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  1. Huge loss for Van on that trade in my opinion have watched lots of Foote and I just can't see him being anywhere close to a good dman in the NHL
  2. What are you listening to? Metal version!

    Ya it's a Thursday in Penticton but just had to go so took the time off haha I'll certainly have a ton of fun
  3. What are you listening to? Metal version!

    So who's all going to the massive Slayer tour? And is anyone else going to the penticton show?
  4. A Perfect Circle Returns with the First Ever Hologram Album

    I looked at this new album as Puscifer with more real instruments lol... The Doomed and By and down the River are the only sings that are worth listening to. Can't wait for the new Tool
  5. Kinder Morgan Pipeline is too risky for BC Coastline

    Massive amounts of pipe coming into a storage yard in Kamloops is great to see. Can't see it be halted or cancelled anytime soon.
  6. What Are You Listening to...Country..

    https://youtu.be/prtfQzforN4 Not a country fan whatsoever grew up with it engrained into me in the Cariboo but turned to metal instead... these guys are a bunch of metalheads from NC doing some Outlaw Bluegrass and I thoroughly enjoy the tunes.. might not be all your style but I'm sure a few of you will get into it. Great name too
  7. What are you listening to? Metal version!

    Hey all... wondering if anyone would have a spare floor ticket for that Avenged Sevenfold show going to van in Feb or know of anyone trying to sell... I'm not a huge fan of A7X or Any of the other bands but got a few buddies who are into it and they are coming down from Kamloops to check it out.. anyways if anyone can help that'd be great. For the Thread... Check out the band Legend of the Seagullmen... got Danny Carey on drums and Brent Hinds on Guitar
  8. Kole Lind | RW

    Couldn't make game again tonight in kamloops had too much to do with the big dump of snow we are getting... turns out it's a shame I didn't attend... Lind is an absolute beast especially likely playing half of this year with Mono... Canada really missed the boat not taking him and I think he's playing with a chip on his shoulder. I love how he celebrates after a goal kid got some attitude
  9. What are you listening to? Metal version!

    Check out Black Pyramid if your a fan of bands like High on Fire and Witchcraft you should really dig them. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to get the video posted on here thru phone... I am terrible at technology and at 23 I should know wtf I'm doing but I don't... anyways happy headbanging!
  10. [PGT] Detroit Red Wings vs. Vancouver Canucks

    ABSOLUTELY!!!! f@#$ing drives me bonkers the failed shots from the point and Hutton is the biggest culprit of this he needs serious shooting lessons and he's the wrong defenseman to be QBing a PP... anytime Hutton has the puck you can tell when and where he is shooting it and with no urgency to get the release off quickly... Just kills me
  11. [PGT] Detroit Red Wings vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Hutton had a real stinker tonight. Awful game by him... on the other hand Pouliot was great.. nice comeback but could tell a mistake by the D would cost them the game in the final 2 minutes
  12. [PGT] New Jersey Devils vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Frustrating game to lose.. could have been a real laugher. Great game by Schnieder and our D really need to get it together and actually hit the net with shots. Imagine if Hutton could get shots thru bodies and Del Zotto could hit the net!
  13. Kole Lind | RW

    Couldn't make it to the game tonight in kamloops... battling a nasty head cold... my brother went and obviously he said Lind was great scoring 5 pts. He was impressed by his play but also underwhelmed by the Blazers.. take if for what you will but Lind starting with 8 pts in 2 games is great for any prospect. Will try to get other Lind games in the loops and keep you fine people if CDC up to snuff on the happenings of Lind.... god I wish he was a Blazer....
  14. Preseason GDT/PGT Canucks vs Flames Sept. 20th 6:00pm

    Like the effort by the guys tonight. Thought Goldobin was excellent away from puck and on some back checks. If he gets some wingers who can help support him he'll be great. Boeser was next level again almost seems like he can just coast and still make his plays and vision look effortless. Virtanen was also very good. 2 goals if he didn't trip the flame goal doesn't happen but good thought to rip a shot off. Overall good 2nd and 3rd period by all
  15. Joffrey Lupul calls out Leafs on Instagram, says they cheat

    Hopefully something comes of this but nothing likely will. I have 0 respect for Lou and the leafs brass. If there's smoke I'm sure there's fire with Cowen and Lupuls comments. Look at how they treated Corrado as well. Lots of people won't feel sorry for him since he is collecting a big chunk of change but he's been unwillingly forced out of his career. If Dorsett can be cleared after neck surgery I'm sure Lupul and his last sports hernia surgery should be fine (although he is a walking injury machine) just seems fishy to me is all. Hopefully the PA can step in and have something sorted out and get to the bottom of this