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  1. theres supposedly an earnings report on friday, but you may have to wait until august for the toy deal to see any serious gains again. They stomped it into the ground last week and killed all the faith in the stock.
  2. Biotech scares me, i feel even more incompetent trying to figure out these than other stuff. I think i lost money on almost every one i picked up.
  3. 4 weeks ago. And sorry i wasnt really meaning that. I know 36k is &^@#ing awesome. The problem is with me. I should be happy about this but i feel like i lost 100k because of that sudden drop from 11 last week. This is totally a mental issue on my part. I generally dont see what i have only what i missed out on.
  4. I lost 25k in my investments due to the covid crash which was made worse by me not pulling my money out of my investments through the bank until mar 23 which worked out to be the worst day of the year to do it. I would have probably almost fully recovered by now just doing nothing. So the lack of control over my money made me want to start doing this, ive actually been interested in it for years but have been too scared. I hopped on the VTIQ train as soon as i got access to my money for direct investing but ended up dropping 5k in the next 2 days. Fortunately that came back up in price a week or so later and i also tried various other stocks but most of them were losses and ERI and the VTIQ recovery brought me back to even for a day. Then i was down 4k again and saw that the GNUS stock i looked at and said ha thats not going anywhere, had basically doubled in price the last week. So basically my goal was to recover my losses at first. Then i started getting hopes of striking it rich but yeah, I am not suited to taking such risks the past 2 weeks have shown me. Even when it was climbing like crazy i was still freaking out. Im gonna take some time away from this and try much smaller short term investments, as it seems i cant even handle a 2 week one.
  5. yeah i put 34k USD which was everything i had. At the time i needed a 30 cent increase to recover all my losses from all the trades since i started. There was an offering the day before that dropped the price down by a dollar and the previous 3 offerings all hit new highs in the days after them. So i took a big risk and threw it all in. Didnt go anywhere the first day but the second day i was up by 50 cents so i had made my goal. Next day i almost doubled my money. Day 3 ended with me up 4x the orignal. Day 4 started with me up 5x and then crashed down like crazy. Since then ive just been looking at how much i could have had rather than what i did and every time i went to sell the pre market stomped the price and then i was like, it will come back up so i held off. The past 2 days i was selling and then rebuying at lower prices to increase my shares to try to hold on longer but im so stressed out now i need to stop. I know what i did was stupid and could have gone really badly for me. I dont think i can take such a risk again even with me coming out ahead this time Side note: I was doing this through RBC so its 10$ a transaction, so i cant do little ones without losing money just on the fee.
  6. Yeah i sold out as a slight loss now because i cant handle the stress anymore, Taking my money and running and just going to sleep. Im up by about 36k from my original buying so i should be happy about that right? I will make myself be happy about it and not worry about what could have been if my hands werent so weak.
  7. yeah im probably done today but im gonna take one more shot at it. I dont think i can handle holding over the weekend anymore. I want to sleep again!
  8. hmm, lowered my buy in price because it seemed to be dipping early and didnt want to buy before it bottomed out. Its possible i missed the dip now though, we will see in the next 30 min i guess. Ok it sorta looks like yesterdays pattern where instead of a dip theres a slow bleed until after lunch so im holding off on buying for now.
  9. well i have a buy back in set for 4, see if it drops at the usual time today or not
  10. THank god, stop limit for 4 being setup today just in case. I cant handle another drop below that. Well i mean technically i can, emotionally i cant. Well $&!#, it triggered. Gonna have to decide now if i want to buy back in or say &^@# it
  11. i panicked and sold at 3.6. We will see if this is the dip of the day or not i guess. Got scared again and bought back in at 3.5. Yep bought back in too soon damn shaky hands My break even point is down to 1.91 though so I should be able to hold on through the red times barring a major disaster.
  12. got my breakeven point on GNUS down to 1.96. Im hoping to lower it again as it usually dips in the last hour, hoping it spikes up high enough before that for me to sell and buy back in. We will see how the next hour goes Have my sell for 3.7 atm but may consider 3.5 if it gets stuck between the two points depending on the time. edit again, changed sell to 4 so i dont get forced to sell too soon if a spike happens like what almost happened a min ago. Still looking to sell in the next 30-45 at above 3.5 but not until the upward trend seems to stop
  13. ok got back in at 3.35, so 15 cents down. Probably will go back up to 3.7 before the next big dip so ill put a limit there. My orignal break even point was 2.08 and i only needed it to get above 2.27 to recover all my losses from all trades i have done so I threw everything in at at buy in because i expected it to go up 20 cents easy. Everything else has just been bonus since then
  14. well i sold at 3.5, gonna see if the usual dip happens in the next 30 min and see about buying back in, just farm it for 30 cent gains or whatever today and see how things stand tomorrow. Worst case scenario right now i dont get back in and i am still up by 20k