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  1. no, the leafs There is no team i wouldnt root for to beat boston. Pretty much feel the same way about the penguins, except instead of hate i just dont want to see them win anymore
  2. if AHL games were actually aired, instead of streamed at qualities varying from meh to utter garbage, then i would actually watch AHL games. So yeah, go Toronto (that feels weird to say)
  3. Can the Canucks still compete for a playoff spot ?

    we had a chance, but now its gone
  4. I think the problem is that they needed to earn those chances like others had, and they failed to do so. Benning has been bringing in a lot of players to generate competition and they did not outplay anyone for a spot
  5. Bitcoin Mining Operation CEO and COO wanted

    bitcoin isnt really viable anymore, but some of the other currencies are. Just got to choose the right one and be lucky enough to have it go up in price in a few years. I am kicking myself for not buying a bitcoin back in july when they were 1000$. Or a few years ago when it was 400$.
  6. Bitcoin Mining Operation CEO and COO wanted

    i did a little bit of mining of litecoins a few years back, dont think i made any money doing it though (none actually since my wallet is gone apparently)
  7. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    it's a strange world where .907 is considered bad
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    gudbranson was hurt
  9. might want to actually read about the issue than join in the anti liberal circle jerk going on in this thread
  10. i mean...what exactly else would you expect them to do? Since we cant execute them(illegal) then thats the only other option. Thats what happens when people are released from prison.
  11. NHL 18 Thread

    are the load times any better? because the nhl 17 load times are slow as hell. I cant believe its slower than the xbox 360 ones(on ps4). Menus in 17 are laggy too, really disappointed
  12. News sites that aren't social engineering outlets?

    news has always been biased, theres just more outlets and easier access to different sources now. Best bet is to find a couple with differing agendas and see how they present the same issue
  13. Possible terrorist attack in Flint, Michigan

    a stabbing is not terrorism, i dont care why he did it or what he may have said. Maybe if he had stabbed like 10 people, maybe.....the terrorism label is getting thrown around way to liberally these days, it is completely devaluing it as a description.
  14. lets go nashville, new blood needs to take home the cup!