember if they count
  3. Anyone else think the new NHL website is rather ugly?

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    2. yoshiyoshi


      i just hope they put the team logo links back up there, i dont like having to actually click the drop down to get to this page

    3. Toni Zamboni

      Toni Zamboni

      did it get into a fight with a snow blower? yikes thats awful now.

    4. milk and honey

      milk and honey

      was hoping for more colour not more white.  layout is bad as well. Foxsports.com/nhl seems to be the best website. Although now a days i use 99% of the time some sport app. Never really went to nhl.com other then odd standing check.